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My Bethroded. Episode 4

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 4
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

My cough became louder making my chest hurts, the smoke finds it was into my mouth due to the couch causing more harm in my system. This is the exact thing that results to leukemia.

I matched towards him, dragged the ciggrette from him and threw it through the window.

What the hell? Did he want to kill me?

” What the fuck?” He muttered angrily.

” You didn’t just do that did you?” He said with his eyes blazing with anger .

” As you can see, I just did that. What is wrong with you Zach? You don’t consider people’s life like wise yours? Even if you have to smoke must it be here? Don’t you have any shame and respect?” I flared up.

He stood up and drew closer to me with a smirk plastered on his face .

He stopped few inches away from me and began laughing like a mad dog .

” You know Alexa, I am leaving you for a reason known to me. You will get to know about it when we are married ”

” Get prepared soon to be bride ” he faked a smiled and dashed out of the room angrily.

This is going to be a hell of a drama.

Don’t he remember his parents are still here?

What a loose of a son !
It’s really going to be tough handling him.

But I’m happy I can get him angry, that’s an achievement for me .

” Lunch is ready everyone ” mum said coming out of the kitchen.

I quickly ran to where the room spray was kept, sprayed everywhere to cover the scent of ciggrette all over the place.

everyone began coming back from the hall.

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” Where’s Zach? ” His mother asked .
Now what excuse will I give them? All eyes landed on me . I just don’t like it seriously. It’s creeping me out

” Uhhm, he just left for an important assignment ” I lied to cover up.
I can’t possibly tell them we got into an argument and he left or he was smoking and I tried stopping him and he left.

” What assignment is more important than staying with you?” She asked and I shook my head not knowing what else to say.

” We are really sorry for his attitude, he isn’t in a good mood today ” his Dad apologized.
Lies! He’s not always in a good mood because he don’t have a heart.

” It’s nothing to worry about ” Dad replied as we proceed to the dinning.


” I am really worried ” I said to Jane and Jenna.

” About what? You chosed to marry him so why are you worried?” Jane replied almost immediately.

I understand I hate Zach but Jane’s own extra ordinary. What has the guy done to her before?

” Can we listen to her first?” Jenna snapped while I sighed .

” Okay, so why are you worried?” She asked seriously this time around

” Did you believe that Zach smokes too? ” that’s the only thing bothering me not because he smokes but because it will have effect on me too.

I don’t want to die of blood cancer inhaling the smoke all the time

” What? Are you serious?” Jenna asked as Jane huffed . I don’t know but I still like her this way, she can be crazy and sensible sometimes .

” What were you expecting from someone like him? To be a saint in that aspect? You must be kidding me ” Jane said .

Although I know he’s heartless and all that but never thought he smokes too.

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” I think I have to stop him before we get married but I don’t know how I can achieve that, I don’t want to die early ” I lamented

” You think you can stop him? That has become a part and parcel of his life girlfriend ” Jane said. Jenna remained quiet all the time maybe thinking.

” I don’t know but there must be a way out right? ”

” Hmm, I don’t have any idea on how you are going to do that Alexa” Jenna said plainly.

” I will tell you how you will go about that but on one condition ” Jane said excitedly while Jenna and I sighed.

She have a condition to give before helping me! What a friend.

” What condition ?” Jenna and I asked simultaneously

” Will you agree Alexa?” She asked

” Just say it first ”

” I will become the sole owner of that your beautiful golden gown, agreed?” She said and I chuckled.

That’s just it? I thought it was something I might not be able to get. This girl is hell of an attitude.

” Deal! now can you tell me how?” I replied tiredly.

” Not yet girlfriend, bring out the dress first ” she snapped her fingers with a grin. Jane!

” Jane!” Jenna called and she laughed pushing me towards my closet


???? Zach ????

” Get to my office in 2minutes if you don’t want your ass fired fool” I said and hung up.

I don’t have time for bullshits. And that secretary? I want to have a taste of her. I am craving for sex, it’s been like a whole month since the last time I had sex.

” I am here sir ” she said coming in without knocking. Well, I will punish her for it later.

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” Come here ” I gestured with me hand .
She smiled moving closer to be, yeah! She knows what she’s here for already. A cheap whore.

She came closer to me and I practically sat her on my lap.

No fucking idiot should interrupt this lovely moment unless they want a death sentence.

I spank her butts before taking my hand into her boobs giving it a firm squeeze as a faint gasp escaped her mouth.

She dared entered without my permission! I will make her pay.

I just wish to fucking tear her damn dress to see her all naked but this is an office.

My hands slowly went into her shirt while my lips claimed hers.

” Hmm” she moaned. Such a cheap idiot, she didn’t even protest.

I unhooked her bra giving me the full access to her boobs.

That’s enough! I laid her on the desk and roughly took off her skirt leaving her with only panties beneath her.

I shifted the panties as I began tossing her c**t before inserting two fingers into her.

Her eyes widened and she shouted loudly.

” Did I need to slap you before you keep quiet?” I asked and she kept mute.

After fucking her with my two fingers, I went for my c**k putting it in her entrance as I penetrated in full speed without caring the pain she must be feeling.

That’s the punishment! She have to face it.

” S…sir please ”

” Ahhh” she cried as tears flows from her eyes.

That didn’t stop me but made me increase the pace. I do it for my own pleasure..

And yes! This is what Alexa will face if we eventually get married.
She will face this every freaking day.
She will be my sex slave, I will have her anytime I want….