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High School Romance. Episode 18

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????

( #Jimi_pov)

I collected the paper from him and I signed it, immediately I did that Charles laughed out loud and he said ** I love your over confident, why do you like jumping into things you knew you are going to fail, jimi I can’t believe you are so dump to think of challenging us, ** I stood up from the boy back and he said ** look at these poor child, all of them will have to go back home because of you, congratulations you just bought yourself time, I we won’t close down the school in two weeks time again, we are going to meet in 30 days time, at healay high school, (laugh) I should be living by now, I wish you guys good luck, (he looked at the principal) mr ain’t you talking, you depend the whole school on these boy shoulder, he is just pushing you, see you soon** I watched him as he walked out of the principal office, I could vividly, read the worried expression on the principal face, he looksir
At me and he said


Principal – (worried) are you sure we are not taking too much risk, you know we can never compete with the royals high school, you know how qualified they are,

Jimi – it does not matter sir

Principal – look son, we are talking about loosing the whole school, if we loose the competition over 4000 student will suffer from the mistake we are about to make, I don’t think we can stand a chance with that school

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Jimi – sir, cool down, we shouldn’t loose this opportunity, even if we did not compete with them, our school will be close down in two weeks time,

Principal – I know son, I can still go abd beg that boy father, am sure he will have pity on the school, we can still beg them its not too late,

Jimi – sir you shouldn’t be saying these, this is a battle we should fight and win, we shouldn’t ran away from it like a coward, sir they might be the best school for now, but that does not mean we can’t beat them, we still have 30 days to prepare

Principal – I know you are so sure of your self,but what about the other students, don’t you think they would be scared,

Jimi – we will find out that ,

Principal- am gonna follow your lead , so where do we start from ,


The principal called out an emergency assembly, and all the student gathered, i walked to the centre of the assembly and i said , if you know you are educationaly sound pls kindly step out , make sure you are confident in your self ,*** only a few student stepped out an i was disappointed, i said with anger *** what the heck is going on , is this the only free brilliant people we have in this school, this is about our life’s , if you don’t know the school would close down in 30 days time and we are all going back home , why cant we fight for our only hope to success, you guys shouldn’t be scared of anything because you are dead the day you were born in the house of poverty, look at those rich people, they have enough and they still wanna take what belong to us , we shouldn’t let them , we should defend our school with everything we have *** i could not complete my words before they start stepping out , 59 of them stepped out that day , and we only need 30 including me , the teachers conducted a text for all of us and 29 passed , we did every necessary things and i went home , i met my mum drying up cloths and i smiled when i saw her , she looked at me and she said ** jimi you are back,come inside your good is on the mat come inside your good is on the mat ** i followed her in and I was surprise when i saw fried rice , deep down in my heart i wanted to ask her where she got the money to prepare all these from , but i think i should battle the hunger first , i took off my school uniform, i sat down and i stated eating, she went to the kitchen to get me water and she said ** your girlfriend came today , she is such a nice and well trained girl , are u already into another relationship, ** i looked at her and i said ** mum i don’t get ** she smiled and she said ** though she was not as beautiful as Juliana , she called her self Alisha, she made sure she helped me before she went back home, i was still listening to her before i started feeling pain in my stomach, i tried controling it but i couldn’t bear the pain any more , i quickly drank water , but to my biggest surprise i started vomiting blood , my mum screamed for help , j was about to stand up before i fell down to the ground, everything was like a slow motion in my eyes , and i passed out