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Hospital Romance. Episode 20

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

???? Episode 20 ????

????Nala’s POV.

I panicked and put the files back in the envelope.
No he can’t know!
I can’t loose him!
I love him.

I heard footsteps coming down and I knew it was him.
I smiled at him and he smiled a little.
Oh geez! , Nala what have you done.

I just hope he doesn’t find out!
But wait did he read my reports!
I panicked again and I glanced at him.

He was in the kitchen making coffee.
“Noah”I called when I got there.
“What’s wrong?”he asked fixing his eyes on the envelope.

“No…nothing”I said trying hard not to stammer.
I took the coffee from him and sipped it but God!
I have to know if he has read it!

“So what does the report say!, Any complications?”he asked me.
Huh! , He hasn’t read it!
Thank God!

“No.. no complications” I said and he nodded.
“I am going out , you should go home it’s getting late”he said and I nodded relieved.

“You didn’t check my reports?”I asked still baffled.
“No! , I was busy! , Anya prepared it”he said and I smiled.
Thank Heavens!!

???????????????? THREE DAYS LATER ????????????????

Anna’s POV.

It’s been three days , still going to work and avoiding Noah.

We act like we don’t know each other.

Noah looks concerned about Nala.
Of course they are getting married.

Well he has been coming to spend time with Diego.
Taking him to school and dropping him off home.
Thier relationship is growing and am happy for them.

Right now we are in the board room waiting for the new doctor’s arrival.
Theresa was going through some files.
Noah was just sitting down and Nala too obviously been clingy.

Carla was just glancing at Blake.
Those two? Hmmph!!

The board room door opened and he entered.
Okay blonde hair , icy blue eyes and..
Do I know him somewhere?

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“Good morning”the new doctor said and I stirred a bit.
I know that voice!
I glanced at Carla and she was also shocked.

“Chris!”Carla said surprised.
He turned and smiled widely.
“Carla”he said smiling and looked at me.

I smiled and he smirked.
Chris was the doctor who helped me in giving birth to Diego.
We got along pretty well!

The board room looked shocked!
Like I care!
“Hey crush!”chris said and I hugged him.
He wrapped his hands around me and I sighed.

He helped me a lot.
We disengage from the hug when someone cleared a throat.
“Chris you are transfered?”I asked ignoring the eyes that were burning holes in my skin.

He nodded and I sighed.
“Am sorry for the inconveniences , my name is Doctor Chris Ronalds”Chris said smiling.

He is really jovial.
“Welcome doctor , your office is next to doctor Noah’s office , he is the head doctor here”Theresa said and he nodded.

“Thanks Ma’am , and doctor Noah nice meeting you”Chris said and Noah just nodded.

“Nice meeting all of you”he said again and we all nodded smiling except Noah who kept a straight face.

“Okay! , So I think we can all go to our duties”Noah said with a hard time and left the boardroom.

Theresa smiled at us and left.
The other nurses also left leaving Nala , Carla ,Chris and I.

Nala glanced at us briefly before leaving.
I sighed , what’s her problem anyway!

Chris smiled and hugged Carla.
When they separated he smiled at me.
“How is Diego”he asked.
“Do you still remember him?”I asked.

“Of course , he is all grown up now right!”he exclaimed and I nodded.
“It’s been really long”Carla said.

???? Noah’s POV.

The so-called new doctor’s office was next to mine.
I watched him through my glass sideways door as he worked.

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How did he know Anna and Carla.
And he hugged her infront of me?
Such nerves.

I scoffed angrily.
My mind wasn’t at rest!
Is he her boyfriend.

But Anna has Damien.
Jeez! , Is she that cheap.

I couldn’t take it anymore , I got up and made my way towards the office Anna and Carla worked.
I barged in and pulled Anna out ignoring the eyes.

“You are such a cheap whore”I yelled in her face and she looked shocked at my sudden outburst.
Before I could digest anything her hands collided with my cheeks.

Yeah! , that’s what she is good at.

“Who are you to talk to me like that?”she asked angrily and I scoffed.
“Firstly you are with Damien , and God knows how many times he f*cks you , secondly you are sleeping with this doctor too , and thirdly I had you in my bed easily , is that how they get you?”I asked angrily and she looked shocked.

No! , Probably hurt.
“You had me in your bed easily?”she asked back and I suddenly regretted what I said.

“An..Anna”I said not knowing what to say again.
She smiled and wiped her tears , looking at me one more time and left.

Oh damn it!
Noah you are screwed!
Carla came out looked at me and snorted.
It was obvious she is angry.

“Cheap whore?”she asked sacrasstically.
I couldn’t talk!
I let my anger get the best of me..

“Anna has nothing to do with Damien, and by the time you realize it , you would have lost her”she said glaring at me and left.

Anna has nothing to do with Damien.
Nonsense! All this is Stupid.
I found her in bed with him!

He even came here to look for her.
I grunted in fraustration.

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I entered my office and Nala came in shortly.
“Noah , are you okay?”she asked.
“Yeah! , am fine!”I said and she nodded leaving me.

Thank God I needed peace.
I looked sideways and saw Anna crying in his arms.
Damn it!
Does she have to go to him.

I groaned angrily.

???? Chris’s POV.
I was going through some files when Anna barged in and hugged me.
I got up and hugged her to myself sighing.

“What’s wrong?”I asked her.
“How do you feel when the father of your son , the man you can’t stop thinking about calls you a whore, a cheap one at that”she said and I smiled.

“You forget him and move on”I wishpered and she shook her head.
“I can’t”she said and nodded.

“So what was the meaning of father of your son?”I said as we disengaged from the hug.

“Noah is Diego’s son”she said and I looked at her taken aback.
“The head doctor?”I asked shocked and she nodded.
Now I know where Diego’s hair is from?
I smiled and shook my head.

“Yes!”she said again.
“Wow!”I mouthed and she giggled.

“It’s a coincidence we met here”she said and I nodded.
God! , How I missed her!

???? Damien’s POV.
I watched as Nala entered my hotel room frowning.
What’s up with her?
“I put the drug in the new drugs Anna bought from the hospital”she said and I smirked.

Time to roll.
“Is something wrong?”I asked kissing her neck.
“I am pregnant”she said and I stiffened.

“What are you talking about?”I said clearly baffled.
” And you are the father”she said and I scoffed.

I laughed at her.
Pregnant? Am the father?

Is this some kind of joke or what?

I looked at her and she was serious.
I stopped laughing and glanced at her.

Okay! What is going on here!……