January 17, 2022

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The Golden Boys. Episode 23

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“who are you and where’s Samantha?” I yelled Into the phone and my face mask almost fell off, other customers in the bar had their eyes fixed on me
‘who cares!’

“you will see her in number 4 savanna shopping complex in 30minutes time, come with the cops if you like” the guys voice came out from the phone and I felt glue to the spot

“do t hurt her!
am gonna be there in a jiffy” I almost yelled and the person laughed from the other end
“you seems to really love her like they said, but don’t be too impatient Mr humble lover!
come in 30 minutes time” I heard the caller say and I felt anger run down my spine
“who the hell are you?
and why did you kidnapped her huh?”I asked in anger picking up my keys from the bar counter

“am someone your imaginations can never get to” he said and hung up

I tried the number again but it wasn’t going

I was trying to track his line but he has hung up already

I ran towards my car and hop into it, driving towards the road
I need to get there before 30minutes, who knows she might be dying or something

I speed up my car moving through the road
savanna shopping complex is an abandoned shopping mall in the heart of the town and it’s gonna take me 25minutes drive from here

I increased my driving speed as I drove my car madly through the busy road

I broke so many traffic signs and Dodge so many cars and road marshals as I continue driving recklessly
I need to get there on time
I need to get hold of my baby once again, have missed her so much and to think she’s in the hands of some poverty stricken kidnappers, made me mad

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but what s
could be her reasons for her being kidnapped?
surprisingly the caller hadn’t requested for a ransom!.
what could have been the reason for abducting her?

I had ridden for close to fifteen minutes when the car suddenly screeched and came to a stop

what’s going on?

I ignite the car engine again but the car refused to start
I yelled in anger, bumping my hands on the car stereo
what the f**k is going on?

I came down from the car in rage, leaving the car doors open
I raised the car bonnet up and tried checking what’s wrong with the car

I had no idea what’s wrong with it!!

I closed the bonnet and anger and paced about in anger
there’s no cab passing by and it’s unsafe for me to move about outside without my guards, luckily for me I have a mask on

I felt numb for some minutes
what am I gonna do?
I rushed back to my car to get my phone, I need to pull a call across to my driver to send me another car
why didn’t I thought of that ever since huh!
perhaps the car would have been here by now

I placed a call to my driver but it wasn’t f**king connecting
I was already going crazy with anger
what if something happens to her?

I hop back to the car and tried igniting the f**king engine, surprisingly it worked

“bastard!” I cussed and drove off in high speed leaving cloud of dust behind

I forced my heavy eyes open and tried sitting up on the bed, my visions were blurry and I couldn’t see clearly
I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed

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where am I?

I opened my eyes again and I landed on a white celling
everything that happened rushed through my head and I forced myself to sit on the bed

my eyes ran through the room and I found a drip fixed on my left hand
then a figure whose head was resting beside my bed

“brain” I called and he snap up his head at me
his eyes were red and sullen like he’s been crying
he looks really tired

“brain!” I called again and he stood up and wrap me up in an embrace

did he bring me here?
nothing happened to me?

oh! heavens!
have missed him so much,
how can I possibly stay away from him?
how can I possibly stay away from my own boyfriend?

“Samantha!” he called and pecked my lips
“how are you feeling?
should I go call the doctor?
should I call in a nurse?
is your head hurting?” he asked in one rush

“brain, relax….am okay”I said and he pecked my hands

“I missed you Samantha!
how did you end up there?” he asked and I gulp hard

“your driver came to pick me up saying you had sent him…” I was still saying when he cut in

“that wasn’t my driver Samantha!
you got into a wrong car and I guess that’s how you got abducted” he said and I nodded explaining things to him

“the voice actually sounded like a lady and she told me to stay away from you” I said and he kept mute

“A lady said that to you?
who could she be?” he asked looking lost

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“we shouldn’t be thinking about that brain cause she told me she knows me just like the back of her palms” I said and he looked down on the floor

“do you have an idea what she looks like?” he asked looking Moody
“I didn’t get to see her brain!
I was blindfolded”I said and he snivelled

don’t tell me he’s crying?

“hey brain!
what’s wrong?” I asked trying to get a hold on him but couldn’t as a result of the drip which restricted me

“am sorry you had to go through this Samantha, am sorry you had to be treated this way cause of me, am sorry” he cried and I felt my eyes wet

“it’s okay brain!
if it’s the price I had to pay for you ,I with gladly do”I said and he smiled

“thanks Samantha, you have always been the best” he said and I chuckled

“Brain!” I called
“yes my love”

“promise you won’t say a word of this to grandma and molly!
I don’t want them to freak out” I said and he nodded

“I will, if it pleases you” he said and I smiled as he gave me a light kiss

“lemme go get the doctor” he said and walked out