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High School Romance. Episode 21

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????


Charles shifted back with fear, and I was shocked Jimi walked to meet us where we were standing, the crowd arose with noise, most of them did’nt believe what they saw, I couldn’t believe my eyes also because the doctor said he only has 50_ 50 chance, but here he is, he moved straight to our front and he smiled, he looked at all of us and he said ** I heard you guys are scared, tell me scared of what!!!, you mean you are scared to challenge this greedy people,

who wants to take our only hope from us, they think they are better than us, they think wealthier than us, they think they have every thing its take to be a human, but we have one thing they don’t have,

we have humanity we got the passion to succeed, we have a bright future, and it is certain, they are competing with us just for satisfaction and greediness, but we are competing with them for survival, for hope, for success, so what do we do in return my brothers and sisters,

** a guy walked out with an angry face, and he said ** they want this challenge and we will give them what we got, we all die here, ,

we must win ** I looked at the guy and I smiled the way he said that with action, I heard the judge as he said ** (laugh) what the hell is this,

are you guys on a battle ground, these is what poverty is called, ** jimi smiled at him and he said ** bring it on sir, ** the man was about to speak out the fifth question before some group of press (jonalist) rushed in with their camera,

the start snapping and and videoing the whole student, and I start wondering who could have inform them,

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the quiz went on and jimi was like our savior for that day, the competition was a very though one with crazy answers, and it was finally over after a few hours,

every body start praying silently, and my heart was beating fast, I looked at Charles as he keep smiling wickedly at me,

the judge stood up from his seat while the press (jonalist) over snapped him with their cameras, I looked at him while praying for a positive result, but to my biggest surprise the man said

** montosori high school really tried they have 89 point while royals high school had 94 point,

in every competition there must be a loser and a winner, the winner for these competition is royal high school ,

** the student of royal high school arose with noise and they start hugging each other,

they where all jubilating and laughing, the girl standing next to me fell to her knees with tears in her eyes, the other contestant and the student from our school all looked at jimi with sadness in their eyes, I could vividly see jimi is totally confused, he looked at me as tears formed in his eyes,

he said with pain and sorrow ** something is wrong somewhere, some thing must be wrong, we can’t just loose our school like these

** he looked back when a guy taped him in is shoulder and he said ** bro it is over, let go back to where we belong, this is how God want it to be, ** I was about to live before I heard a microphone,

I turned back and I saw beauty my best friend, she was among the royal high school contestant, she was holding a shit of paper and she said ** it is not over yet,

jimi, ** she looked at me and she said ** alisha am not going to repeat the same mistake you did out of love,

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look everybody we cheated, yes we cheated on montosori high school, look at these shit of paper, it contain all the answer in the quiz, the judge gave it to us,

I can’t just bear to watch these poor student go back home with a broken future, we don’t know what they know,

they more intelligent than us, we were afraid of them that why our school president wanted to close down their school,

they had nothing, but we still want to take the only hope they have from them out of greediness, I can’t be part of these, I will never be part of these, (she pointed to the royal contestant) now look at all of you,

we should be ashamed of our self for cheating on these people who are struggling to survive, most of us do go to church, isnt it, wake up and let not cheat on the weak,

we should be helping them, we are all human, ** she dropped the shit of paper and she walked to our side,

some of their student looked at their self and they did the same, the judge was speechless when one of the press asked him if what the student said was true,

he wanted to deny before someone played the video clip of when he was telling them what he will ask them, in the quiz projector, he couldn’t utter a word, before we know it, 3 police men came in and they arrested him for cheating,

Charles dad stood up from his chair and he said ** calm down every body we can settle these just name the price I will give it to every one of you, hey you stop that camera man,

** the man smiled and he said ** sir every body have been watching the whole event live, on their news,

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** he shifted back and he looked at the press with fear, I was so surprise when I saw Charles clapping while walking towards jimi, he looked at him and he said ** nice one bro, you won with honor, but can I give you a hug,

** jimi nodded his head wish means yes, my heart skip a beat when he stab jimi 3 times with the knife he was holding,

jimi looked at him with surprise and he fell down to the ground while bleeding out blood from his mouth, every body screamed in horror while the press face him with their camera, I watch Juliana as she screamed and she ran straight to jimi,

she touched him while screaming** somebody help me,** I never saw this coming, I never knew Charles could do a thing like, these, he smiled and he said** if any one come near him or me I will stab him too

** I look at jimi lieing helplessly on the ground and tears roll down my cheeks, i fold my hands in anger, and I walked straight to Charles from behind, before he could look back I injected him in the neck with the injection he gave me to kill jimi’s mum earlier ,

I pressed it to his neck and he turn back to me, he stabbed the knife deep into my belly and he hugged me, I placed my mouth in his ears with the blood in my mouth ** am glad it end like these, am going to kill you with what you gave me,

** I manage to smile and I remove the empty injection in his neck and we both fell down to the ground, everything went blur in my eyes and the last thing I heard from Charles his ***we meet in hell**