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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 16

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
“Tell me why do you insist that liam and I can’t be together”

“Does it really matter if you know, the thing there is that you two can’t be with each other” Sarah said and from the look I gave to her she shut her mouth and began to stare at the floor

“Its the fact Kate, you just can’t be” Miranda said

“Tell us why mom, you’ve been so adamant on that rubbish, tell us why Kate and I can’t be” liam said as he walked in to stand beside me

“Its not for me to tell okay,all I can say now is that you leave each other” Miranda said and left the house

I stood watching her leave,why won’t she just tell us why?

“Don’t pay any attention to her” liam said giving me a hug

“But there must be a reason for her talking like that,there must be” I said

“If there is mom would have told us about it but she keeps on talking in riddles which is unlike her, so my love don’t worry okay,everything will be alright” he said kissing my forehead and I nodded

I got home feeling happy,nothing and no one will stop me from having a relationship with liam

I went into the house and saw dad in the sitting room

Dad hardly ever stayed in the sitting room

Its either he is in the study or in his bedroom

“Good afternoon dad” I said

“And where are you coming from” he said

“I went out” I said

“To where?” He said yelling

” Well I was with liam”I said and he got up starring at me angrily

“I thought I told you to stay away from liam” he said

“Still on that dad?I thought I also told you that am not ready to leave him, I love that guy a lot and I won’t just leave him like that,I won’t?” I said and just then my mom and Lucy walked out of the room

“Your still wearing the same clothe of yesterday, don’t tell me you spent the night in his house” he said walking towards me

“Yes I did spent the night in his house and if you also want to know if I slept with him then yes,liam and I had great sex last nig……… ”

I couldn’t finish my word because he slapped my face


“Dad!!!” Both my mom and Lucy said,never had father touched us before And just because he doesn’t like liam, he slaps me for the first time

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“Hitting me won’t change my mind,I love that man a lot and I won’t, listen dad,I won’t ever leave him,Ever!!!” I yelled and ran upstairs to my room,I sat on the bed and touched my cheek,this is the first time that dad would hit me,what has come over him?has Miranda really got into his head?I thought crying,just then the door opened and Lucy walked in

“I don’t want to talk” I said

“not even to me” she said as she came to sit beside me

“Dad have never slapped me before” I said crying and she held me close

“You are right,it really took us by surprise when he did it” Lucy said

“Miranda have managed to Brain wash dad” I said still crying

“Why don’t you do this,why dont you stay away from liam for a while, if dad sees that you really love him he might change his mind and let the two of you be” she said

“No Lucy, I can’t!!!, I can’t stay away from liam” I said and stood up

“But think about it ka……”

“No I won’t, did dad send you to change my mind,well I won’t,you know what its best if you leave” I said and she nodded and left my room

As soon as she left i took my bag and packed the necessary thing I. Need and then left the house, I won’t let anyone separate us

????liam pov????
“Take it easy Kate, its going to be alright” I said holding her while she cried

“Dad have never slapped me before and just because he is so adamant on keeping us apart he got so angry and slapped me” she said still crying

I just can’t believe that Kate father had slapped her,have been with them to see how much he values and love Kate even if he didnt do that with the rest,he hardly even touch a fly,he won’t Hurt anyone,I thought

This is a really serious problem,I have to talk to him

I took Kate to the bed and stayed with her until she slept off,I then wrote a note down and left the house

I got to her house and stopped the car

I got out and walked in knocking on the door and Kate father came to open the door himself

“Why are you here” he said

“I didn’t come here to fight but to inform you that Kate is in my house” he said

“That girl just doesn’t listen”

“But why?why do you also insist that we can’t be together” I said

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“You just can’t be and that’s final and if you really love Kate you will send her back home” he said

“But I love h……..”

“Your love can’t just solve it all,just do as we say liam,leave each other before it’s too late” and with that said he closed the door right in my face

I went back to the car angrily and drive back to my apartment

To hell with them all,I love Kate and no one will keep us apart,I thought within me

I got home only to find out that Kate had prepared our supper

“Welcome love” she said pulling me in and making me Sit on the chair and then she proceeded on serving me

She asked where I went to and I lied to her,I didn’t want her knowing where I went to.

“Feeling better right?” I said a while later as we both sat on a chair at the balcony just holding one another

“Yes, thanks for having me here” she said

Suddenly an idea popped into my head

“Kate let’s get married” I said starring at her


“If we get married then they will have no choice than to accept and then they would leave us alone” I said

“You are right,let’s get married liam” she said

“What do you say about getting married in three days” I asked

“In three days?yes yes I would like that,I don’t want to be apart from you again, I don’t”she said

” then three days it is then”I said

Once we are married no one, no one will ever keep us apart

????miranda pov????
“This is the DNA report you want ” the man said and I took it from him

I opened it to be sure about it and it was satisfactory, “am sure that if peter Lawrence (kate father) sees this he will finally be convinced that liam is his son” I said still starring at the paper

“I told you right!!! no one would find out that its fake” he said

“Its nice doing business with you, I will send the rest of the money into your account”I said shaking his hands and then he left my suite

This is the only thing that will keep liam and that stupid girl apart,I thought to myself

” and since when did liam start being Peter Lawrence son,from what I know Justin lancing who is your late husband is liam father”Sarah said suddenly and I turned to stare at her

How did the fool get into my suite,I thought

“Why are you here?”

“I just came to check on you,so tell me Miranda,how come liam is not your husband son”

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“Of course he is my husband son,I just made this up” I said,I didn’t want anyone knowing about the plan but it seems like this stupid girl will know about it

“Made it up?but why?”

“I can see that you really lack brains sarah,”

“I know that,everyone have always told me that so just tell me” she said

“Fine,seeing liam and Kate,I knew there could be no way to stop their love,so I resulted to using this method,I went to see peter Lawrence Kate father and told him that liam is His son”

“But how is that even possible” Sarah said “you never knew peter back then,so why is he being dragged into this”

“That’s where you are wrong Sarah,have known peter for a very long time,back when I was still in my junior high days,he had came to live in our neighborhood,he was so handsome,the boy everyone wants,he hardly associates himself with anyone well apart from me and my sister Lucia” i said

“It wasn’t long that I found myself falling for him and I thought he did with me but I was heartbroken when I found out that he liked my sister Lucia and she liked him back

I felt so betrayed and hurt,back then they were keeping their relationship a secret but out of my jealousy, I told my parents and they made sure they ended their relationship, it was months later that we found out that Lucia was pregnant with his child but when she was about to give birth to the child, she died along with it and Peter never knew until I told him about it but I didn’t tell him the part where his son died but instead I made him believe that liam my son is the child he had with Lucia” I said smiling

“But what do you hope to gain in all of this” Sarah said and I starred at her angrily

“Well with this scheme of mine,liam will get married to you and return home and I will finally have my revenge on peter Lawrence for what he did to me in the past, I know that Kate happiness is his and by seeing Kate hurt and broken that liam is her brother he would also feel the pain too,that will be my revenge” I said remembering all the hurt and humiliation I felt back then

“I wasn’t happy back then and so will your daughter be,she won’t be happy” I whispered to myself still holding the fake DNA report