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High School Romance. Episode 15

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????

( #Alisha_pov)

I sat down and I ordered my own plate of noodles from a dirty mallam that disgust me, I had no choice than to eat in a place like this, I looked at the dirty environment and I was wondering how juliana who is even more wealthier than me could cope in a place as stincky as this, I was about to say a word before the mallam brought the food with his dirty dark hands, I couldn’t eat again when I saw is old clothes, I shifted the food aside and I faced Jimi and Juliana, while they looked at me like a murderer, I smiled and I said ** this such a wonderful place, how come you never tell me you do come to a place like this ** but to my biggest surprise they both pretend like I wasn’t there, I can’t bear to watch Jimi seating down with this spoit brat, Jimi deserve more than her, thou she is more beautiful than me, but she can never gave good heart like me, I frown and I said ** Juliana can I see you pls, it very important, am not here for any trouble ** she looked at me, and she wanted to stand up before Jimi gave her a sign that she shouldn’t, she smiled at him and she kissed him right in front of me, at first I acted like I did not care, I stood up and she followed me to a corner,


Juliana – so…..

Alisha – hmmmm I think Jimi is not happy with you, (she looked at Jimi)

Juliana – so what’s your problem with that, is this what you wanna talk about

Alisha – no, am here because of your brother, Juliana I need you to help me beg Charles please, he have been acting weird since the day he fourth with Jimi,

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Juliana – can’t you beg him your self what’s my business with you guys,

Alisha – but you are his sister now

Juliana – an so, see am having a good time today and don’t ruin it for me

Alisha – (laugh) with someone else boyfriend right

Juliana – what…., he is mine

Alisha – am not agueing with you, look at his face and tell me what you see, there are love in his eyes, Jimi still love me, I always know that, and I can get him whenever I want, I will always be is first love and you can never change that fact, so it your choice, either you help me with your brother or I take back Jimi,

Juliana – are you threatening me

Alisha – no it not my dear, you think am joking right just watch me and him


I walked away from her having the feeling that I had already planted a seed of fear in her, I walked straight to Jimi like I was going to get my bag, I purposely hit my leg with his”s and I was about to fall down before he caught me, with his two strong hands, I wrapped my hands on his neck and my breast was touching His chest, I knew Juliana was watching so I decided to make the show more interesting and i kissed him straight on his lips, I knew Jimi would never resist my kiss no matter how much he tried , but to my biggest surprise he threw me down like a kid and he wiped is mouth with an handkerchief like I had a bad mouth odor, I watch Juliana as she laughed out loud from where she is, I looked at Jimi with a big surprise and I almost burst into tears, I tried faking one, but I couldn’t cry the way I wanted, I watch Jimi as he carried Juliana with is hands and she laughed at me giving me a fuck ???? you sign, I stood up with shame and I dusted my body, I went straight to Juliana house and I met their gate man, I told him am Charles girl friend and he let me in, I opened the door and I was surprised when I saw Charles and 3 other female student reading in the seating room, I gretted them and I sat down looking at Charles, he acted like he never saw me before, I sat down on the soft furniture staring at the guy who stole my heart, I started getting bored and I quickly thought of a plan, I started coughing like an asmatic patient, I fell to the ground while the girls rushed to me, I watched Charles as he stood up to get the inhaler at the back of the television and he gave it to me, I was so scared to inhale it, because I have never done it before, I inhale it and it wasn’t as bad as I expected, I pretend like I just regain my strength and I begged him to take me to his room so that I can rest, he took me to his room and sat on his bed, GE was about going before I draged his head to mine and I gave him a hot pationate kiss, I place his hands on. My breast like I wanted him to have s*x with me, but to my biggest surprise he started pressing my breast so hard and he was about to loose my gown zip before I said ** Charles pls stop am a virgin ** he looked at me and he gave me a wicked smile, he took of my gown with force while my heart started beating fast, I thought of screaming, but if I do that I will lose him forever, maybe I should just let him dis flower me, but is this the right way of loosing virginity, to caught the story short he disvirgin me that day and he stood up telling me to start going home, I was so shocked cos I never knew he was these heartless, I was still feeling pain in my abdomen and my vigina before he tried dragging me up, tears roll down from my eyes and I said

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Alisha – Charles you can do this to me, look at what you just did and you are still behaving this way

Charles – hey this girl, I want you out of my life, are you expecting me to keep a cheap girl as my girlfriend,

Alisha – so you can call me cheap after everything have done for you,

Charles – what the hell did you do tell me,

Alisha – (kneeling down with the blood on her laps) OK Charles forgive me, I will do whatever you want,

Charles – (smiled) are you sure,

Alisha – yes

Charles – ok on one condition, I want Jimi s mum dead, take this injection and inject her in the hospital,

Alisha – what , I can’t kill a fellow human being like me