January 27, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 16

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i took the secret route immediately I had arrived in my dads entertainment. I took the secret route to avoid questions and stares from workers and non workers
I climbed up the stairs before walking into a lift upwards to my dads office
the lift stopped and I walked out of it only to bump into someone, A Lady, she gasp on seeing me

“omg! sir brain!” she called in excitement like she’s holding the urge to come hug me or something

“yeah! ” I replied plainly and made to leave when she held me back
what the hell!!
did she just touched me?
I don’t allow people to come In contact with my skin!
I just don’t like it!!

“what do you want?” I asked trying to suppress the urge to yell at her
“can I….please have your digit?”she asked holding a part of her hair
the smile on her face was too wide that I could even count her teeth

“is my dad around?” I asked instead ignoring her question
he’s in his office he just returned from a brief meeting” she replied and I smiled and made to leave

“Sir!” she called again

what the hell is her problem?

“speak up miss have gat things to do” I rasp impatiently and she released the smiles on her face
“can I have your digit?” she asked and I frowned
“what for?” I asked shoving my hands into my pocket
“to……to…..you know!” she replied still rolling her hands on her hair

‘please save my time miss” I yelled at her and she shrink

okay sir brain, how about a picture together please?”she asked bringing out her phone, I reluctantly succumb and took a selfie with her and she scurried off immediately while I continued my walk to dads office

I turned the door knob, and pushed the door open slightly and there he was, looking as young as ever with his head buried on a file

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“dad” I called when he didn’t noticed my presence
“brain!” he called on seeing me
“dad” I replied pushing one of the chairs backwards to seat on it when he wrapped me up in his hands in an embrace

“you didn’t tell me you would be coming?
what happened brain?” dad asked in one rush
“your mum told me you left home when I came back from my trip to Manila and couldn’t find you” dad said and I let out a smile

“well dad I actually got tired of your over demanding attitude and you decisions to make me join the Golden boys or perhaps be a song writer” I said rolling my eyes

“c-mon brain, that isn’t enough reason for you to leave the mansion, you should have probably sit me down and tell me you really don’t like my decisions” dad said obviously pouring the blames on me

dad are you trying to put the monkey on my shoulders?
cause the last time I checked I told you I don’t like the idea but you refused” I said hitting my forehead with two fingers

“and that was because your excuses where lame and I didn’t find it reasonable enough to trade the plans I had for you with” dad said and I sigh
“fine! have heard you
I just came in to let you know have accepted your offer” I said and dads eyes shone

“seriously brain!
are you being serious here?” dad asked
it’s surprising huh?” I smirked

“we’ve been on this same topic for years brain!
three years!
and you just barge into my office to tell me you’ve accepted and you want me to believe you huh?”dad said doubtfully

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well, I really don’t blame him cause he really tried all he could make sure I accept his offer but one thing he needs to know is that, I aren’t doing it cause of him

“yeah! yeah!
you’ve gat to believe me” I said placing my legs on the edge of his office desk

am impress son!
so what actually made you change your mind cause am pretty sure you encountered someone or something” dad said and I giggled

“yeah! dad
I actually encounter someone and I must say she’s an Angel in disguise” I said and dads eyes shone again

“A she?” Dad asked
“Brain! when did you start mingling with females?” dad asked looking puzzled
“actually dad! she’s a good friend of mine” I said and dad nodded

“okay then!
I hope to see her someday” he added
” I need to be on my way now dad” I said and he smiled
“aren’t you gonna go see your mum, she’s at the mansion” he said and I nodded standing off my seat

“yeah! I will just do that on my way home” I replied
“when are you moving in brain?
am signing you into the golden boys record immediately and you will be announced on stage when next they wanna host a concert
besides they need your help in coming up with a new song, why don’t you just move back to the mansion and start practicing with them” dad said and i nodded

I will just go pack up my stuffs”I replied and he smiled

“I will send a guard and three drivers to go with you” dad said
“that isn’t necessary but a guard will do” I said and walked out of his office taking my steps slowly down the stairs


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today was surprisingly boring, I never knew I was gonna miss brain that much now am not gonna be seeing him often

what if he eventually forgets about me?
what if he eventually becomes a rock star, will he eventually forgot i once existed?
he will be surrounded by hot looking girls that he won’t even remember my name!

I plunk on my bed tiredly, grandma was in the sitting room while Molly and I had retired into our room immediately after having dinner
I pray he becomes a real hit and turn into a superstar over night
while I keep praying for my dreams to come true

my phone light beamed into my face and I picked it up on seeing someone was calling
the number look strange

#hello# I spoke into the phone
#Samantha!# I heard Brian’s voice and I unconsciously squeaked in excitement

seems someone is missing me already#he said and I chuckled

#how did it go with your dad brain?# I asked and I could feel his smile from the other end

#it went well and have been signed into the golden boys record # he spoke and I froze
omg! am speaking to a golden boy!!

#like we now have six golden boys and not five?” I asked
#yeah! # he replied and I squeak

my friend, my tutor, the rude jerk I had knocked down with my bicycle is now a golden boy….I mean Golden Boy Brain!!

are you there?#he asked
#yeah!# I replied

#you know what!
come open up am at your room door# he said and I gasp

#shut up you little liar# I said and he chuckled
#okay listen while I knock on the door# he said and I heard a knock on the door
I rose up quickly from the bed and found myself running to door.