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High School Romance. Episode 10

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????



I looked at the judge as he spit out the food jimi placed in thier front, he screamed and he said ** what nonsense is this ** he passed the food to the other Judges, and they insist to taste it, the crowd arouse with noise cheering up Charles, I couldn’t smile nor cry, I looked at jimi as he ran to the table himself saying ** no no this can’t be possible ** he took the food and tasted it himself before the plates fell from is hand in confusion, he walked like an weak zombie to me while fake tears form in my eyes in readyness to attack him, he looked at me and tears roll down his cheeks, and he said ** alisha am so sorry, someone added more salt to the food **, I opened my eyes wide open and I looked at him with disgust, and I said


#Alisha – (faking a tears) jimi see what you ve cause, I told you I really need this money for my pedicure

#jimi – (almost in tears) am really sorry, alisha ,

#alisha – (crying) don’t tell me that jimi, you are such a loser,

#jimi – what!!! , but you won’t die if you did not do this pedicure, do know what doom await me for loosing this competition,

#alisha – I don’t care jimi, I hate you, you always bring me nothing but pain, I should not have met you,


He tried to calm me down before I gave him a hot slap with that opportunity, while the tears in his eyes increased, I pushed him in the chest and I walked out on him, while the other contestants and the crowd looked at us with surprise, I looked back and I saw him gathering is used stuffs with tears and I felt a little pity for him, I walked out of the events hall and I went straight to the stadium to catch my breathe, I sat down on the chair and I smiled, I wiped out the crocodile tears in my eyes and I said to my self ** O lord have Mercy on me, I need to ask of God forgiveness when I get to church on Sunday ** I was about to stand up, before someone said ** I saw what you did alisha ** I looked back and I saw, beauty my best friend she frowned at me and she said **

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#beauty – alisha what’s your problem, why are you so wicked and full of evils

#Alisha – what did I do,

#beauty – I knew you did not join Jimi team for a good purpose, you joined his team so that you can ensure he does not win over your crush,

#Alisha – so!!!! , what your business with that, please mind your business

#beauty – but that guy is an innocent poor guy who is crazily in love with you,

#Alisha – I know,

#beauty – when you knew he loves you why did you do that to him, do you even know where he got the money he use in doing the preparation

#Alisha – to be honest I don’t care am only doing this for my crush, am also fighting for love too, if Charles lose this competition , he won’t be happy, and I can’t bear to watch him lose,

#beauty – will you shut your mouth, listen to the shit you are saying, you are doing these for a guy who have won countless trophy’s, and you know he does not even need the grand prize money, how much is one million , he do spend almost 5.2 million naira in the club, this guy his a rich dude, he does not even need to win,

#alisha – (frown) hmmmmm

#beauty – you choose Charles over poor Jimi who needs the money to survive, you are supposed to be helping this guy instead of ruining his life , your dad is a rich dude just like every one of us in these school, but you knew that poor boy is struggling, and you choose one stupid crush over him

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#Alisha – hey hey Hold it right there, I won’t take that from you, I only did that for who I love, assuming you know what love is you won’t be talking like these

#beauty – (laugh) did you just say love, a heartless bitch like you is also talking about love, see if you loose that guy I mean jimi, you will regret it later,

#Alisha – pls pls, why don’t you go and marry that poor boy without no future, what did you want my dad to say, whenever I told him am dating a gutter boy, a street rat, please if you don’t have something good to say, keep quiet, and mind your business

#beauty – you should have tell him you dont love him again, have you forgotten what he did for you in your formal school, this guy got suspended 4 times without commiting any crime because of you,

#Alisha – see beauty live me alone, what have pass have gone, that was then, when I also is crushing on someone who does not even notice me, so why will I be dancing to the tune of another guy who love me,

#Beauty – I know you won’t listen, you are just too stubborn and heartless, anyway let contribute money for him, because you made him lose the competition

#Alisha – you and who, abeg pls just let me be,


She was about to say a word before I walked out on her, thou what she said touched my heart,, but my love for the head perfect boy over shadowed everything, I walked out of the stadium and I saw Charles, standing beside his black BMW, I said to my self, this is my opportunity to ask him out, I smiled when i saw the love of my life, I summon the courage to walk to him and I did, I looked straight to his eyes and I said ** hi **

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#Charles – hello, how are you doing

#Alisha – am fine

#charles – so how can I help you,

#Alisha – Charles am inlove with you, I can’t keep it anymore, i love you Charles,

#charles – hmmm really

I was about to tell him yes before i heard a voice ** don’t mind her, she is telling lies ** I looked back and I saw Juliana, she walked to us and she said ** are you not jimi s girlfriend, **


#Alisha – it is very obvious am not

#juliana – oh really, so why did you joined his team

#Alisha – I did that to ensure Charles won the competition

#juliana – what!!! , why would you do that to that guy, but he trusted you, do you even realize the kind of love he had for you,

#Alisha – am in love with Charles that is why I did that to him, I can’t bear to watch Charles loose

#Charles – will you shut your mouth alisha, so you made that poor guy loose on purpose, did you even know where he got the money to prepare for the competition,

#Alisha – but I did that for you,

#charles – you did that for your self not me


I kneel down to beg him before I saw jimi as he walked out with pain and regret in his eyes