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My V Bride. Chapter 65

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 65

Albert’s POV

I welcomed Sonia gently into my house and led her to the living room.

“Please sit?” I gestured and she sat gently.

“Can I get you something? like a drink?” I asked like a gentle man.

“I’m really disturbed now, not feeling like eating.” She said.

I sat before her and rested my chin on my intertwined hand.

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“Erm… Would you mind telling me what’s disturbing you?” I questionned.

“Well, I felt like the marriage between Fred and I won’t work out…The divorce will actually happen. He must have made up his mind this time.” Sonia said.

“True, he has. ” I said. “To be truthful, you were unfair to him by not allowing him make love with you?”

“I want him to start working.” Sonia said.

“Is that why you starved him of s—-!x since the first day of marriage till date?” I asked.

“I thought I told you why I can’t make love? the spiritual implication.”

“I did not believe it, though. Anyway, what did you want me to do?” I asked.

“You really like your friend.” She said and I smirked.

“Actually, I like you…but sometimes, my conscience won’t let me do what I really wish to do.”

“What is that?” She asked.

“Don’t worry, but If I had met you before Fred, I’m sure we would be couple by now.” I said and she lowered her head.

“Permit me to stay with you for the time being?” She asked.

“I’m actually staying with my brothers, I only came to rent this place to accommodate you. But I can pay for a year, I know you would have sort things out before then.” I said

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“I’ll pay myself…don’t bother. I just needed to stay around somebody, that’s all. I feel lonely.” She said and I stood.

I went to sit beside her and slowly placed my hand on her l@-ps as I looked at her face to see what her reaction would be but she was indifferent.

“Feel comfortable around me.” I said and she nodded.

“Let me show you our room.” I said and she looked at me stunningly.

“Our room? Can’t we use different rooms?” She asked.

“No, it’s just one bedroom that is here, other rooms are for different purposes.” I said and she hesitated before following me.

She settled and l@y on the bë-D.