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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 12

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
Three days later
????kate pov????
“Miss how do like blue bay hotel” the manager said to me as I sat at the pool side basking in the sun

“Fine,I like the service you give”I said

” if you really like it that much you can give a review about it”he said

“I sure will” I said and he nodded and left me all by myself

I sat starring at the others swimming and relaxing in the beach

Its been three days since I arrived in London

Its been three days of hell,liam hasnt find me yet,did I went too far by leaving everything in destiny hands,what if he never finds me

What if something bad had happened when he was looking for me, I choose to go to London because I knew that it will be a hard place to guess when it comes to finding me,if I had known I would have chosen some where simpler.

“I will surely find you my dear Kate” I remembered the words he said when he was about leaving that night

“What if you dont find me,what will happen then “I said and he pulled me to him hugging me

” then that will only prove that we are not meant for each other but I will look for you and I will find you”he said and I pulled him to me hugging him tightly

Liam had promised to find me and he will, I just have to wait.

I turned and saw a guy by the swimming pool end starring at me, he gave me a smile and a wink which I didn’t return

Its been like that for three days now,have been getting a lot of offers from a lot of guys but I dont want them,I only want one person and until he is here,I won’t look anyone else

I was deep in thought and didn’t notice that the guy by the pool had walk up to me

“If you stay too long in the sun then you will burn” he said

“I know and that’s why have timed myself” I said

“Till when ?”

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“I will getting up soon,so I think you should go and mingle with someone else” I said

“And what if I tell you that I only want to mingle with you ” he said and I starred at him

“Am sorry if am straight forward, am Andrew and you?”

“Kate but let me tell you this before you go deeper, am not interested and I already have a boyfriend” I said

“A boyfriend I notice is not here” he said

“He will be here soon,so please leave me alone” I said getting up from the sun lounger

“That will be a hard thing to do because I like you and i don’t think I can leave you” he said

“You’ve been warned,leave me alone” I said and I quickly walk off

I got to my room and changed, I called my family,telling them that am alright and though they wanted to know where I am I didn’t tell them

I felt so bored and I decided to read some of the novels I took with me,I was so deep into one that I heard a knock on my door

I opened the door to find one of the hotel workers holding a bouquet of flower

“For you miss Kate” he said

“Do you know who sent this” I said taking the flower from him

“No I don’t ” he said and walked off

I took the bouquet in and took the card on it

“Since you left the pool,have been thinking about you a lot,don’t know what to call what am feeling for you but I know that have never felt this way for a lady before,your the first and you should feel flattered about it,this is my number when you do decide to stop waiting for your imaginary boyfriend give me a call….
Love Andrew”

I read the letter and tore it off angrily,how dare he call liam an imaginary boyfriend, he is such a creep

I picked up the phone and called for room service, asking them to come pick the flowers and in a little while someone came to pick it up

I couldn’t read any more, I decided to go out,I was strolling around the park when the manager came to meet me

“Miss Lawrence, I just came to tell you that we will be holding a party at the hotel club this evening,if your interested in meeting more people then your free to come” he said

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“Okay,I will keep that in mind” I said and he nodded and left

I went back to my hotel,I had no plan of going out,all that I kept thinking about is when liam will show up

I took out my phone and starred at his picture,it had been taken when he had been working as a gardener at the house

Just looking at his pics got me missing him more,too much thinking is bad for me,I thought as I went to my closet to take a dress

I better just go to the party, to distract myself a bit

Dressed in a black beautiful short gown I went into the hotel club

A lot of people were there already,I had thought it will just be a little gathering, If I had known they would be this much,I wouldn’t have come,I thought as I sat on an empty seat.

Just then a waiter brought me a drink

“For you miss ” he said

“I don’t think that drink is for me” I said

“Aren’t you miss Kate” he said and I nodded

“Then its for you, that young man there said I should give it to you” he said and I starred at the guy and saw that it was Andrew

“No take it away or better yet give it to someone else” I said and he left

“You really didn’t have to reject the drink,I had bought it for you alone” he said as he stood beside me

“I can buy my own drink myself,so please just leave me alone” I said

“Why act so rude” he said

“Because am a very rude person, so next time if you dont want me to cause a big scene and disgrace you,you should just leave me alone” I said and walked out of the bar

I got to my room fuming and I found another bouquet of flower on the bed and there was no card this time, I knew it was Andrew and I had told the room service people not to send me any flowers again and now this,I thought as I left my room angrily

I got to their desk and found the receptionist there

“I had told you not to send any Flowers to my room” I said

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“We are sorry miss but the man was very insistent, he said if we put it in your room,you will know who its from” she said

“I can’t believe this!!!where is he then” I said still fuming

“I think he is at the garden” she said and I walked off ready to throw the flowers right in Andrew face and make sure I make it clear to him that I dont like him

I got to the garden and found the place lit with light and it was decorated in a beautiful way.

Some rose were used to write my name on the floor,who could have done this I thought as I starred around,could it be Andrew? Just thinking about him got me so mad

“Andrew if this is your doing,stop it now because I dont like it one bit” I yelled angrily throwing the flowers away

“And who is Andrew?” On hearing that voice I stood rigid,liam,is that really him,I thought as I turned to stare at him.

He was standing beside a tree that had been decorated with lights and he looked so handsome, more handsome than ever

He had promised to find me and he did just that,that only proves that destiny is really true,I thought starring at him

“Aren’t you going to give me a hug” he said and immediately I ran into his arms,hugging him so tight, not wanting to let him go.

“I really miss you a lot” I said crying

“And I missed you too,hey why are you crying” he said holding my cheek

“Its tears of joy,the joy of seeing you again” I said as I hugged him again

“That’s better then but dont cry too much,I dont want you falling sick on me” he said making me laugh

“I will never fall sick,not when your here to prevent that” I said as I held him close to me

“now you do believe me when I say we are destined to be”he said

” I do my love”I said and he kissed me back

“Now you will have to tell me who this Andrew is” he said

“He is a nobody ,a nobody” I whispered feeling so happy and he smiled and kissed me again