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His Bride. Episode 35

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????His Bride ????

[Leaving him ]

Episode 35

Lauren’s pov
I safely pack and at a small restaurant because of the car following me.

I heave a sigh of relief as I find a seat for myself.
Gosh! Who could be following me?

“Lauren ” someone called behind me and I turn around.

“Ryan? ”
“What are you doing here? Wait! Are you the one following me? ” I ask

“Hi… Yeah it was me, I’m sorry did I freak you out ”

“You did, oh God you have no idea how scared I was ” I say
“Sit down ” i offered and he sat down besides me.

“Sorry ” he chuckles

“So, you guys broke up?” Ryan ask

“Yeah, it was a normal thing to do… I mean this is how it should end anyway ”

“Lauren, I want you to tell me the truth and I promise you it will remain with me ” he says and I nod

“Are you happy with you leaving? ”

“What was I supposed to do? Beg him to love me back. To let me stay backs so that keep hurting myself ” I lash out angrily. I was so angry that I didn’t notice I’ve been shouting at Ryan even though he didn’t look offended even when I apologized, he said it was nothing they I needed it.

“Hunter loves you Lauren, he just doesn’t know it yet. He has never ever been like that to someone expect. Fuck! You should see how angry he was when you left me,every one back home are feeling it right now.
Pls stay, let him realize his feelings for you and just only you can make that happen. Hunter’s heart is full of hatred and revenge. But you came and brought him a new feeling which has changed him a lot. Pls don’t leave like that ” Ryan explains.

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“he can’t realize his feelings if I’m with him Ryan ”

“I’m not saying you should go back to him, just make him want you, make him regret letting you go. That can do ”

“And how I’m I going to do that ?”

“Seduce him ” he answers

“What! No way! There’s no way I’m going to throw my self to him again ”

“I never said you should Lauren, let’s just do something that will make him crave for you. He gets angry when he sees you with another guy right ”

“Yes like crazy jealous ”

“Then imagine how jealous he would be if he sees you with his bestfriend “Ryan says and I gasps.

“You mean we should act like we are a thing to make Hunter jealous ”

Ryan smirks

Damn! He will be super jealous.

Guys I know you are very angry right now but before you lash out on me let me explain.

I actually planned on completing this novel this week but as they say we plan God decides.
There’s a place I use to charge my phone at work anytime they bring light . As you know, electricity in Nigeria isn’t that constant, I might get home sometimes and see that they’ve taken the light so any time there’s light I go there to plug my phone.

That was the same thing I did last week Friday, when I’m ready to go home I went there to take my phone.

Seeing my phone… My people I suddenly felt cold and my head was aching me badly. My phone was destroyed. I don’t even know how they did it , cos the woman was even denying it saying she knows nothing about it. But I couldn’t blame her, it’s not her fault. It’s my fault for thinking my phone will be safe there

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Did you guys remember me telling u that I repaired my phone sometime ago? Yeah, that’s the same phone I spent 10k on and now it’s.. ????

So guys to cut the long story short, the reason why I couldn’t post was that I had no phone to post, I was using a small phone that can’t even facebook. I’m so sorry.

Please accept my apology.

I will finish the ongoing story on Monday by God’s grace and start another on Tuesday. The story has taken so much time already. Just five more chapters to go..

I’ve repaired it again o, I it’s still the one I’m using. I can’t throw away like that cos all my works are stored there. Even though its not that good anymore I’m just managing it.

I’m sorry.