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My Bethroded. Episode 1

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 1
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

I hissed and covered my ears with the pillow but it wasn’t working.

I took the other pillow joining it together with the first one to cover my ears so that I wouldn’t hear the noise from my door but it was to no avail.

I sat on the bed groaning while covering my ears.

” Arggh! Can you please stop it Emma ” I shouted as the noise from the guitar became so unbearable. I knew it was her because it has become a daily routine to her

She doesn’t have any other way of waking me up in the morning than making noise in my ears just to disturb my sleep.

” Wake up already Xaxa ! ” She said laughing. I will kill that girl one of this days. She’s nothing but a pest

” Just disappear before I reach the door else…”

” I love you too sis, see you at the breakfast table and don’t forget mum and dad will be waiting” she said.
I could hear her footsteps fading away.

I groaned as I stood on my feet. Yawning loudly, I entered into the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth before taking my bath. Well! I don’t know but I do take hours in the bathroom.

I love it when I entered into my bathtub enjoying the warmth of the water pouring down my body.

That’s where I found myself thinking about unnecessary things.

Sorry my mistake!
I’m Alexa Keith, first daughter of Mr and Mrs Keith and well! My Dad is a billionaire and my mum is into business. You can say I grew up with a silver spoon but not spoilt.

Despite my parents riches, they brought us up so good.
I have two siblings, Jeffrey my elder brother and Emma the baby of the house.

Jeffrey is 28 and married to the love of his life Annabel, they had little Ava together.

He’s rich enough to build his own family else where but Dad insisted he stayed with us.

I am 25years of age while Emma is 20.
You know when they say someone is too obsessed with something? Thou my case is different because I’m obsessed with myself.

I so much love me and wouldn’t let anyone mess with me in a way that’s just so annoying.

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I have two best friends, Jenna and Jane. They are twins anyways.
I can be very mischievous but that’s a hidden part of the calm and Lousy lady am I .

I am so unlucky when it comes to the matters of the heart. I had two exes but they left with same complaint. It should be a story saved for another day

That’s that for that. You will no me better real soon.

Coming out of the bathroom, I entered into the closet. Picked a comfy dress to wear .

I am not that beautiful but I’m curvy. My friends normally refer to me as ‘ killer shape ‘ . Truth to their words, I have the shape all men will die for.

I don’t wear body hugging dresses frequently to avoid too much stairs from the opposite sex. I hate attention drawn to me.

Tying my hair in a bun, spread out of the room.

I walked down the stairs straight to the kitchen and I met my family already on the table ready to dig in but I think they were waiting for me as usual.

I always keep them waiting because of my lateness. I’m always fashionably late

” Good morning everyone ” I greeted taking a chair out for myself

” I have told you to always set your alarm Alexa, must you always be late for virtually all the functions in the universe?” Dad snarled

” Dad! At least respond to my greeting first ” I grumbled

” Well, how was your night?” He asked, a smile curved on my lips. This is how I escape this every morning

” It was fine Dad ”

” Hope you slept well hunny?” Mum asked

” Yeah I did ”

” Can we just eat already?” Jeffrey groaned as Annabel nudged his arm .
He’s such a foodie

” Chill bro ” Emma said laughing earning a glare from him.

The maids served us and soon enough, we began eating. My favorite indian dish, Paratha. It’s always yum!

” Alexa, see us in the room after breakfast ” Dad said. Mum nodded in agreement.

My head snapped at them, for Dad to call me into their room that means there’s something up.
What did I do this time around?

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My eyes met with Jeffrey’s and he gave me a pitiful smile. Okay, maybe I I’ll find out later about what they are up to.

” okay Dad ” my mind wasn’t settled. What did they want to tell me? He look serious.


” Alexa !” Dad called. Mum bent her head without saying a word and practically avoiding my gaze . Okay! Calm down Alexa!

” You know your mother and I loves you so much ” he said pausing again.

” I know Dad ”

” Uhhm, Alexa! Promise you won’t get mad at us ”
Okay! Is it that serious? They are my parents so what will make me be mad at them?

” I won’t Dad, what’s the problem? You are scaring me ”

” I have always wished for a day you will bring a man that you will call your husband, I once told my self I will never choose a husband for any of my girls but things changed. ”

” I had a deal with Mr Shane about a business. Before we can go into it, he demanded for something ”

” It’s so important to us and will equally help in the growth of our company ”

” Can you do us this one favour Alexa?” He said a little bit tipsy.

Isn’t it to get a contract for my dad’s company? There’s no big deal in it right?
But what business do I have with it?

” W.. what favour?”

” He wants you to erhm marry his son Zach ”

I heard a loud bang in my head, what?
Zach? The whole Zach? Marry him? can he suggest such a thing for me? I can’t stay a minute with Zach because he’s the opposite of me.

We’ve never liked each other. How can he say I should get married to Zach the handsome devil.

We will sure kill ourselves if that happens because I won’t allow him give me orders..

No! I can’t marry him …


???? Zach ????

Smoke puffed up from my mouth and nostrils as I took in the ciggrette going into my car

I just hate it when someone crosses my path and that idiot just did. I’m glad I used him as scapegoat before the world. Yes! I killed him for stepping on my toes and not even the cops can say anything about it.

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People ought to be ten fits away from me to avoid my wrath . I am dangerous yet they won’t stop messing with me .

I feel like a king with the way people are afraid of me, that’s exactly what I want. Let them know that!

I started my car driving to my favourite place where no one will disturb me.

With the ciggrette still in my hand, my phone beeped. The caller ID was Dad.

I sighed and dropped the phone. What else did he want? I just agreed to marry the lady that’s not of my league because of a contract.

That’s the only thing I have agreed to. I don’t obey him, heck! He’s even afraid of me and I simply don’t care.

Well! I am Zach Shane as you might’ve known . I am just me, handsome and dangerous.

I kill at my will and I won’t be jailed for it. No one dares me and goes freely.

Blood is just like water to me.

If you get on my nerves, I will sluter you and throw your remains in the Sea.

I parked my car walking down the heels, I just can’t wait to get out of this crowd.

Smoking and walking, two ladies bumped into me. They stained my expensive dress and even mashed me .
How dare them ?

” W…we are really sorry sir ” they pleaded .
My eyes darkened and was replaced with a devilish smile.

Some chicks to play with, just perfect!

I grabbed their hairs dragging them with me to a secluded spot as they keep wincing in pain. Does it looks like I care?

The only person that has a great effect on me is my mother, that’s why I hate seeing her. Her tears is my weakness.

” P.. please forgive us sir, we are truly sorry ”

” Say that to the devil when you meet him in hell ” I replied dumping them on floor pinning them down . Trust me, I’m very powerful so non of them can escape.

All I want is to take the advantage of them and kill them. They will die in a painful way. In their next world they shouldn’t mess with me.

I am Zach, the king of Lucifer himself….