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The Golden Boys. Episode 29

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An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 29

“good morning grandma” I greeted grandma who was taking her breakfast already

“you woke up late Samantha what happened?” grandma asked shoving her cutlery into her breakfast
“nothing grandma” I replied and made to walk out of the dinette
the pains on my chest isn’t something i can get off
I feel so weak, so traumatise and I feared am gonna fall sick

I just don’t know where all this is leading
it’s been over three weeks and brain hadn’t called or send me a text
I feel so shattered and disorganise

a part of me is trying to get use to his absence while another part of me still craves for his presence
I feel so not me and I keep battling with my thoughts and feelings hoping he’s gonna call or send a text someday but it doesn’t even look like it’s ever gonna happen cause he seems to have forgotten me

“don’t you dare lie to me Samantha !
it’s written all over your face!
so kindly and truthfully tell me what’s bothering you”grandma said and I suddenly realised I had been crying

“grandma!” I called snivelling
“yes dear am listening”she replied pulling off the medicated glasses she had on

“it’s brain!”I called trying so hard to hold the tears but couldn’t as more kept rolling down my cheeks

“and what about him Samantha?” she asked and I couldn’t find my tongue
I tried voicing out some words but couldn’t as I suddenly went numb

“speak up Samantha!” grandma urged and I wiped the tears off my cheeks

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“it’s brain!
he hasn’t called for sometime now” I said and grandma smiled

don’t tell me she’s happy!

“when was the last time he called” she asked and I snivelled slightly
“I can’t remember”I replied and she continued smiling
“have you called him and asked him why he hasn’t called?”she asked

I did that a couple of times but he often snobs me and just last week, he asked me to stay away from him”I said and she smiled

“it’s nothing much to worry about Samantha! go get ready for school,I will speak to him” she said and I nodded

“your teat is gonna be 80 marks” our history teacher said and the class gasp

what the hell

I f**king hate history and am nit good in it
and the test alone carries 80 marks

“Decorum class” she yelled and the noise died down
“you all don’t need to flip your books to past this test,it’s as simple as ABC” she said and the class erupted into an uproar

she walked to the end of the class and pressed the class bell continuously till the noise died down

“if you guys keep on making a hell of noise,I will be forced to leave this class and you know what that means”the teacher threatened and we all kept shut, perhaps ‘they’ cause I wasn’t making a noise

“you guys are going on an excursion
grade 4,5 and 6 are going together and the fee is free cause it’s your test and it carries 80 marks so if you don’t wanna fall back in the test, you have to make yourself available for the trip to the ancient museum at the end of Town” she said and I felt elated
we really don’t need to read our books to pass the test

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“you are to observe every thing you see and touch there,then you will mention 70 things you saw and submit to me through your email
excursion starts tomorrow
good day” she rasp and left the class

geez! 70 stuffs!
that’s gonna be stressful

the class suddenly went berserk when our history history teacher had left the class
the students seems to be chanting about something different

what could that be?

@omg! it’s golden boy,come check it out@

@geez! he looks hot@

@omg! is this guy real?
I will melt under his touch@

@his looks alone makes me wet@

@golden boy please be mine, mine alone@

I heard silly snick remarks from the girls as the fixed their eyes into their phones
most of the guys scoffed and left the classroom while some gat their eyes fixed on their phone admiring whoever it was they were watching on their phone

hold on, did they just said golden boy?

which of them exactly?
is it my own golden boy brain?

I looked around the class and every body seems to be engross in their phone

“hey” I signalled a pretty fave girl sitting behind me
“what’s going on?” I asked politely and she furrowed her brows at me
“why don’t you walk straight to golden boy brain and ask him yourself!
you guys are pretty close remember?” the girl said and giggled along side her friends

wait a minute, did she just say that to me?

“watch your tongue bitch!
I only asked you a question you prying prey” I cussed more out of anger

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“and I gave you the answer you seek for
please stop being a distraction to my friends and i, so if you can excuse me! have gat something better to do”she huffed and looked back into her phone alongside her friends

well, I don’t Blame them
I blame myself who can’t shut my f**king mouth up

“c-mon Bella!
it’s golden boy brain, he’s having an interview”I heard a girl pestering her friend to look into her phone

I think have gotten the answers I seek
I opened my phone immediately and logged into the golden boys website to watch the interview

a smile broke on my face on seeing my boyfriend, he looks charming and he sat in front of two male interviewers

“So Sir Brain, from what your dad said in our last interview we had with him, he said you never wanna take up singing as a career
so can we please know why you suddenly took it up?” one of the interviewer asked and he smiled

” I just decide to”he replied and I felt heart broken
he’s lying

that’s great” the other interviewer said

“so sir brain do you by chance have a girlfriend or a crush?”the interviewer said and I felt my heart beat rapidly

he hesitated like he’s thinking

I don’t have a girlfriend” he said and I heard a loud thud in my head

oh! my God!
did he just…..did he just said that to the media??