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High School Romance. Episode 13

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????



I pushed him away when he was about to touch my shoulder, he gave me a wicked smile and he pushed me in the chest while alisha was trying to separate the two of us, I looked at him with anger and jealousy, I was about to walk out on them before he said something that made me mad, he said ** look at you, you are just a poor dirty loser, I wonder why my sister like staying with a guy that stink like these, how would your mama even look like ** the other student laughed immediately, I folded my hand in anger and readyness to punch ???? him. In the face, he drag alisha close to him and he kissed her in the neck, I looked at her as everything looks like a worst nightmare, one of Charles gang walked to me and he pushed me in the chest saying ** dude what are you going to do huh** he was about to push me in the chest again before I gave him a smooth punch in his nose, he hold his nose and he groaned in pain, he was about to hit me again before I weved it and he fell to the other side, while some student gathered to watch the fight, I saw Charles looking at me with suprise, he looked at me and he looked at the other boys, the six of them rushed to me, and I gave them the beaten of their life, I was so surprised when I knew most of them, just have a big body without strength, the other student laughed and they all cheered me up, I looked at Charles struggling to get up before I walked to him and I said ** don’t ever mention my mother ** I walked away without looking back, the love that blinded my eyes was finally over, when I saw her kiss Charles I realize something and i said **Maybe I just had no place in her life, I mean, I get it…., i’m the embodiment of a curse in the day, she cut me off and pushed me away, I was reminded that I was just temporary, and not a person that was meant to stay, in moment such as these I recall why I desires to be alone, because if am alone, no one can hurt my feelings, no one can use me, and then no one can gain my trust then live, ** I need to beg Juliana now, thoe, I don’t think I can’t fall inlove again but, I think have offended her in a way, I shouldn’t have pushed her away like that, she was the first girl my mum ever ask of, she was there for me when I had trouble, i can’t believe I pushed away a wealthy girl who is willing to be happy with me in any condition, I walked pass the school gate while the security man looked at ne with suprise, I took a cab and I went straight to the hospital, I walked in and I greeted the nurse in the reception office, I smiled when I saw Juliana on a chair while she was asleep, I walked gently to her without making a noise, and I sat beside her, she placed her head on my shoulder and I touched her smooth beautiful face, she opened her eyes and she was shocked, she said ** jimi where have you been ** I smiled at her as I tried controlling the tears ???? that was about to drop in my eyes, she was about to say a word before I hugged her while she wrapped her hands on my back, I said with tears ** am so sorry Juliana, pls forgive me, ** instead of her saying a word, she dragged my head to her’s and she gave me a passionate kiss, while the tears in her eyes increased, we stopped kissing when a nurse said, ** miss Juliana haven’t you go yet, I told you she is going to be fine, ** she nodded her head in response of yes and she stood up while carrying her Gucci bag, she quickly cleaned the tears in her eyes and she said ** jimi I need to go home ** and I smiled at her, she smiled back and she walked away, I stood up and I entered a room in the hospital,, I looked at my poor mum, as she looked more beautiful in my eyes, I sat down, near the bed and I hold her soft old hand, and I said ** mama am so sorry, you will be okay soon ** I couldn’t stop my self from crying because of the pain and suffering I brought to her, I stood up beside her and I went straight home, but to my biggest suprise, I met my compound very clean and well tidied up, I saw everything in place and I was wondering who could be up to these, I walked in and I saw Juliana seating down on a new furniture chair , I looked at her and I almost cried when I saw her, drinking garri and ground nut, I coverd my mouth with my hand in suprise of what I saw, she giggled and she laugh while chewing the ground nut in her mouth, I sat in front of her, cos I still can’t believe what I saw and she said** wow am getting use to poor life, this is what I call real life ** Immediately she said this i couldn’t help my self so bursts into laughter and we both laugh together, I looked at her with a smile and i said ** poverty never wire your head before, that why you are saying these , ** she laughed and the cup of garri she was holding fell from her hand, she looked at the time and she covered her mouth and she said ** I should be living by now ** I escorted her out side the house and she begged me to go back home to rest, I was about going in before I saw alima the dump and deaf girl, holding a basket, she smiled at me and she gave me a weird sign which means she caught us having sex, I smiled and I folded my hand, I said ** really, I don’t know a deaf girl can also lie ** she walked close to me and she brought out a big cooler, she told me to eat well in her way of talking and I thanked her, I took the cooler in side and I was surprise when I met fried rice with 6 eggs, I don’t know why this girl always treat me so special, maybe because am the only one she always communicate with without being stressed out, I saw the garri on the floor and I clean it with one of our rag, I took the cup to the kitchen and I washed it immediately, I ate a little out of the food and I took the rest to a poor old man house, I shared the remaining food to the little poor kids around the neighborhood and I smiled while they ate the little food hungryly, I went straight home and I noticed I can’t find my bicycle, I left it at alisha house, I went to my room and I took all the picture I snapped with alisha, I threw everything in the waste bin, I looked at the waste bin for a few minutes and I quickly walked away before I think of taking it back inside, I sat on the new furniture thanking juliana for what she did, I saw the house documents and land file on a stood besides the wall and I knew juliana already paid the debt, I smiled thinking of her cute smile, I silently wish I won’t fall in love again and I slept of that night,

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I woke up as late as 8:46 in the morning and I quickly hurried to the bathroom, I took my bath, and I remembered I gave alima my school uniform for her to help me wash it, I wore my boxer and my white singlet I was about thinking of what to do before I heard a knock on my door, I quickly hurried to open it and I saw alima holding my school uniform, she gave it to me and I thanked her, I knew she was looking at my body before i traced where she was looking at in my body, I was surprised when i saw her focus on my transparent white boxer I knew she was looking at my dick, and I quickly close the door without telling her good bye, I rest my back on the door and i place my hand on my chest, and I said ** is she looking at my dick, I think someone is corrupting these girl ** i wore my school uniform at the door spot, and I smiled when I smelled the fragrance coming out of my coat, I smiled and I said may God bless you alima, I dressed up and I knew my outfit was fantastic, I went out of the house straight to my school, I got to the gate and I was surprised when I saw some student gathered at the admin block of the school, I walked there and I saw all of them looking at me, as if they have been looking for me for decades, I was so confused when a security officer stoped me and someone said ** that’s him ** and I was shocked when i saw Charles