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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 22

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{I thought he is a poor gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????liam pov????
“What did you say?”I said starring at her

” your not deaf right? “She said and walked past me

Kate was pregnant with my child and I never knew,but how come and why didn’t she try to tell me,I needed answers,I thought as I saw Sarah amongst her friends waving at me

” I dont have time for you now Sarah”I said and ran back outside

Luckily I saw Lucy waiting outside, I quickly went to her and grab her by her arm

“Lucy you’ve got to tell me where I can find Kate” I said and she angrily jerked off her arm

“Not on your life would I tell you that,you’ve hurt Kate a lot and she is just starting to rebuild her life without you,so just forget about her”

“Not when I have a child with Kate,please tell me where she is”

“No I won’t,I won’t give you the chance of hurting my sister again”

“Am not going to hurt her damn it,I just want to talk to her” I.said feeling agitated

“Then find her yourself because I won’t tell you a thing and I hope you get the chance to find her. You know Kate and you know that anytime she leaves,its always hard to locate her,I wish you the best of luck” Lucy said and got into the car that just arrived

I stood watching as the car drove off,Lucy is making things hard for me,I have to find Kate and my child

I was going to my car when I heard Sarah calling me

“Where are you going?”

“Back home”

“But you wanted to speak with me and my friends want to meet you ”

“To heck with you and your friends,I have better things to attend to, so just leave me alone” I said and got into the car

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????kate pov????
“And so I baptise you liliana Lawrence in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit”

“Amen ” we chorused as I held my little child in my arms

“Thank you father” I said along with my mom who had come to stay with me during this moment

We walked out of the church and I smiled down at the cute little bundle of joy that God have decided to give to me

“Can I hold liliana” my mother said beside and I gave her the child

Ever since I gave birth mom hardly ever stay away from lilana and I can’t blame her, the cute little thing is just so adorable and no one can resist her charms

Not even me, I stared at my child as mother was holding and I couldn’t really deny the fact that liliana looked just like her father

I wondered how liam will feel once he finds out that he has a child, how will he act towards her,what will he even say.

I should stop thinking about liam,I doubt if he would ever find out that he has a child because the only people who knew were my family and also some of my neighbours

“Kate don’t you think its time you told liam about your child” my mom said suddenly as we got to the car

“You definitely know why I dont want to tell him,he is happy with his future bride to be who am I to ruin that” I said

“But there will come a time when liliana would want to know her dad”

“When that time comes, I will know what to tell her but as of now,I don’t want liam in our lives mom,he chose to stay with Sarah and I chose to start my life afresh” I said

“Which is not something your doing”

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“What do you mean by that”

“Kate you claim to be starting afresh but you hardly ever go out, you devote youself to the baby and the job you got,I notice the way our neighbour stares at you but you hardly ever even give him an eye and you claim to be starting afresh, well thats a big lie coming from you” she said

“I busy myself with work because I have to provide for my child and if your talking about our neighbour then that must be john and for your information mom john is not a serious guy,he is a playboy and if he pursuing me its because he only wants to get me into his bed and that is a no no for me” I said

“Well whatever you say but what I know is that your still stuck on liam” she said

“Mom let’s stop talking about liam,I dont want to talk about him again,why dont you just tell me how everyone is” I said

“They are doing well and they all miss you, that’s why they have decided to come visit you”

“Oh really?when ?”

“Today, as am speaking to you, they are at your house waiting to celebrate lilana baptism” my mom said and I smiled

Its been a long time since have seen them ,Not wanting liam to find out where I stay I had asked them not to come and they had respected it but when I gave birth mother wouldn’t listen to any of my pleads not to come and am glad she did show up cause I hardly knew how to do a thing with liliana

We got home and I greeted my siblings and father, they all cooed and aaahhhhhh over the baby and we ate and party just us family

I really missed having them with me, I thought as I watched them all laughing and playing with little lliana well except for Lucy,who looked a bit worried

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I decided to go and speak to her and she drew me outside

“What is making you behave this way” I said.

“I did something okay and I know that you won’t like it” she said


“I told liam where you stay”

“You did what?”

“Am sorry,I ran into him at a club just some few weeks ago and I was so mad at him for what he did to you and I told him that you gave birth to his child”

“How could you have done that” I yelled at her

“He was saying rubbish things and I just lost my control and told him the truth and since that day liam didn’t give me any peace,he kept on asking me about your whereabout and when I was just so sick and fed up I told him,I really didn’t want to,please forgive me” she said

“Its okay Lucy, come here” I said hugging her,just knowing that liam knows where I love now made me feel so angry,I don’t want him near me or my child and I won’t let him come near us,I thought …..

I felt so tired as I got back home after work

At least I dont have to worry about liliana because my family was still here to take care of her

I greeted john while going in,when I got into the room,everyone was starring at me,I knew by their expression that something was wrong

“Has something happened to lily” I said

“No,nothing will happen to lily but to you” Jessica said

“What are you saying?”

“Its best you go into the room and check yourself”Sandra added

I quickly went and I saw him, he was holding liliana in his arms and the girl was smiling back at him

” what the hell are you doing here”I yelled at him and liam turned to stare at me