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High School Romance. Episode 11

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???? (#_in_love_with_the_rich)????




I saw my alisha talking to Juliana and her brother, I wonder what they were discussing,, my eyes formed with tears because I knew the doom that await me at home, what should I do now, have sold every valuable thing in the house, I also borrowed money with the house, I cut of my thought when Alisha saw me, she was shocked,, they all looked at me with pity as if they knew I went to take a loan, I remembered my mum and I ran to the bicycle packing space without saying a words to them, I took my bicycle and I rode home with tears in my eyes,


my heart skip a beat when I saw a man as he pushed my mum out of the house while the others threw out our belongings, I ran to my mum and I saw a cut with blood sliding down her cheeks, and I burst into tears to see how my poor mum was being treated, I stood up with anger and I ran to attack one of those men,

before they over powered me, they beat my up like a thief, while my mother kept on screaming for help,


nobody came outside including our closest neighbor because they knew who the boss of those men is, and they don’t want trouble for their life’s, I was beating almost to death before my mother hold one of them in the leg, he gave her a kick in her mouth and she passed out without moving, my body shocked in horror,


I couldn’t believe my eyes, they beat me up to the extent that I started vomiting blood from my mouth, I felt terrible pain allover my body,, but the pain of looking at my dieing mother over shadowed mine, tears mix with blood fell from my eyes because I was so heart broken, I couldn’t even attack the people beating me,

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I covered my head to prevent internal brain injury, I was about given up, before someone threw a stone to one of those men’s, he hold his head while blood slide down is arm, he screamed and he looked back, but to my biggest surprise, I saw alima the dump and deaf girl, she took another stone and she threw it at them before 4 of those men ran to attack her,

they were about to pass by a woman window before someone poured hot water from the window,, they screamed while they start moving back with fear,


I tried looking at what they where afraid off before I saw most of the people in the community, both the poor and average, they wear all holding weapons like,


shovel, rake, stick, bottle, and so many dangerous stuff, while a poor old man screamed with the top of his voice and he said ** you can come here and hurt the street God sent ** this little boy is like a small God to us, I will defend him with all my life ** the other screamed in agreement of what he said, I dragged my self to my helpless mother while I never stop crying, I looked at her and I screamed ** mama!!!! * she coughed and she sneezed back to life, I hugged her immediately and the heavy rain teared the sky apart and it fell like a tsunami, i stood up and I helped my mum to stand up also, i took her in and she sat on the floor breathing hard,


I walked out and I saw all the people in the community as they looked at me with pity while standing in the heavy rain, tears dropped from my eyes because I did not expect them to help me, I raise my hands up to thank them and I never stop crying,

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I watched them as they all went to their house both the farmers, hunter, security and many local professional people, I saw alima standing in the rain without moving, she smiled and she ran straight to me to hug me.


While she cried on my back, I wiped the tears in her eyes and I shoved my hand together which means thank you, she smiled and she ran home,


I walked inside to meet my mum, I ran to her room to get a cotton wool and bandage, I couldn’t find one, so I had to clean the blood on her head with one of my cloth, and I tied it, I rest her back on the mat, and she said


Mum – (crying) jimi you need to go out of town, you now that man will never spear you for what the neighbor did for his men, you know how dangerous mr bullet is,

Jimi – (with tears) forget about that mama, please rest, I will go look for his money, I need to see alisha,

Mum – what of Juliana

Jimi – ma I told you she is gone forget about her,


I saw 3 women as they rushed into the house with hot water and balm, the first woman told me, my mum need to go to the hospital, I walked outside, i took my bicycle and I rode to Alisha s house inside the heavy rain, I got to her house in the evening, and I stopped at her gate, I looked at the huge mansion with surprised and awe, I knocked the gate and the gate man opened the door, he looked at me and he said ** watin happen ** I told him I wanna see Alisha,


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and he said she is inside, I begged him to let me in but he kept on looking at the blood and wound on my hand, he asked ** mr man are you a thief, why are you beaten like these, abeg you no fit enter here **, I ignore him and I keep shouting Alisha’s name, a man came out side from the building and he said * * zooru, who is that ** he told him he don’t know who I was that I was asking to see Alisha,


I saw the man who looks like Alisha dad and I greeted him with respect, he asked me why I wanted to see alisha and I told him I just want to see her, we were still talking before I saw alisha herself in a mini gown, I called her name and she was shocked, her dad looked at her and she denied me instantly,


I was kicked out of the house and I stood by the gate screaming her name, I was still screaming her name before I saw an unknown number on my phone, the girl told me my mum condition is critical, that she had been rushed to the hospital,

the person hanged the call without telling me where the hospital is, I cried for a few minutes wondering the kind of pain my mum might be going through,

this is the time I need alisha the most, I knocked the door again begging the gate man to open it, but to my biggest surprise I saw 3 police as they came out from a van, one of them hit my head with the back of his gun and I fell to the mudy floor