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The Golden Boys. Episode 45

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An American Romance Series

Written by me: Authoress succy


Season 2
Episode 45


“shit ! you got her pregnant” David asked immediately I dropped the call.

“you heard her didn’t you” I rasp and got hold of my car keys

your gonna become a father now, I wish it was me ” David said

“you think so, it’s a good idea to keep the baby” I said

what’s wrong in it,beside you got it all, the money, the fame, you got all it takes to keep the baby” he said and I smiled

that’s what’s I plan on doing, to keep the baby, but I thought I was too young to be a father” I said and he frowned

“screw young brain,your old enough to, after all your 21″he said and I gave him a hug before
getting into my car

I drove to the hospital cause Janet sent me the address

God help that f**king doctor if he dares abort Golden boy brain’s baby
I pulled into the hospital and hop out of my car in haste, without bothering to shut the door
the nurses on duties gasp on seeing me
some drooled and the stupid ones, knew better than to get close to me
my anger alone will burn their skin

“Where’s the doctor on duty?” I asked one of the nurses I had seen on the counter

“hi hottie!
am your biggest fan!” she called and I suddenly lost it
“where the f**k is your doctor on duty??” I yelled bumping my fist on the counter, making her jump back in fear

just then, a door opened and the doctor came out alongside Samantha and Janet behind her

she smiled on seeing me and Samantha had a surprise look on her face
she swiftly turn her gaze back to Janet

“you called him Janet!
you f**king called him!”she yelled and held her head in her hands

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I advanced towards the doctor who looks surprised and confused on seeing me

“welcome Sir!” he cooed but I held his white jacket, making him scared

“your the lame ass doc who wanna abort my baby right?” I asked and he looked so scared

“no Golden boy, I swear!
I have no idea it was your baby please” he pleaded sweats already broke on his forehead

“do you know I can make you lose your life and your medical licence cause of this?” I asked and he looked really scared

“am so sorry Sir! it will never happen again” he pleaded

“let go of him you mother f**ker!
it’s Richard baby not yours!
so i can get rid of it if I want to!” Samantha suddenly blurted out and i felt hurt

yeah! she might be right!
why didn’t I thought of that?
I looked at Janet and she gave me a sign I couldn’t understand

“I don’t care if the baby is mine or not
but I can’t let you go through the painful process of an abortion ” I said and got a hold of her, pulling her with me out of the hospital but she proved stubborn

“let go of me you heart breaker
why do you care huh?
why do you suddenly care for someones baby?” she asked slapping my hands off her wrist

“cause I love the mother!
I love you” I replied and slip my hands into my pocket, bringing out a sedative clothe

“stay still baby!” I hushed and placed the clothe over her nose and she fell on my arms

I shot the doctor a hard stare before taking her bridal style to my car, with all eyes on me

who cares!
I got into my car and zoom off

i opened my eyes slowly and looked around
where am I?

memories of what had happened at the hospital rushed into my head and I placed my hands on my tummy

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brain accepted it!
he accepted the baby!
I thought he won’t!
and he told me he loves me
though he thought the Baby was for Richard, he still loved me
and I said all those terrible words to him
what if he hates m now?
oh! good gracious!
I really need to see him

I looked around the beautiful large room
my worried state couldn’t make me admire it for long

I thought i had gotten rid of this feelings?
I thought I hated brain?
I thought I never wanted to see him?
but now I know i was wrong
I love him now more than ever
I just wanted to see him
just him alone

I opened the door and walked out, the place looked damn huge

I got into a lift and it took me down to the sitting room and my eyes fell on him!
my Prince charming!
my baby’s daddy!
he sat on the couch with a bottle of wine.

he snivelled like he’s been crying
I couldn’t bare seeing him cry

I ran to him and hugged him from behind
“brain am sorry!” I cooed and he seems surprised

“Samantha!” he called and I climbed onto the couch and landed right on his thighs

“am sorry brain!
am sorry for everything” I pleaded holding his face in my hands

“no Samantha you shouldn’t be!
am the one who’s suppose to be sorry here”he said still in shock

“am sorry I hadn’t forgiven you brain!
am sorry I couldn’t see your genuine love for me,
am sorry for making you cry
am sorry for stressing you
am sorry for saying terrible words to you brain!
am sorry for the pains I made you go through
though your mum hurt me, I shouldn’t have let it get into us
into our love brain!
I made a mistake and am sorry!
it’s you I want brain!
it’s you I wanna be with” I said and tears rolled off his eyes

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“am sorry for being so stupid Samantha!
am sorry to have broken up with you
I couldn’t bare to see you hurt Samantha!
I thought it’s the only way your go a be safe am sorry” he said and I cupped his cheeks placing my forehead on his

“I love you Samantha!
and will always do, not even the baby can stop it” he said and touched my tummy

“its your baby brain!
our baby” I said and his eyes beamed

“you don’t mean it!
do you?” he asked and I giggled wiping off his tears while he wiped mine

“I and Richard never had sex cause I thought you broke up with me cause you’ve gotten in between my legs” I said and he chuckled

“the last sex we had, is the product of this baby” I said and he took my lips into a kiss, then his hands landed on my ass
then on my zipper

“Brain!” I murmured in between the kiss

“let’s make the baby two” he said and I felt so much pleasure as he layc me on the couch and got on top of me

Awwn….how much have missed his touch on me
his lips on mine!
he’s just so sweet

so she choose him over me with some fake pregnancy huh?

I made her who she is!
I f**king gave her hope when he made her stranded

she’s pushing me to the wall
she wanna bring out the monster in me

I paced about my sitting room in anger

I pulled out my phone and placed a call to one of my secret goons
he alone can give me a clean job
the phone ringed and he picked it up

#hello boss# his thick voice boomed out
#i have a job for you#