January 19, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 22

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I never knew brain loved her so much and I might lose him if I Her her killed

he seems to love her more than I think and I can’t possibly lose brain cause of her
he’s all have gat

what am I gonna do now?
I really need her to stay away from him

brain had always love me and take my orders buy everything changed when he left the house, only to come that bitch!
I can’t believe he took her advice
just one word she threw at him, he accepted and brain had been at logger heads with me over this same matter for three years

I really need to keep my sheet clean and get her off the road least she’s going to become a huge stumbling block if I don’t act fast

“what are we going to do about it?” one of my goons, I had hired to abduct her, asked and I slam my hands on my palm

“I don’t know Hugh!
I really don’t know” I rasp hitting my palms together

“we could at lease hide her for the main time”he said and I frowned
“that isn’t a good idea Hugh
The cops would get a hint of our hideout
any moment from now they will began combing the streets Hugh, we’ve gat no time” I rasp bumping my knuckled gist on my open palm restlessly

“how about are taking her out of this county before the cops fish us out” he asked again and I slumped on the bed

“we can’t possibly sneak her out without getting search
the cops are everywhere and her picture is already in the media
brain is doing everything in his power to make sure he finds her”I rasp almost yelling

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I so much hate that girl, right from the first time brain told us about her

I hate the fact that she’s having a huge effect on him and one thing am forever sure is that, she is never welcome into my Heart

“we are doomed then!” Hugh said shoving his hands into his pocket

“get your boys ready we are heading to the hideout” I said and he smirked

“I think I have a more easier plan” he said and my eyes shone

good gracious!
that would be better if he can come up with something reasonable
I don’t want the cops to get wind
of us
brain won’t forgive me if he finds out am the brain behind it

“perhaps we can inject her with a sedative that would make her lose her memories
that way she’s gonna be miles from brain cause she won’t remember the memories she had with him” he said and I kept silent for a while, trying to take down what he said

“that’s a brilliant idea, but I don’t want brain to go mad over it
he will become suspicious if he finds out he lost her memory after being abducted” I said and stood up

“why don’t we just murder her and dump get lagoon?” he said and I frowned

“brain won’t mind dying along with her, he loves her more than you imagine” I said and walked out of my room


what do they want from me huh?

probably to kill me!
and what’s their reason for abducting me?
could it be in connection to brain?
nope! am not sure
the media doesn’t even know we are dating
then who could it be?

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I assumed the Lady was moving towards me cause the sounds of her heels became clearer
I couldn’t say a word cause my mouth was gagged alongside my eyes which was blindfolded

“I believe a beauty like you isn’t dumb” the lady said with her heels making funny sounds.
I kept shut trying hard not to cry

“I want to make this warning to you and it had better sink into your head or else, I won’t spare you next time” she said chewing a gum noisily

she’s gonna spare me!
oh! lord please!
I muttered through muffled breath

a little silence ensued before she broke it with her angelic Authoritative voice

“I want you to stay away from brain”she said and I felt my heart skipped

is she doing this because of brain?
is she someone from his past?

hell no!
the public doesn’t know we are dating
then how did this Lady got a wind of it?

perhaps she’s someone closer to brain?

“I want you to be meters away from him, you won’t like what I will do to you if you go against my orders” she said and pause

“I know you more like the back of my palms
my eyes are fix on you and I watch all your moves “she said and her heels kept on making sounds as she move about

“stay away from brain and never come back into his life cause you will forever regret messing with me and am someone your widest imagination can’t get to
so don’t even think of trying to fish me out baby cause you sure can’t”she said rasp and I felt a needle like object pierced into my skin and I slowly pass out and everything became blank

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I kept on drinking in the bar I had drove to
I can’t possibly find her
she seems to have suddenly disappeared

my phone rang and I picked it up reluctantly placing the phone on my ear

#if you wanna see your girlfriend, then rush down to savanna complex in 30minutes#I heard a guys voice and the drinks in my system suddenly seems to have flush away and my eyes shone

is he talking about Samantha?
my girlfriend?

what the hell!
how the f**k did she ended up with him,
a guy?
how dare he kidnapped her!!!