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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 18

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
A month later????????☀????
????kate pov????
“Your pregnant miss Lawrence” hearing the doctor confirm the suspicion have been having for some weeks now,I felt sad and happy

Sad that I can’t possibly share the news with the baby father and Happy because am going to have his child

“You need to take care of yourself, remember its not only you anymore,its now you and your baby,so will you tell the baby father”the doctor said

” I will and thanks for your advice, have got to leave”I said and left her office before she asks more question

I walked through the hospital lobby,holding my stomach,I still can’t believe that I am pregnant with liam child

Its been a month now,a month of loneliness, sadness and pain

I haven’t tried to contact liam ever since the day I left his apartment and he has done the same too

For weeks I cried and tried to forget him but things weren’t working,my family got worried and tried to do something but it all went in vain

After some weeks of crying in bed,I decided to restart my life, I even decide to go to work,what I didn’t think of was that liam might be there

I got to the company that day and did all my work,I remember I was going to get something to eat when I saw him walking towards me with some men behind him.

I stood waiting for him to see me and acknowledge my presence but sadly he just walked past me,seemed Like he didn’t see me

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For days I kept on thinking that he just didn’t see me,that was why he didn’t talk to me but reality struck me real hard when I finally realised that he did see me but pretended not to.

I got outside and saw Lucy holding a news paper but on seeing me she quickly hide it,she thinks that I wouldn’t notice it but I did and just pretended not to

“So how did the test go” she said holding the news paper tightly

“Its positive Lucy,am pregnant” I said

Lucy is the only one have told about my suspicion of being pregnant and she had kept quiet and had also insisted on coming to the hospital with me

“Oh Kate” she said hugging me,I quickly used that opportunity to sieze the paper from her

“Kate don’t” she said trying to collect it from me but I held it

“Let me see what you are hiding” i said
And opened the paper only to see the heading and picture in it

“Rich and single billionaire got spotted going out with his fiancee”I read and starred at liam smiling while Sarah held unto his arm

They both looked so happy,I thought sadly

” that’s why I didn’t want you to see it”lucy said

“Its okay,this only shows that I need to move on because Lian has” I said sadly

“Oh Kate,am so sorry,I shouldn’t have let you see that” Lucy apologise

“Don’t apologise lucy, let’s just go home” I said and we got into the car and drove off

Seeing Liam and Sarah pics only proves that I should not tell him about our child

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We got back home and I went to my room to sulk

I just can’t believe that liam has forgotten me quickly, he has left me for someone else,I want to die,I really want

????liam pov????
“Just think about it liam,Sarah has been there for you ever since you find out that Kate is not related to you, do the right thing by marrying her” Miranda said beside me

“Am not marrying anyone, how many times will I tell you that,I dont want Sarah nor would I ever want anyone” I said as I sat on the chair in my office

Yes I dont want anyone as much as I want Kate,I thought to myself

For weeks now have been thinking about Kate,wondering if she is doing well,longing to go see her and claim her in my arms but I just can’t do that,have made sure I stayed far from her and I will make sure I continue to do that cause our love can’t be, we are both siblings

“Don’t tell me your still stuck on Kate” Miranda said

“And what if I say that I do”

“Then your only wasting your darn time because you know that your love can’t be,just marry Sarah and forget about Kate” she said

“That’s it am leaving,just leave me alone” I said and left the office

There is no way am.getting Kate out of my life, she is the one my heart belongs to and she will only be the one.

????Kate pov????
I woke up when I heard the door open,I saw Lucy walk in

“Hey I brought you something to eat” she said

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“Am not hungry’

” hey remember that you are not eating just for yourself,but for your child now, so get up and eat”she said and I got up to start eating

“Kate it hurts to see you this way” Lucy said

“Dont worry I will be fine soon” I said

“Kate I must tell you something” Lucy said standing up


“On your suppose wedding day,I overhead Sarah and Miranda conversation” she said and I starred at her

“What were they talking about?

” about you and liam,they said that now that they have got you two separated all they had to do now is to get him married to Sarah”she said

“Miranda had something to do with liam and I separating” I said

“I think so”

“Are you thinking what am thinking”I said

“That the DNA test could be a lie”Lucy said and I nodded

” yes,it could be a lie “I said smiling for the first time in a long time