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One Night With A Billionaire. Episode 4

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{I thought he was a gardener not knowing that he is a rich billionaire}????????????
{Billionaire in disguise}????????????
????kate POV????
We both turned and saw jessica there,she was starring at us with disgust

“Like seriously Kate how could you do this?your fiance is just around the corner and here you are messing up with this good for nothing gardener” she said

I quickly pulled away from liam and walk towards her

“Its not what you think Jessica,I can explain” I said

“Explain what?I can see it very clearly,your having an affair with that guy,no wonder you were always supporting him, why you were friends with him,it’s all because he is pleasuring you in bed,you act like a saint amongst the three of us when your nothing than a slut” Jessica said

“That’s enough!!!! Enough with the abuse, Kate and I aren’t doing anything,so just excuse us and go away” liam said

“Wow!!!so now the gardener is talking back at me,well I won’t blame you,I will only Blame Kate here, cause if she hadn’t been sleeping with you and had put you in your place,you won’t even dare look at me” Jessica said

“Why act so high and proud,your nothing but a spoilt brat,have you even sit for a day to think about your life, your the eldest child and a useless one at that, you never got to finish your school because you got pregnant and landed yourself with a husband at A very young age but that didn’t make you smart right,that didn’t get you to think about your darn life and make a change,you don’t have a job and you leech off your father hopefully waiting for the day he dies so you can get your shares of the inheritance and Now here you are bragging to me,go brag to some lousy fool” liam said angrily

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I stood in between them,the situation is just getting worse

“How dare you???how dare you talk about my life” Jessica said with tears in her eyes

I knew how much Jessica image matters to her,the secret about her life have been kept well hidden between the family and she hearing it from liam will only get her sad

“I dare to because…….”

“Its enough liam!!! Enough!!!! Just go away” I said pushing him

“But Kate?”

“Leave, your only adding fuel to it, just leave please” I pleaded and with one last look at Jessica,he walked off.

“Your the cause of all this,you had told him right?” She said

“No I didn’t?why would I”

“To spite me,well I wouldn’t let this go either,I will tell Martin and father the whole truth” she said and began to walk off

No!!!she mustn’t tell dad or Martin, if Martin find out he will stop the engagement and dad will be so disappointed in me and I dont want that,I thought as I ran to after Jessica .

“Please Jessica dont tell them, please,I will do anything you ask me to do,please” I pleaded

“You will do anything right? ”

“Yes i will,just don’t tell dad about it”

” Fine, your the only dad listens to amongst us,so tell dad to fire that good for nothing gardener “she said

” but he is homeless and poor,working here is the only source of his income and dad is very fond of him, it will be hard for me to convince dad about it”

“Then I will just have to tell him what I saw in the garden” she said walking off and I pulled her back

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“Fine I will do it okay,I will talk to dad ” I said and she smiled and patted my cheek

“Do it as soon as you can,I want him out of this place today” she said And walked off

It will be unfair to him if I got him fired but that’s what Jessica wants to keep her mouth shut and its for the best,if he is not here, i wont be seeing him each day and be feeling guilty about what i did with him

I went to my dad study and found him there as usual,he is sorting some documents.

“Hello papa” I said walking in

“Come in,come in Kate” he said smiling

It was true with what Jessica said,my dad loves me more than he loves them and it not because I am the third child and all,I just keep proving myself to my father.

While my three sisters mess up their lives by going to parties,dating guys,busy with having a boutique,I was studying real hard,I was always the serious one among them,I got a degree in business Management and I work in dad company, i am the only one who takes dad company seriously and I think that’s why dad favoured me more than them.

“So tell me Kate what’s got you looking like that” he said bringing me back to reality

“Dad urrrrgh its about liam” I said

“Liam?what’s wrong with him”

“Dad don’t you think it’s time you fired him” I said

“But why?liam is very good with his work And besides the both of you get along”

“That’s the issue here dad,martin is getting jealous just by seeing us together and I don’t want an issue when he will think the wrong thing and break the engagement” I said

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“Fine then,if you think that’s the best then I will fire him” he said

“Urrrrgh dad can I give him the news myself” I said

“If you would like to” he said and I nodded and left his office.

I went in search of liam and I found him at his quarters,I have to be the one to tell him,the sooner he leaves the better for me.

“Liam” on hearing me call him he turned to stare at me

“Kate” he said walking towards me but I moved back

“Just came to tell you that you are fired,when your through packing go to my father,he will give you your last payment” I said not looking at him directly

“So you think having me fired will make us forget what happened last night?”

” I know it surely won’t make us forget but its for the best”I said about to leave when he pulled me back

“Dont do this Kate,dont give up on us,not for that guy,do you even know what he is doing, he is cheating on you kate, that creep has a lover” he said

I pulled him away from me angrily “enough liam!!! Enough okay,I won’t have you saying bad things about Martin” I said

“But Its the truth Kate, Martin is a liar”

“Okay that’s enough,I want you to leave and never come back liam,just get out of my life please” I said and walked off

I know that with those last word of mine, he will surely leave for good and just thinking about him leave hurt a lots

It hurts to see him go but he has to go,have got to forget him for good,have got to.