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High School Romance. Episode 14

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????


He said ** that is him ** I looked at Charles and I was shocked, the security man ask me to follow him to the admin office, I followed him while I watched Charles smiling at me wickedly with the plasta on his nose, I got to the admin office and I saw the school principal, and he looked at me with disgust and he said ** are you the one that beat up the son of the school president ** I looked at him and I said


Jimi – sir they attacked me first, and i fought them back to defend my self,

Principal – really….., look at how you beat up that poor boy, and you have the gut to call that a defense, am supposed to arrest you but, someone begged on your behalf, (he gave him a letter) you have been rusticate from royals high school,

Jimi – sir these is not fair at all, they cheated me, every one was there, you can call someone and ask

Principal – now get out of my office

I looked at the man and I nodded my head, I looked at the school logo on the wall for a while and I almost cried, I quickly clean my eyes and I walked outside of his office with action, I saw Charles and he was holding an handkerchief and he stretched it to me saying ** cry well bro, you are going back to the trash you came from, ** I looked at him and I felt like beating him to death, I was about to say a word before rain started falling, every body looked at me with pity in their eyes, I couragly spoke out words of inspiration and I told them what happened, the student gathered to listen, some couldn’t control the tears in their eyes, I looked at all of them and I knew my words touched their heart, Charles shouted at the top of his voice and he said ** guys he is only deceiving you, don’t listen to these idiot, ** I threw my school uniform coat in the front of the school president statue, and I bow in respect, I looked at the school I have been working hard to gain their scholarship, and I smile because I came there because of alisha and I was being expelled because of her, what an irony , the rain increased as it keeps blowing ???? air, I looked at Charles and I adjusted my ???? tie, while smiling, he looked at me and he was shocked, I walked inside the rain and I spread my hands just like juliana and I smiled looking at the sky, the student gathered to the corridor while watching me, I smiled at them, and I said ** see you soon ** but to my biggest surprise, a guy shouted ** this is cheating, they cheated this guy, I can’t stay in s school like these **, he pull of his coat and he threw it at the status of the school president and he entered the rain with me, and he said ** bro we are both living these school ** l heard Charles as he laughed out loud and he said ** are you guys acting movie, no one will follow you except from that fo….** he couldn’t finish his words before 10 more student threw down their coat and they entered the heavy rain, someone went to call the principal and he rushed out looking at me and the other student with a big surprise, 40 more student did the same and he started begging me to stay, he looked at Charles and he shouted at him ** you see what you ve cos, your dad will lose billions of naira if all this student live the school ** I smiled at the both of them and I said ** my God is on my side **, I turn my back at them without saying a word and I walked out of the school, while some other student exported me outside, some swore they will never return and some start shouting they want a refund, the school isn’t at peace that very day, it was just like I casted a spell on All of them, I walked pass the school gate With some of the student and I looked at the school gate for a few minutes, they all looked at me with pity, I walked to the road and I took a cab with my last penny, I got home thinking of what my mother would say if I tell her i have been expelled, I walked in and I sat on my bed, I pull of my school uniform because it was already wet and I was only wearing boxers and singlet , I was still lost in thought before juliana came in, she called my name and I quickly got up looking for a wrapper, she opened the door of my room and she smiled while saying ** baby let me see your packs, don’t hide it now **, I looked at her with a serious face and I said, **juliana what happened to your eyes,**

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Juliana – (smile) its nothing

Jimi – but it looks like you just finish crying, pls tell me what happened,

Juliana – jimi I said am fine. Ok I sliced onions at home that why, any way I branched at the hospital and the doctor told me your mum is getting better, jimi are you listening to what have been saying, cos you are looking at somewhere else


I looked at her and I don’t know if I should tell her have been expelled from her father’s school or not, maybe I shouldn’t tell her, this rich people have brought me more harm than good,I better go back to my former school she looked at me while waving her fingers ** jimi are you there ** I smiled and I said yes, she told me she bought me something, and I followed her to the seating room I was surprised when I saw a carton and I asked her what she kept in it, she told me to go open it my self and I smiled when I saw a brand new laptop, I thanked her and she smiled, she looked at me and she said ** jimi am starving ** I told her there is a fast food in the street and she said she want something local, I don’t know why juliana like competing with the poor,
We went outside and we both got there, we got to a mallam shop, and we sat down on a stool, she looked at the dirty environment and she said, ** wow ** I knew every time she did that, she is always teasing me pretending like everything is ok, the mallam served the food, and I started eating, I noticed she wasn’t eating, she was only staring at me, I smiled and I said juliana how is your dad, immediately I said that she burst into tears, I was so confused, because I don’t know what could easily make her cry, I was still petting her, before someone othered food from the mallam, and I was shocked when I saw alisha seating down next to me