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High School Romance. Episode 12

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????



And I fell on the mudy floor, I opened my eyes when I was biten by mosquitos, I quickly got up and I remember everything that happened to me, what situation would my mother be by now, my body shivered in pain, and bitter tears roll down from my cheek, my mother is just too old to be suffering like these, I caused all these, I can’t believe I brought all these pain to her, I wiped down my face and I said why would alisha do this to me, I still can’t believe she denied me in the presence of her father, or is she still angry about the competition, but I begged her, I purposely took the loan so that I can satisfy her desire, I did not take the loan because I need it to survive, I took it because she said she need the money, and all I wanted is to make my love happy, I placed my hand on my head and I said ** am I sure my life is ok like this ** how do I survive without Alisha, I really need to apologize, even if she have hurt me badly, I need to apologize, “” I know the person reading this might be angry or saying what sort of love is these, “” I pray you would never fall into a true love trap, true love is the most dangerous and deadly disease of all time, and it does not usually have a cure if care is not taking, when you taste the alcohol of true love in a second, it would affect you for 1 week like you are being drunk for years, only a person with several heart break would understand what his happening to my lonely life, when you truly love someone, it would be so hard for you to see their mistakes, I cut of my thought when I heard the cell door as a police officer was opening it, he looked at me and he said ** fine boy, she don bail you come outside ** I looked at him while my eyes formed with tears, because I never realize I was in a cell, I was only thinking about alisha, I stood up and I walked pass the police officer, I was still wondering who could have bail me out before I saw beauty Alisha’s best friend, she looked at me with pity in her eyes and she said ** am so sorry jimi, she told me to come bail you ** I looked at her with the tears in my eye ball and I said ** how is she, is she okay ** beauty looked at my face in disbelieve and she said ** what!!! ** I looked at her waiting for her respond before she nodded her head which means yes, I need to see her for the last time I just need to see her,

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I saw my school uniform coat on the dirty floor, I bent down and I took it, I folded it with my ???? tie, and I hold it with my armpit, she looked at me and she said ** jimi where are you going **


Jimi – (very weak) I need to see alisha

Beauty – (frown) jimi take it easy and don’t kill your self, you need to visit the hospital first, you have sustain too many injuries,

Jimi – I will manage,

Beauty – jimi what’s your fucking problem with this girl, are you under a witch craft spell, even if you are under a spell, it shouldn’t be worst like this. This girl you are dieing for is with Charles begging him in school, now look at you, I pitied you that’s why I came to bail you out, did you know she made you lose the competition on purpose because she don’t want her crush to lose,

Jimi – (screamed) what!!! , no no no you are joking my alisha can’t do that to me, I so much trusted her, you just let me go beg her you will see she will forgive me,

Beauty – jimi seriously, so you’ve not even learn your lesson at all,


She looked at me and she shove the sum of 6000 naira into my hands and she said ** go home with these ** and she walked away with anger, I watched her stop a car and she entered it looking at my face in pity, I remembered my mum and I also ran to enter a car,


I got home and I saw every body looking at me with a weird face, I walked to my house and I couldn’t find my mother, a woman came out and she told me ** a young girl took her to the hospital, I smiled thinking it was Alisha, I went straight to the hospital and I asked of where she is, I was so surprised when I saw Juliana crying while she was facing a wall made of glass, I ran to meet her and I saw my helpless mum in a room, while she was breathing with oxygen in her nose, I touched the glass and tears roll down my cheeks, I called out her first name, “Deborah pls wake up, your son is here”” I knew she won’t hear me ,

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I was about to enter the room with rushing before the doctor and some of the nurses stopped me from entering to see my poor mum, I couldn’t control my self and I cried like a baby, I started hitting my head on the wall with anger and pain before , Juliana stopped me. She said ** take it easy jimi, ** I looked at her as the tears in her eyes kept on flowing, I placed my hands on my faces and I walked out of the hospital,


I walked outside saying ** Alisha where are you ** before the thought of losing the competition came to mind, could it really be her, is it true that she made me lose because she loved someone else, I need to find answer to my questions, I walked on the lonely street, the sky cracked a loud noise, and the rain threaten to fall heavily,


the wind rolled like a angry tornado ????, while every body start looking for a place to hide, I was the only one still walking on the road, the rain started falling like a tsunami, I walked in the rain with a broken heart,


I stopped when I saw a poor man with a natural dread in his head just like Bob Marley, he was playing a guitar ???? while he sang to the tune of his guitar with a sweet voice


???????? It feel so good to fall inlove,????
????????But how i fell i never know, ????
????????the way we kiss the way we touch, ????
????????For you my heart will never know ????
????????But how I fell I never know????
????????For you my heart will never know????


I looked at him for a few minutes while listening to his sweet music, the song he sang touched my heart, and it made me remember the good memories I had with Alisha in our former school, the man saw me in the rain and he said ** are you okay ** I smiled at him with the tears in my eyes,

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I walked away and I took a bike straight to school, I got down at the gate and I ran in looking for Alisha, I stopped at the coffee spot when I saw Juliana dancing in the rain, I wiped the water in my eyes for a clearer view and I realized It was only my imagination,


I ran from the coffee shop and I kept on searching for her every where, before I met her at the stadium with Charles, I was shocked when she kissed him and I almost sink to the floor,


I started shaking and I walked to her like I was dieing, she walked to me with tears in her eyes and she said Jimi am so sorry, I smiled while crying and I said ** alisha **


Alisha – Jimi pls forgive me, you can still move on with your life,

Jimi – alisha tell me it a lie that you made me lose the competition

Alisha – am sorry I had no choice

Jimi – (crying) alisha why

Alisha- (with tears) am so sorry Jimi, please give me your account number, so that I can transfer the 1 million you need,

Jimi – keep your damn money I don’t need it

Alisha – why, Jimi you’ve not lose yet, you can still use the money for something better

jimi – (weeping???? and screaming????) I lose…, cos I can’t love and I can’t hate you cuz its ruining my life????, I just i need, I need to nothing, I mean you, I need to not think about you, I need to feel nothing for you ,


i need to not think about you, I need to not care about you at all, but I don’t know how to do that, (sobbing????) I wish I never met you, ????????????


I was about to walk out on her before I saw Charles smiling with his gang, he said from where he was ** relax dude,


she is mine now ** he walked straight to me and he said am very sorry to take her from you, he was about to touch my shoulder before I pushed him away,