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The Golden Boys. Episode 14

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omg! his looks and voice alone is killing, I thought

oh! gracious lord
some people can be sure lucky, he look so young and dreamy .

a soft tune played from the background and he took the wireless mic and began moving from one edge where he stood on the stage, to the other while the slow and steady beat, flowed in every ears

slowly he placed the mic back on his mouth and began singing in a slow pace
the song sounds romantic

@ I love you even when your not here
@ I love you even when you don’t know
@I feel you slowly like it’s the only thing have ever felt before
@your breath fan my face
@and your hands wrap around my waist
@I just wanna know your in my heart
@I just wanna let you know my heart beat for you
@I just wanna let you know I love you more than the stars in the skies

he kept on singing and the noise died down and we all sang along
seems he composed the song for his fans
I turned towards brain, His eyes were shut as he kept singing along in a low tone
I couldn’t hear his voice cause the hall was filled with mix up voice of soprano,base and all that

I took my gaze to the left where Janet had stood beside me but couldn’t find her
I took my eyes downward and finally found her squatting
she’s obviously snivelling
her eyes were red and so was her cheeks

“Janet!”I called pulling her up slowly and I could swear she didn’t heard me
she rose up her head and saw me

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“Samantha!” she called cause i read her lips and she hurriedly hugged me, making me lose balance a bit and almost fell
luckily for me, brain held my arm and I felt that tingling tinge I always feel each times is hands comes in contact with my body

the song is too emotional, I couldn’t help it” she said crying on my shoulder and I was lucky to have heard her cause somehow it seems she had actually spoke into my ears

“it’s okay Janet! it’s just a song” I said trying to pacify her
“yeah it’s just a song Samantha!
song by my forever crush, isn’t that enough to shed a tear huh?” she said and I kept shut

“I want to be rich Samantha
I really need to make money so Golden boy David can notice me!
he can’t possibly notice a poor Mans daughter,can he?” she asked checking her clothes if anything was wrong with her dressing
“c-mon Janet!
your gonna develop a running nose and a banging headache if you keep crying” I cooed and she snivelled again

“I won’t mind developing all that for him Samantha!, if that is gonna make him love me back” she said and I kept mute

the Golden boys came out one after the other to sing one song or the other and surprisingly enough, brain knows how to sing all of them

I shot him a stare and he looked at me
“what!” he asked and I choke
“your voice is terrible” I said I cracked and he looked kinda happy

“really?” he asked and I ignored him taking my eyes back to the stage
my feet were actually burning up but I had to bare
I can’t possibly go back home when the concert is almost ending
I really need is autograph so I can use it as a remembrance of today, being my first time of seeing Golden boy David life on stage

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Golden boy David got onto the stage again and spoke into the mic
Janet stood up at once from the floor where she had squat on hearing Golden boy Davids voice
he was now having another clothe on, on the front part of the T-shirt was written ‘I love my fans’ while the back had ‘Golden boy David’ written on it

“omg! he looks cute”Janet said
“yeah! he had small pink lips” I said and brain frowned

“are you seriously saying that in front of me?”he asked and I looked puzzled
anything wrong with it?” I asked and he forced out a smile

everything is wrong and they are all wrong with you!
like seriously your gonna say that in front of your boyfriend?” he asked but I heard him clearly

“your not my boyfriend, so stop being worked up” I said and he smiled
“and what if am your boyfriend?” he asked and I focused my gaze on the stage, ignoring him

“it seems the concert is over” Janet said and I took a glance at my wrist watch on my wrist

7:38 !!
the time ran so fast and Golden boy David sat on a large elaborate and well furnished chair alongside an advance man who seems to be taking orders from him

the rest of the golden boys had probably gone out of the stage and I couldn’t find them around apart from Golden boy David who held a pen, seems he’s extremely tired
he whispered into the mans ear and the man walked into the stage and pick up a mic

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“hello audience!” he spoke with his voice tearing across the noisy hall
I need your attention” he cooed and the noise died down

“assemble to the left with your materials if you know you need Golden boy David to sign in it” he said and the large crowd rushed towards the table and chair were Golden boy David had sat on, surrounded by securities

Janet was among the first set of people who had scurried into the line and she smuggled brain and I behind her, with brain being behind me
I handed the shirt I had came with to Janet who looked appreciative

“and what are you gonna sign on?” brain asked and I looked up at him
“perhaps you can lend me your cap”I said and he refused, handing me a face towel he had brought along with him

damn it!
am hungry!!

“next!” the man called and Janet walked closer to the table
it’s almost our turn!” I said to brain and he kept smiling

“my name is Janet woodlum and am your biggest fan” she said and Golden boy David smiled

your the one who first said that to me here” he said and Janet blushed

he signed on her shirt which she present and gave her a wrapped gift

“thanks for being my biggest fan” he said and Janet took the gift in excitement and scurried away

“let’s go!” I motioned to Brain cause we are next