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My Bethroded. Episode 2

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 2
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

” What? Dad? Zach? ” I asked with a furrowed eyebrow
I don’t just feel good about this, how will I stay under the same roof with Zach?

” I am sorry Alexa but its of benefit to me but if you don’t want to get married to him, it’s fine. I will cancel the deal with Mr Shane ” he replied disappointedly.

That alone was enough to weaken me but why Zach of all people?

” We want the best for you and we will not push you into something like this ” mum chipped

What do they want me to say? Even if I agree to this, it’s for the happiness of my parents.

I hate it when I see them looking all gloomy.

” I…I will think about it ” I replied. That was the only thing I could say at that moment.

Mum sighed and Dad gave me a smile.

” Thank you Alexa ”

” It’s fine Dad, I will see you later” I said standing up to the door with lots of thoughts going on in my head.

Accepting Zach means I have to double my belt. To be two times stronger than I am now.

I think I need some advice. I dashed into my room putting a video call through Jenna and Jane.

” Killer shape!” Jenna beamed as she came into view

” What’s wrong Alexa, you look unhappy” Jane asked pupping her head on my computer screen. She’s the most lousy while Jenna is cool at least …

” I don’t know, I…I just confused ” I replied pathetically

” Did we need to come over?” Jenna asked

“I think that will be better ”

” Okay then, stay calm, don’t shed tears, don’t be too bothered. We will becoming right away ” Jane said and hung up before Jenna could speak. Such a lady with so much attitude….

…. ….

” Why will your Dad agree to it at first?” Jane said grunting and I shook my head.
I don’t know too…

” He must’ve had a reason for that Jane ” Jenna replied sensibly

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” Reason? We all know how Zach is who will give out his daughter to such person huh?” She said to her …

” They might not know who he is and I think you should accept to marry him for the sake of your Dad. Please, I’m sure Zach won’t harm you because there will be people surrounding him with you. All eyes will be on him and he won’t do anything stupid and I trust you to be able to handle him ” Jenna said and Jane scoffed

I never thought about that, heck! I’m not even afraid of him.

” That’s right ” I agreed
Jane scoffed again

” What? Anyways, I wouldn’t agree if it was me and u wouldn’t be the one to discourage you making me look like the bad one here so follow your heart ” Jane said focusing on her phone.

That’s just the problem with her, she wants everyone to follow what she says. She’s our miss perfect.

” Don’t be angry Jane, I was only seeking for opinions and you both said your minds ” I said to her

” It’s fine, I always want the best for you but if your heart accepts Zach then you are good to go but be careful ” she advised and Jenna snorted. .
This two are something else, they just love disagreeing on everything.

” Thank you both, I’m very glad I got you two as my besties. The genius twins ” I complimented

” No! I am more intelligent than Jenna, you know that Alexa ” Jane said as she earned a glare from Jenna while I chuckled at their behaviour.

They are always this way!

Maybe I should consider him because of my parents, yeah! That’s just it and if he tries any rubbish with me. I will make sure I show him how I can be too.

Everyone is stubborn but we must not show it off. We all have that bad side of us people might not know. It’s a plain fact

” What do I offer you?” I asked standing up.

” Seriously? Is it now you saw us seated here? ” Jane said playfully. Gosh! She loves talking alot. A true definition of an extrovert.

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” I’m really sorry, I was just tensed that moment. Just order anything and I will be your attender ” I said and we all laughed

” I need red wine ????” Jane shipped and our head snapped at her . Red wine?

” When did you start drinking Jane?” Jenna asked in a surprised tone while she shrugged.

” What’s the big deal in it? I took it yesterday when I went out with Steph and you won’t believe it, it taste so good ” she grimaced. Stephen is her boyfriend but we call him Steph for short.

Seriously I don’t like that guy, he’s deceitful like my exes .

” I told you that asshole isn’t good for you but you wouldn’t listen, a good boyfriend will never support his girlfriend to drink Jane ” Jenna said almost crying. She so much love her sister but Jane is very stubborn.

” Nobody is perfect and besides stop acting like you are mum, you can’t tell me what to do ” she snapped and we sighed

” Jane…”

” Case closed ” she cuts in and that brought us to the end of the discussion.

???? Zach ????

I groaned releasing those girls from my grip and they took the opportunity to run away. God saved them.

Why did mum have to call when I was about enjoying their horny pot? She’s such a kill joy.

I zipped my trouser before picking up the call. Yeah! That’s my mum we are talking about.

???????? Zach ????????

She called immediately, no she yelled. Did she want to damage my eardrum?

???????? Morning mum ????????

I replied, I could hear her breath loudly on the other side of the phone. I’m very sure she’s come with her sermons again but I can’t just ignore her calls.

???????? Where are you Zach? You woke up this morning and left without even saying good morning to your Dad and I?????????

She said with a shaky voice, this woman might have a heartache because of me .

???????? I went to get something mum ???????? I replied without caring how it looks like.

????????Be home in thirty if you don’t want me mad at you Zach????????

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She said and hung up. That’s because she knows I will not disobey her, she uses her tears to bring me down always and I hate that.

I brought out another ciggrette from my pocket together with a lighter. I lit it entering into my car.

My ciggrette is my best friend, I don’t want any fucking annoying friends around me to dictate my life for me.

Who will agree to be friends with someone like me? Anyways!

I drove in full speed heading home straight!


” Good morning mum and dad ” I greeted as I sat down on the sofa .

They both stared at me without saying a word.

” Say something or did you want me to leave? Why did you call me mum?” I asked nonchalantly.

If they don’t have anything to say, I do rather leave to sleep.

” When will you change Zach?” Dad asked

” When the sun turns black ” I replied bluntly as mum shot daggers at me .

” What sort of answer was that Zach, he’s your father remember?” Mum said sternly

” I know and what sort of question did he ask me? Did I tell him I want to change? ”

” Zach…”

” If you don’t have anything to say then I will be in my room” I replied

” It’s about the girl we asked you to marry ” mum said

” What about her? Is she dead? Because that will be the greatest news I will love to hear ” I said plainly

” Zach! ”

” I’m just stating my mind mum so what about her?” I asked

” We got a call from her parents and she has accepted to marry you ” Dad explained

” And? I should be happy about that and start jumping up? ”

” Can you please keep quiet for me Zach ” mum begged in a crack voice and I was forced to keep mute .
I don’t want her to break down because that will make me be a gentleman right now…

” Like I was saying ”

” She accepted to marry you and you will go and see her tomorrow …”