March 22, 2023

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My Bethroded. Episode 6

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 6
By Simrah Saeed

???? Zach ????

I smirked at her as she took a sit opposite me.

What did she come here for in the first place?

” Why are you here?” I asked coldly.

” I am not here to exchange words with you Zach, I don’t have time for peacocks like you that bark like a dog all the time ”

Really? So I am a peacock and at the same time a dog.
This lady is pissing me off so much.

” I am restraining myself from strangling you right now Alexa, did you come here to insult me or something else? ” I flared.

I am sure my eyes are darkened. I have tried so hard to make her afraid of me but I think that makes her gain my confidence in getting on my nerves each passing seconds.

” You should have done it and not restrained yourself anyways, that’s not why I am here ” she shrugged smilling widely at me.

Gosh! She looks so ugly, even when she’s into money, she still isn’t beautiful. Yuck! She’s disgusting!

” Then why the hell are you here?”

” Calm down Zach, it’s just me and you in this office” she said calmly.
What’s wrong with her?one time she’s calm and the next thing she turns the opposite.

” I have loads of work to do so you might excuse me if you don’t have anything to say ” I said dropping the ciggrette on the floor before matching it with me leg.

My Dad knows I am like this before he handed me the company so what?

” Is the smoke from the ciggrette not disturbing you? ” She blurted out of a blue moon. Why is she asking such a question?

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” What sort of stupid question is that?” I said to her.
I don’t really know but does the smoke disturb me?

” I just asked a simple question that deserves just an answer Zach, don’t call me stupid ” she glared.

” When has my life become a priority to you? ”

???? Alexa ????

” When has my life becomes a priority to you?” He asked and I sighed inwardly. He’s such a tough guy who will never give in easily but I am determined to stop him from smoking not because I care but because of myself.

I don’t really care if he dies of lung cancer or anything. In fact, I will be very happy that a problem is lifted off me.

” Since the day you accepted me as your fiancee ” I said to him and he chuckled dryly. What’s funny huh?

” I accepted because of my mother and a first and last thing I will do for my Dad so get that into your thick skull that I didn’t agree to that willingly ” he snapped angrily.

I am trying hard not to run out of here right now. Is he that angry about this whole marriage issue?

” I fucking don’t want you Alexa ” he yelled as he banged the desk making flinch.

Did he really think he can get me emotional? Never! I had enough from guys .

” Neither do I want you Zach, I accepted because I had no option. If there’s anything I can do, I will do to free myself from this bondage ” I snapped back.

” So I am now a bondage right? Good! Get out of my office ” he snapped his fingers angrily and I remain rooted on the chair making no move to stand .

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Not until I accomplish a step one, or do I need to calm down? There’s only one head on the neck right?

” Zach chill ”

” Don’t tell me to chill Alexa I said out ”

” Fine, I think I am sorry” I muttered . I am apologizing because of all this, he won’t get away with this I promise.

” You think?”

” I am sorry Zach ” I replied infuriated. A wicked smile appeared on his face and I scoffed.

” Good! I am glad you apologized” grumpy idiot.

I breathed out trying not to lash out at him right now.

” I was saying…..”

” You are nobody to ask me that question Alexa, why does it bother you if the smoke disturbs me or not? ” He cuts in

” But don’t you think it will affect your lung? You are putting your life at a great risk Zach. What if you develop leukemia? Lung cancer? Kidney failure? ”

” Have you ever thought about that? You might even die in the process. Then what becomes of your poor mom who love you so much? And your Dad too?” I asked and he kept mute.

Perfect! He didn’t say a word and that gave me the opportunity to continue

” There are some degenerative illness that smokers can never avoid, did you want to contact any of that? ”

” I know you smoke virtually everyday, have you ever tried staying a day without it to see how refreshed you will feel? You will be more happier than you are trust me ”

” You know…..”

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” Enough of the sermon Alexa ” he cuts me off. I glanced at him and saw that what I said really got to him.

He just cuts me off calmly without shouting.

???? Zach ????

” And lastly before I leave” she said and paused

” If you can stop smoking, I will respect your orders and obey you forever ” she said, stood up and headed to the door..

I knew smoking was bad but I never thought of the side effect. Its like she just hit me with a strong weapon .

” Have a wonderful day Zach”she said and left not without giving me a smile …

My heart began beating in fear. What if I have any of this diseases?

” There are some illness a smoker can never avoid ” her words replayed in my ear . It was so loud and clear that it imprinted a great fear in me.

I don’t want to die, not now at least.
I was engulfed in fear.

How come I never thought about it? I smoke for the pleasure of it. I derive joy from it not knowing it might have a side effect on me.

I don’t care if she will change or not. All I want is to be okay for myself.

I took my car keys and rushed out immediatetly.

I need a wider examining to tackle any situation in my system.

And maybe I will try to stop smoking regularly. I can’t just stop it but I will try.

And for Alexa? This doesn’t make me like her either. I still don’t like her and will I ever do? Never!

So he don’t want to die but he can kill ????
Human being ????