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My Bethroded. Episode 5

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 5
By Simrah Saeed

???? Zach ????

” Get the fuck out of my office and to your office now ” I said to her.

She was in tears but I don’t care. I have gotten what I wanted, that’s all that matters.

” Walk faster and stop limping like a goat ” I persuaded
She held the wall as a support as she find her way out of my office.

Nonsense! I feel so good!

The thought of that brat Alexa came into my mind. She has the audacity to talk back at me.

I am wondering why I didn’t do anything to her that moment, maybe reserving it till when we are married .

” What can you do huh? Kill me like a murderer you are? ” That word wouldn’t just leave my mind.

She knows I am a murderer then why did she risk her life accepting to marry me without any second thought .

She seems fearless but I will sure show her that the stubbornness in me can break the wall of Jericho .

I have made up my my mind not to kill her but slowly torture her till she personally quit my marriage with her..

???? Alexa ????


” Here’s the dress Jane ” I handed her the dress as she jumped up in joy.

” But you know I love this dress so much ” I pouted. I always get admired each time I put on the dress

” I don’t care girlfriend thank you for the gift ” she said nonchalantly. How did I become friends with the lady?

” You’ve collected the dress now can you tell her what to do?” Jenna said glaring at her.

This two are something else.

” Well, I know I am always crazy but you all know how intelligent I am ” she boasted . Geez! Is Jane from this part of the world?

” I know you are brilliant of course ”

” I have a perfect plan that will make Zach stop taking ciggrette although it might take a long process ”

” What’s the plan?” Jenna and I asked simultaneously


” Good afternoon ” I greeted the receptionist.

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” Good afternoon, how may I help you?” She asked staring at me like someone’s who packed faeces on her body and I was forced to glance at myself.

Did I look that bad?

” Uhhm, I am here to see your boss ” I said politely, I ain’t have no time for her

She furrowed her eyebrows and frowned

” My boss? ” She asked frowning

” Yes , Zach ” she stared at me without uttering a word like I have mentioned the devil’s name.

” Did you have an appointment with him?” She asked again. Seriously I am getting fed up with her questions. Can’t she just let me in?

” He’s around right? Why not let me in and stop asking me silly questions?” I said impatiently .

” Excuse me? It’s my duty to know who you are and why you are demanding to see the boss of this company, I think you are done here. Get out or I ask the securities to throw you out ” she commanded furiously.

” I’m sure you are one of his numerous whores ” wait! I didn’t hear that clearly or do I ? Did she just call me a whore?

It really amuses me as to what gives her this courage to be talking to me in this manner

I turned back to make sure there was no one at my back. She was referring to me!

” Did you refer to me as a whore?” I asked as she smirked

” No, I was referring to your shadow ”

” Are you insane? Did I look like a whore to you? What gave you the effrontery to call me names?”

” And you are asking me out of my fiance’s company? ” I said and she froze . She held a surprise look on her face.

” You see, I could have just walked in but I wanted giving you the respect as the receptionist I think you don’t need any ”

” Bet me, you are fired already ” I threatened. Her face fell as she became frightened.

I only said that, I am sure Zach wouldn’t even listen to me .

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” The first thing I will do when I get in there is to get you sacked, people like you doesn’t deserve this job. What if I was a business partner? Don’t you think the names you called me might a negative effect on this company?”

” I… I am sorry ma’am p.. please don’t report me, I promise to change. Please forgive me ma’am”

” This job is the only source of income to my family, don’t get me fired ple….”

” For talking rudely to my fiancee, you are fired Miss Christine. Out of this building before I murder you ”

We both turned to see Zach standing at the door with armed crossed.

Has he been standing there for long? And wait? He freaking took side with me. Wow! What a day.

” I…am sorry sir, please forgive me ” the girl knelt in tears pleading.

That’s what you get for talking rudely to anyone you see . At least be polite.

Zach picketed his hands coming towards us.
He almost hit the girl when I held his hand staring at the girl who looked frightened..

” Zach!” I called still holding his hand firmly

” Get out now Christine! You fired” he charged towards her again.

What just made him angry now huh? And when did he start caring?

I was the one who was insulted and he’s the one burning with fury .

” Zach please let her be ” I said calmly.
He glanced at his hand in my hold and relaxed…

” She’s learnt from her mistake, pardon her ” I said .
He stared at me for a while and sighed

” For the very last time Christen, I will crush you the next time this shit happens ” he said and walked away forcefully releasing his hand from my grip while I followed suit leaving the girl surprised.

I am surprised myself! I never knew he would listen to me. I mean we just had an argument yesterday.

He entered his office and banged the door closed on me. Seriously? Is he going to leave me out here? What the hell?

I thought he was changing, how stupid I am to have thought so.

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” Are you seriously going to leave me out here Zach? ” I asked as I hit his office door repeatedly

” Suit yourself out there and enjoy the cool breeze ” he replied and I sighed

” Really? But I came to see you ”

” What for? Hope you haven’t forgotten we are sworn enemies?”

” I haven’t forgotten Mr arrogant”

” Well, you can call me all sorts of names. Remember this is my company and I can throw you out of here with just a phone call” such a proud arrogant idiot.

” Zach”

” Don’t think I stood up for you out there because you are a damn fucking fiancee, I did that for some personal reasons so don’t let it get to you ”

” Did I beg you to fight for me? Why are you so full of yourself Zach?” I asked frustrated.

He wouldn’t even let me enter so how will everything happen?
He’s such a pain in the ass

” You want to come in right? ” He asked

” Of course, that’s why I am here”

” Then you have to knock like an employee ”

Is he serious? I definitely have a company to run too so why will he give me stupid orders?

I wish I can give him a resounding slap right now . He’s so annoying!

Sighing for the hundredth time, I gently knocked on the door.
Not that I have any option right now…

” Good! Come in, the door is opened ” geez! I am so going to kill this guy one of this days seriously.

How dare he play a tiring game with me? The door was opened a this while because I didn’t hear him walk to the door

I opened the door to see him rolling on his chair with a satisfied grin on his face with a Shisha pot on his desk as he smoke from it. Damnit ! Even in the office too? I quickly brought out my facemask and cover my nose.

Will I be able to continue with this? As

” Idiot ” I muttered and he chuckled

I hope everything works out as Jane said.