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High School Romance. Episode 9

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????

( #Jimi_pov)

I walked away without looking back, I rode my bicycle home nor sad neither happy, I was just lost in both, I rest my bicycle besides the palm tree at the front of our house, and I walked inside, and I told my mum we need a loan and she said **


Mum – Jimi are sure about this,

Jimi – am very sure ma

Mum – like how much are we talking about

Jimi – like 300,000 naira

Mum – what!!, where do you think we can borrow that kind of money,

Jimi – I know a man, but he will want me to stand with something,

Mum – like what

Jimi – the house

Mum – you mean you wanna borrow money with the house, what if you lose this competition,

Jimi – (smiles) mama don’t you trust your son again, you know am always perfect and serious in everything I do,

Mum – (frown) hmm jimi OK, if that is what would make you happy am in, but what of that girl

Jimi – (thinking) which girl

Mum – (smile) that beautiful fair skinned girl

Jimi – you mean juliana

Mum – yes, why did she not come for practice today, am getting addicted to her, she so funny and kind hearted,

Jimi – she is OK, but you won’t see her anymore

Mum – I don’t get, what happened to her,

Jimi – mama forget it oooo, just pray I win the competition


She didn’t finished her words before I walked to room to change my school uniform, I took the 10 k I kept under my bed and I remembered juliana, I smiled when I saw her in my hoody Balenciaga sweat shirt, I wiped down my face and I realize she was not in my front it was only my imagination,

I folded my hand and I was thinking if I was doing the right thing, I saw her on my bed again and I closed my eyes, why am I seeing her every where,

am I also getting addicted to her too, I walked out of my room and I went straight out side, I took my bicycle and I rode to an old friend house,

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we exchanged greetings and I asked if his father was around, he told his father his inside and I went straight to their sitting room, I saw the fat man holding a glass of red rum while 4 bodyguards with large muscle stood beside him, he saw me and he laughed…..


Man – (laugh) is this not jimi, the street God

Jimi – (smile) sir don’t call. Me a God, I was only doing what I can to help the less privileged

Man – God bless you with alcohol my son

Jimi -(laugh) sir I need a little help from you,

Man – ask anything my son and it shall be giving unto you,

Jimi – I want you to lend me 300,000 thousand naira,

Man – what!!! I don’t have that kind of money, are you going to use that for charity too

Jimi – no sir, I actually need it for something else,

Man – you know if am going to borrow you this money I need something to stand for you, i mean what I can take If I did not get my money back instantly

Jimi – that is why I brought my house documents, with the land files

Man – (laugh) now you are talking


He told one of his men to go bring the money while he started laughing like a drunkard, he told me to drink with him,

and I insist, he gave me just 250,000 thousand naira, and he collected the documents and files from me, he told he wants his money back the same day of the competition, I thanked him and I rode my bicycle home,

I placed the money on my bed and I start bringing out all the valuable things in my house, I sold everything having the hope of buying another one whenever I win the competition, I knew my mum was not happy with what I did, but that doesn’t stop me from taking her blessing,

I was finally smiling at the 300,000 thousand naira I was counting, I placed them on the table and I rest my back on the bed,

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my mind wouldn’t stop accusing me of being ungrateful to juliana, but I had no choice, I rather choose the love of my life than to choose a very wealthy girl, I later slept off that evening without eating,



I woke early in the morning and I brought out my royals school uniform, I saw my formal school uniform In my “Ghana must go ” bag, and I smiled at it remembering all the the good memories I had in the school, I folded it and I placed it In a carton,

I put on my school uniform and I went to the sitting room, I saw my mum seating down on a stood as she kept on praying for everything to go smoothly, I walked close to her and I kissed her in the head, while tears dropped in her eyes,

I said ** mama calm down we got this, am going to win ** she nodded her head in response of yes, I ran outside and I took my bicycle, I looked back at the house hoping this is not the last time I will see it, I looked at the compound admiring every bit of the place, and I said ** what if I loose, what will be my faith **, I turned back to the front and I caution my self to stop thinking negatively , I rode to the school, and I packed my bicycle,

I saw juliana car driving in from the gate, she packed and she came down from her beautiful sport pink car, and she walked to me in a very sexy way, I stood there looking at her and she said ** hi jimi I wish you good luck ** I replied her, ** thanks Juli,

** i walked out on her without saying a word, I ran to the the event hall of the school and my heart skipped a beat when I saw so many crowd, I summon courage and I walked in without fear, I walked to my table and everybody cheered me up,

I saw the other contestant and I start setting the gas and everything I need to cook, everything was ready while I was still waiting for alisha,

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but to my biggest surprise I saw alisha walking to the stage with the head perfect boy and I was so confused, she walked straight to me and she smiled,

I fake a smile back, because deep down in me I wanna ask her why she didn’t come early, and why she was using the same bandana with the head perfect boy team, I acted like everything was OK,

the competition start and it wasn’t an easy one, it was so though than I thought, so many team loose the competition except me and the the head perfect boy team,

he looked at me from where he is while he smile shaking is head, I don’t know what that means, but I knew he his passing a message with his face expression, we were at the final round i was the one leading with 55 point while Charles the head perfect boy only have 45 point,

it already obvious am going to win, I smiled with happiness, and I noticed alisha was moody at the final round, I looked at her and I said ** ain’t you happy, we should be happy, winning these Match is certain

** I saw Charles clapping for me thinking I have already won the competition, we were about to serve the next food to the judges before alisha told me to help her pick something on the ground, I bent down and I was looking for it, I couldn’t find it, so stood up and I told her I didn’t see anything,

she kept on looking at me with pity like she just killed one of my relative , maybe she is scared of loosing the competition, I looked at her and I said *** babe we won’t loose,


** I placed the food on the judges table why I closed my eyes praying silently for good news, the judge first tasted Charles food, and his point rise to 61, before I could finish saying my prayers I had the judge screamed