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High School Romance. Episode 19

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????


I sat down on a chair in the garden thinking of what jimi said to me, it was just like am being trapped in between, I can’t go back to him, and I don’t love my dad business partner son, I was still lost in thought before someone taped me, I looked back and I saw David, my dad friend son, he smiled at me and he sat down besides me, holding a glass of wine, he looked straight to the front without looking at my face, and he said ** we both have the same problem **, I looked at him with surprise and I said ** do you know what my problem is,


David – yeah, you are In love with someone else,

Juliana – (almost in tears) yes, how do you know that

David – (he looked at her) I can feel it Juli, and I don’t love you either, but my dad is forcing me to get married to you, I can’t just do it,

Juliana – (smile) really, then tell him you don’t love me,

David – I told him that earlier, but he insist, he his too stubborn,

Juliana – mine too

He was about to say a word before the gate man said someone wants too see me, I stood up with excitement thinking it was jimisola but to my biggest surprise, I saw alisha, I told the gate man to let her in, she walked in like she just had an accident, and she sat down looking at the both of us, I looked at her with serious face and I said, ** what do want this time ** she looked at me as tears dropped in her eyes and she said she need to see Charles

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I told her I need to see Charles and she keep questioning me, I felt like punching her right in the face, because I couldn’t control my anger, I was still begging her before I saw Charles walking straight to his car, he saw me and he hissed, he was about to enter his car, before I ran straight to meet him, and I brought out the letter of expel I got from the school management, , I and I showed him, and he said ***

Charles – so what, it is what you deserve

Alisha – what!!! ,

Charles – yeah, I just don’t want to see you,

Alisha – Charles are you doing this to me, just because I love you or what,

Charles – (smile) alisha, I don’t roll with fools I mean, I can’t be dating a murderer like you,

Alisha – but you told me to do it,

Charles – shit, I can’t still believe you are saying these, I was only joking, it is just a joke, didn’t I collect the injection from you,

Alisha – yes you did, but I use poison,

Charles – just go away from here or I will tell the police about this,


I was shocked to death immediately he said that, he entered his car, and he asked their gate man to chase me out, the gate man did what he was asked to do, and I almost cried out my eyes, I walked straight to the road and I took a cab, I can’t just believe it, after everything I did for these guy, he kept on pushing me away, is it a crime to fall in love, he asked me to kill jimi’s mum and I poisoned her food without thinking twice, I hold my face and I cried out bitterly, what they say is true that love is blind, I was so blind that I couldn’t see jimi’s love for me, I need to go back to him before it is too late, but how do I digest the guilt that I killed his mum, cos, I know she would never survive the poison if she ate the food, I went straight to jimi’s house, my heart almost jump into my mouth when I saw his mum crying, I walked straight to her but to my biggest surprise she hold my cloth immediately, while saying ** what do you do to my son ** I was shocked when she said her son, that means Jimi ate the poison, my body started shaking and I was shivering, I asked her where he is, and she kept on dragging me, she almost tore the cloth I wore before two women came to my rescue, I walked in and tears roll down my cheeks, when he was covered with a white cloth, I felt like screaming, I fell down to the dusty floor and I hold his feet, i stood up and I opened the white
Cloth, and I saw my Jimi, lieing down helpless and lifeless, I finally burst in tears saying ** Jimi am so sorry, ** I placed my head on his cold chest there was no sign of breathing, I stood up immediately thinking of killing Charles, , I walked out of the room, and a deaf and dump girl ran in, she was crying and screaming, people start gathering at his, house, until every where was full of crowd, a man shouted at the top of his voice and he said ** why would these boy die, why did God not ta me my life instead of his, ** I was about to go home, before I heard some one scream from the house, his mum rushed in and she screamed also