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High School Romance. Episode 22 (Final)

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????




I couldn’t believe my eyes when jimi stop breathing, I screamed ** jimi wake up, somebody help me!!! **, the hall went in total silent in my ear, I looked at my own brother laying besides alisha, while my dad ran to meet him, he hold is cloth and he said ** help me carry him pls, ** the whole student looked at him and they nodded their heads, they rushed to jimi, and they lifted him up, they carried him outside and no one was ready to help my brother, I looked at him and tears roll down my cheek when someone said ** he is dead sir, ** I stood up and I walked slowly to meet the both of them, I touched my dad shoulder and he pushed me away while saying ** my son won’t go alone, am going to kill the whole family of that boy ** i was shocked when I heard what he said, my phone rang and I picked it up, it was beauty, she told me jimi wants to see me, I left my dad and his dead son alone and I went straight to the hospital, I was so surprised when I saw thousands of people waiting in front of the hospital, I ran towards them and I force my way in, some were crying while saying ** he must not die, or else we will born down the whole royal high school ** I looked at the man who said that and I ran in, the nurse pointed to the room where jimi is, I opened the door and I covered my mouth with my hand when I saw him covered with white cloth , I walked slowly to him and I hold his hands, and I heard someone said ** we need to take him away from here, something is fishy ** I looked back and I saw a guy, in jimis school uniform, he looked at me and he said ** the doctor is lieing ** I was about to say a word before the doctor walked in, he said ** he is dead pls feel this form** my eyes formed with tears and my hand started shaking, to my biggest suprise the guy who was standing besides me collected the foam and he crushed it with his hands and he said ** doctor what’s is wrong with you, he can’t be dead please check him again, pls save his life, ** tears formed in his eyes and he fell to the doctors feet, the doctor look at him for a while and he said** please am sorry there is nothing we can do **, he stood up with anger and he said ** give me the stethoscope ** the doctor looked at him with suprise and he said ** what** he removed the stethoscope from the doctor neck and he said ** I will do it myself ** he walked to jimi and he cleaned the tears in his eyes, he placed the stethoscope on jimi chest and he smiled he was about to walk outside of the room before the doctor said, ** you are making a big mistake, I will call the police now, ** he looked at the doctor and he said ** do what ever you want sir ** he closed the door and I followed him, he was walking very fast and I was trying to catch up with him while the nurses keep looking at the both of us, he stopped and he smiled when he saw the other student from his school, he looked at them and he said ** guys jimi is not dead, we need to save him, it like the doctor as been told not to treat him, this is the day we have been waiting for, we need to do anything we can to save his life, so what can you do, if you are in science class and you know a little stuff about treating a patient, pls move forward, ** some off the student move forward and the rest said** what can we do **, then the guy said ** wait for your time, guys let go** he ran with the other student and I followed them, they entered the room and they started working on jimi like a professional doctor and nurses, I heard sound in the toilet and I opened the door, but to my surprise, I saw the doctor he was tide down with the student school tie, I smiled and I closed the door, someone knocked and all of them stopped while looking at their self, the guy shake his head which means I should not open the door, the person keep knocking and she said ** doctor are you ok ** I replied her ** yes he is fine, we are having a good time ** I moan like i was having sex and she quickly walked away, the student treating Jimi looked at me with a wierd face and they all laughed, I smiled back at them and they continued with what they were doing, to cut the long story short, they treated him that day, but he did not wake up, we took him to another hospital and he was in coma, i told his mum the bad news and she almost killed her self with tears


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I was in the dark coast of nowhere, crying without no reason, have been crying for years now, without remembering why I was where I am, we were all in black cloth, seating on a shattered rock, I stood up when I saw some creature coming towards us, we were all chained like slave and they moved us to the bank of the dark sea where a old ship lies, waiting for us to get in before we cross the bar, we lined up in a straight line and we moved towards the dark sea, I was about getting there before I heard my mum called my name, I looked back and I saw her weeping, I wanted to stop but one the creature screamed at me ** scara pa ta ** which means move, my mum ran straight to me and she made a bargain with the creature, I before I could know it, she already replaced me, and she told me to go back to life, I got back into my senses and I started crying, those creature dragged her without pity, I stretched my hands towards while saying ** mum I can’t live you here ** one of the creature walked towards me and he pushed me away,
I covered my face when the bright sun shined on my face, I opened my heavy eyes, slowly and I saw the full brightness of the sun coming from the window, I felt so weak and I rest my back on a pillow, I was so shocked when I realize I was in a hospital, I started removing the bandages and drip injection on my body, my body was so heavy but I managed to get up, I got down from the bed, a nurse walked in while testing an injection, she looked at me with suprise and she ran to call the doctor, I walked out of the room and I saw some people seating down on a chair while some are passing by, the doctor called my name and I answered, he did every possible test and he keep saying ** this is a miracle ** I was discharged and I walked out of the hospital, I was till adjusting my cloth before someone packed a yellow spot car in my front, to my biggest suprise, I saw Juliana as she came down from the car, she looked at me while holding her mouth, tears roll down from her eyes and she ran straight to me, she hugged me and she gave me a passionate kiss, she took me to the house she called our’s, she said it is our home, I asked her where my mum is and she told me the sad news, I cried for days and I got over it,

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I was in the kitchen with my wife Juliana when my daughter ran in, she looked at me and she said ** dad I can’t sleep my bed times stories ** I smiled at my little girl and I said ** come here ** while roughing her hair, I carried her and she said ** good night mummy** I took her upstairs straight to her room and I. Layed her on her bed, I sat down besides her and i covered her with a blanket, then she said ** dad you ve not completed the story ** I smiled at my daughter and I said ** where did I stopped ** she giggles and she said ** where the boy cried when is girlfriend told him his mum is dead ** I touched her face and I said ** ok, he later became the president of the private high school called the royals high school, his girlfreind dad killed his self out of frustration, he married his girlfriend and he became the minister for education , he and his wife lived happy ever after ** I couldn’t complete the story before she was fast asleep, , I ajusted the blanket and I kissed her in the head , I put off the lamp beside her bed, and I walked out quietly from her room, I walked to mine and I saw Juliana on the bed reading what I wrote for my daughter to read when am not at home, she looked at me and burst into laughter while saying ** #high_school_romance indeed, where did you get that title from ** I moved close to her and I placed my lips on her’s, we kissed for a few minutes and I gently took off her clothes and I could vividly see her *******

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