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My Bethroded. Episode 3

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 3
By Simrah Saeed

???? Zach ????

” Seeing her? For what exactly?” I interrupted. Sincerely I don’t like the idea of getting married to that girl but I just have to keep this promise, that’s one thing with me. I keep to my words when I say them.

” To get to know each other better and… ”

” What did she have to know about me? I’m sure she knows who I am ” I cut in as Dad sighed

Why did Alexa agreed to marry me in the first place knowing the type I am ?

I hope she doesn’t get on my nerves or disobey my rules else I wouldn’t mind if she’s a billionaire’s daughter or not.

I will do something that her parents will regret bringing up this for fucking freaking damn contract.

” Can you at least keep quiet and listen?” Mum snapped

” Okay, I have heard you. Anything else? I need to take a long shower and sleep ” I said to them.

Thank goodness I don’t have any other sibling,they could have hate the brother they have .

I know everyone isn’t pleased with my attitude but that’s what brings happiness to me.

I derive joy in hurting people.

” That’s all Zach, be ready by 2am tomorrow. We will be going together ” mum answered.

I breathed out heavily as I stood on my feet before going upstairs to my room.

Mum shouldn’t follow me, I don’t want any bullshit right now….

” Dear Alexa, till we meet tomorrow ”


???? Alexa ????

” Are you serious mum?” I asked

” I’m not kidding Alexa, Zach will be here tomorrow ” she said ..

What will he be doing here huh? Have I ever told you I hate the sight of him?

” Why? Did he needs to be here? ” I furrowed my brows

” yes, you both have to get along before the engagement ” Dad answered.

That word ENGAGEMENT really niggled at me. How will it feel like to be engaged to the devil?

I sighed loudly not knowing what else to say . I have agreed right? I have to face the outcome too.

” We are sorry to put you in this Alexa, we really are ” dad said guilty.

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They gave me a choice to choose one and I did so why are they blaming themselves?

” You shouldn’t feel guilty about it Dad, you’ve made me who I am today so why I can’t I do this little favour for you? Don’t feel bad okay ”

” Thank you hunny ” mum said and hugged me .

” I am blessed and proud that you are my daughter Alex, thank you for this ” dad shipped

” Anything to make you happy”

” I will be in my room ” I said standing up


” Hey sis ” Jeffrey said coming into my room.
I raised up my head but didn’t stand up from where I laid on the bed.

A lot is bottled up inside me…

” Yeah ”

” Can I sit ?”

” Sure ”

” So how are you ?” He asked and I rolled my eyes. What’s with the question?

” I am fine ” I replied plainly. What did you expect me to have replied?

” You know I am here for you to talk to Alexa, I know what you’re going through at this moment and I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to save you from this marriage thing ” he said as he shook his head

I sat up on the bed and took his hand into mine smiling genuinely at him .

” It’s not your fault okay? I chose this myself and I will be fine with it ” I said to him

” But it hurts me to see you this way, without being told, I know you are worried about this whole thing ” he said with a concerned expression.

I so much love my brother, he’s always got my back and sees that I stay happy always.

” Don’t worry about me bro, I will be fine I promise ” I assured.
I will never give Zach the chance to hurt me, its normal to think about the future right?
That’s just it.

” I pray that idiot doesn’t try anything stupid unless he wants to see the monster in me ” he said factly and with so much anger .

” Trust me, he won’t ”

” He better not ”

” What did I miss ?” Emma asked popping in her head

” Nothing, we are discussing issues that revolves around adults and babies like you shouldn’t be part of it ” I replied playfully, she hates it to he called a baby.

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” A twenty years lady is not a baby Alexa ” she groaned as she fully opened the door coming in .

She sat beside Jeffrey still mumbling some words and I was forced to laugh.

” And who told you that you are not a baby anymore?” Jeff retorted.

” I know you both wants me to get mad and leave but it won’t work, we are staying here together ” she said blatantly and we chuckled .

The next day….

” Stand up already Alexa they are here ” Emma said
They? I thought mum said it was only Zach?

” They?” I asked

” Yes, Zach and his parents are here ”

I jerked up immediatetly. His parents are here too? I am not afraid of meeting them but I’m nervous.

What if I say something that’s off?

” Alexa ?” She called taking me out of my trance

” Hmm, okay let’s go ” I stood up and headed for the door while she followed suit .

No need to change into any fancy dress. I mean for who? Zach? Impossible…

” Here comes my Glory ” Dad said gesturing to me and all heads snapped at me . Gosh! Must he say that?

I glanced nervously at his parents seated on the same couch .

” Good afternoon” I greeted politely trying hard not to stammer

They both smiled at me and engulfed me in their warm embrace.

” How are you? ” Mr Shane asked as I sat beside mum and Jeff.

” I am fine Sir ”

” You look so beautiful darling ” Mrs Shane added.
I smiled shyly as a reply.

Zach? He was looking as handsome as ever while focusing on his mobile without giving is rasp attention.

Our eyes met and he smirked, I grinned in return! It’s a win-win.

” Well! To why we are here. It’s actually to fixed the engagement day ” my soon to be father in-law said .

” So what’s your opinion on it? Keith ” he asked Dad

” I think first week of next month will do ” he replied.

First week of next month? What? that’s early, this month is running out already. That means I will be engaged in less than two weeks.

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” That’s okay but is it fine by you both?” Dad asked …

” Even if it’s now, I’m okay with it” Zach shrugged. Really? Did he just say that?
How sure am I that he doesn’t have something off his sleeve ?

” Very good and you Alexa?”

“Uhhm, it’s fine by me ”

” Okay then, before the lunch gets ready. We will leave you both to discuss and get along while we go into the hall to prepare for ths upcoming event ”

They all stood up and left leaving me with him .

He wasn’t even giving me attention, like I am not seated right before him .

” Well, fucking hello” he blurted smirking evilly.
Two can play better right?

” You don’t go about using cuss words everywhere, this place doesn’t look like a lounge for gangsters like you ” I snapped .

I can see his face darkened and he replaced it with a fake smile in the next moment .

” Feisty right? Let me give you a short warning, don’t ever talk to me in that manner again ” he warned.

” What will you do huh? Kill me like a murderer you are? I am really sorry but you have met with the wrong person ” I replied back.

I can see his face darkened again.

” Don’t fucking say any word again or I will fucking slap you. are you mad? I have the right to freaking say anything to anyone and anywhere ” he yelled angrily and I stiffened a laugh.

If our first day is just like this, how will the rest of our lives be?

” Slap who? Me? You must be dreaming because that will only happen in your dreams ”

” We were asked to get to know each other right? I guess we are done ” he said.

He brought out a ciggrette from his pocket and lit it with what I don’t know. …

Hearing the scent of it makes me wanna puke. I began coughing vigorously while he puffed up the smoke intentionally.

I guess he knows that will affect me. But wait! He smokes too?