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High School Romance. Episode 16

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????

( #Alisha_pov)

I was so shocked when Charles told me to murder jimi’s mum before he can accept me, but why would kill a fellow human being like me, I begged him, not to think like that but he insisted I should kill her, this is very difficult me, but I have to do what am gonna do, I must sacrifice anything for who I love, if killing that poor woman would make Charles love me then am in, but how do I get to jimisola, when juliana is always poke nosing, I have to get rid of that bitch, she like’s ruining my plans, I cut of my thought when Charles gave me the injection ???? and he smiled, he looked straight to my eyes in a romantic way and he said ** I will love you till I die if you can do this for me, I smiled back at him abrd I hugged him to relief my self from the tension he gave me,


I knew juliana was keeping something from me but she don’t want to talk about it, I kept on asking her why she cried at the mallam shop, but she kept mute, we both went to my house and she sat down on the chair in a worried way, her eyes was so red and full of forming tears, I sat close to her and I said ** Juli am sorry ** she looked at me and tears roll down her cheek, I placed my hand on her back and I said ** Juli tell me what the problem is **


Juliana – (burst into tears) the problem is you jimi,

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Jimi – how

Juliana – jimi my dad is getting me married soon,

Jimi – (shocked) to who

Juliana – (with tears) to his business partner son, jimi do you think it can be possible, am so in love with you, but what do I do, do you think we should just elope ( meaning run away)

Jimi – no no Juli that is not an option, you can discuss it with your dad, that you can’t marry who you don’t love, besides you too young for marriage

Juliana – jimi you don’t know my dad, what ever he says is final

Jimi – (sad) maybe you should do what your father want

Juliana – what!! , jimi are you serious, so you mean I should start a new stupid relationship with a stranger, who I don’t even know what he looks like, I can’t believe you are saying these,

Jimi – maybe we should end this new relationship right here, we should stop seeing our self, besides I have been expelled from your dad school,

Juliana – jimi, you can’t just give up on me like that, we should fight this together, let’s run away , I can sponsor everything we need, am sure my dad will never find us,

Jimi – so what of my mum, should I let her die,

Juliana – so what do we do

Jimi – we need to break up , I don’t want any more trouble for my mum and I, if your dad finds out you do come to a place like this, do you think he will take it easy on me,

Juliana – Jimi look at what you are saying, Jimi you are such a coward, you shouldn’t give up easily,

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Jimi – Juliana pls try to understand, we have lot of differences, the rich must get married to the rich, while the poor do the same, i sometimes feel you are to big for me, dating a wealthy girl like you is like crossing my limits, pls calm down and understand,


I was about to say another word before she stood up with anger and tears and she said ** Jimi so you are crossing limit by dating me, so the kiss the hugs, don’t tell me everything is just for fun, I knew you will never love me the way you love alisha, you are just trying to date me out of pity, I can’t believe this, ** she walked out on me and I tried calling her name but she did not answer, I sat down on my chair and I place a finger on my jaw thinking what if I just did was the right thing, I should let her go because I don’t really love her, I only liked her as a friend, but it is turning to something else, I never propose to this girl but she keeps thinking we are dating when am not dating her, it’s true we kissed but shit do happen some times, besides this rich people have done more harm to me and my mum than good, I think I did the right thing , yeah it right, I cut of my thought when my tummy start rumbling, I knew I was hungry even though I ate with juliana at the mallam shop, I stood up and I went to buy bread and beans cake (akara) I ate it and went straight to bed,

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I woke up very early in the morning and i yawn, I stretched my arm while my mouth was wide open, I stood up from the bed and I went straight to take my bath from the cold water I fetched from the well, I walked out of the bathroom while cleaning my hair and face with my towel, I bent down under my bed and I brought out a box, I looked at it and I saw my old school uniform, I smiled when I remember the good memories I had with the other student, I took it out and I dusted it, I mice it close to my nose and I smiled at the old days fragrance coming ou t from it, , I put on my old school uniform, and I looked at the time, I quickly rushed out side, and I trek straight to school, I got to my school old rusty school gate, and I smiled, I walked in while some student stared at me, especially the girls, I was happy when I saw my old school just the way i left it, I walked slowly to the assembly ground, I was about getting there before some so called punctuality prefect stopped me for coming late to school, I looked at the guy who stopped me and he moved back in disbelief, I smiled and he moved I aside while telling the other student who I was, I got to the assembly and I lined up at the ss3 lines, I stood among them and non of them noticed, I was shocked when the senior boy called my name, and everybody scream like they saw a celebrity,