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High School Romance. Episode 20

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#alisha pov

I heard his mum as she screamed saying ** my son still dey alive oo, he never die, ** I rushed in and I was shocked when I saw him gushing out blood from his mouth, I quickly assisted her in getting him up before some men ran in to carry him, they lifted him up and I covered my mouth while crying, I couldn’t believe I did these to my love, I shouldn’t have done these to him, he did not deserve all these, I squeeze my hand and my heart was feel with pain, and hatred, for Charles, I felt like killing him, we took him to the hospital and he was rushed to the emergency room, I started petting his mum, telling her her son would soon be fine, but she couldn’t stop crying, the doctor came outside and he said ** are you his sister ** I looked at his mum and I said yes, he told me to follow him to his office and I did, he pointed to a chair while saying** have your seat ma’am** I sat down and I wiped the tears in my eyes and I said **how is he doing, is he going to be okay, ** my heart skip a beat when the doctor remove his recommended eye glasses and he said ** ma’am am not sure, we need to pray to God, because from the test we did, I discovered he was poisoned, and his condition is very critical, even if he survive these, am not sure if he can live up to a year, because the poison have already damage all his body system, he his just like a dead man alive, please pray he survive these ** he was about to say another word before a nurse rushed in saying doctor, she is awake, he followed her immediately and I placed my hand on my head while I burst into tears, I shouldn’t have done this, I stood up and I walked outside his mum rushed to meet me saying ** his my son alive ** I nodded with the tears in my eyes, we both went to their house and I helped her cook her food, I cleaned the house and I promised her I will pay the hospital bill,

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Since I was being expel from royal high school, I had to go back to my former school, when I got there I was so surprised when most of the student are worried, and sad, they all lost hope because jimi was not there, some teacher start resigning saying they are going to look for another job before the old big school is going to be close down, every one was silent and sad just like they are in a funeral ceremony, I was the one who represented jimi, and I read very well so that I can pass the exam, most of the people participating in the competition where scared of of writing the exam, thou if we loose the school I have nothing to lose, but what will happen to the over 4,560 student who don’t even have money to go to another school, this is what we must fight for we shouldn’t be scared, we are writing these fucking exam tomorrow and we scared, I knew my jimi would never ever love to see a thing like these, it usually annoyed him when someone looses hope easily or give up too soon,, I cut of my thought when I walked to the principals office, I was suprise when I saw him packing his old pictures and some awards in a box, I looked at him and I said ** sir what are you doing **


Principal – am packing my things alisha,

Alisha – but why

Principal – because I know we can’t win, we can’t challenge does people, what if they bribe the judges and the marker of the exam,

Alisha – sir we shouldn’t give up, we should give it a try

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Principal – you are just a girl you won’t understand,

Alisha – (she scream) sir stop saying these and go encourage your student, they need you, because jimi is not here to do that,


He looked at me as tears formed in is eyes, he quickly wiped it out so that I won’t see it but I did, he walked out and he told one of the student to ring the emergency bell, the student all garther, he looked at them with sorrow and he said ** children this might be our last moment together but I want you to know education is the key to success, even if this school is close down, I want you to go to another school by all means, you must never give up on education, where are the contestant for tomorrows competition, ** I watched them as they walked outside to the assembly stage floor like a zombie, I could vividly see the fear in their eyes, i watched the principal as he addressed them, to cut the long story short, we were all in Harley high school for the exam and the quiz competition, I was so ashamed of being among the other s because our school uniform Looked stupid and geeky to me, I looked at the royals high school as they arrived with a big decorated coaster bus, they where all laughing and smiling, while Charles lead them in, I wish jimi is also here to lead us in, we just like a train without a head, even our school principal is the Worstest and annoying coward I have ever seen, I noticed most of the student were holding a small picture in their hands and I asked the guy besides me, he snowed me the pics and I was suprise to see jimi, he said he is the only person that can encourage them, he gave me a copy of the photo and he said hold it tight, you will be encourage by jimi’s spirit, I almost laugh when he said these, i thought to my self, ** “spirit!!!! ” what the hell are they turning these guy too, is he a God, i cut of my thought when a man called us in, we entered the exam hall with fear, and I did what I can, the judges annoced the result immediately and I was so heart broken when we loose the first challenge, the second one was a quiz challenge, which sacred most of the student, they never told us we going to be doing a quiz, I surmon courage and I steped out, some other student followed me, we started the quiz and it was a tough and crazy one, the royals contestant are just too fast with their answers, it got to a stage that one if our student fainted, he was rushed to the first aid office while the Judge ask another student to represent him, I looked back at the student and they were all shivering, I closed my eyes and I silently prayed for an intelligent person to come out side, but to my biggest suprise I heard the voice I wasn’t expecting and the student arose with noise, while Charles shifted back with fear