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My Bethroded. Episode 7

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 7
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

I felt so proud of myself right now. He actually felt remorseful about it which means he might give it a thought.

Isn’t that great?

” I told you it was going to work out, you have to thank me Alexa” Jane said and I scoffed

” I am not thanking you, period” I replied playfully

” Alright then, don’t come to me for the next step then ” she shrugged and sat properly on the bed .

Yeah! I visited them and Jenna is getting me a drink .

” Oh please! Don’t use that on me”

” Thank me then ”

” You are evil Jane” I groaned. Seriously it did work out.

” And you collected my gown in return so why should I thank you”

” You know that my sister is very selfish, don’t mind her Alexa. Here take ” Jenna said as she handed me a glass of juice

” I am off girls ” Jane said standing up from the bed..

” And where are you going to?” Jenna questioned

” Ask me again ” she blurted. Gosh! Why is she this stubborn?

” I should ask you again? What do I tell mum if she ask after you?”

Seriously I really wish to be like Jenna, calm and collected. Possessive and protective but I can’t be.

I can’t stay calm for a day, why? Is my lip sealed?

” Tell her I went to see a friend Jenna, Steph is already waiting for me ” she said wore her flip flops and dashed out of the bed

” Steph again? What is he calling you for this time around?” I asked and she shot me a glare

” He says he wants to see me so what’s the problem with that?”

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” He wouldn’t let you drink to stupor a…”

” Cut the crap Alexa, Steph is my boyfriend and I love him. Are you the one dating him? You both shouldn’t preach for me please ”

” See you girlfriend, bye twinnie” she took her handbag and left …

Jenna sighed as I smiled at her, that’s what you get when you have a tough sister…

” Why can’t she understand us Alexa? I love my sister so much and that guy is not good for her, imagine he’s dating my sister. No! My twin and he’s still asking me out to be his girlfriend. Who does that? ”

I know I don’t like Stephen too but asking your girlfriend’s twin out? What the hell?

” He did? ”

” He did Alexa, I almost gave him a slap that day and he’s still pestering me ”

” You didn’t tell Jane about this right?” I asked

” Of course not, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her that. I mean it’s creepy and that might affect our relationship too, I don’t want her to get mad at me ”

” Yeah, that’s better. We can figure out other means of exposing him to her ”

” Is that possible? That guy might use and dump Jane soon, he’s using her ” she lamented

” We will find a way out okay? I know Jane can be stubborn”

” Okay, thank you Alexa ”

” It’s fine and well, I will be leaving now. Extend my regards to mum when she’s back ” I said standing up…


” Gomo ” Ava said jumped from her mother’s thigh running to hug me.

I opened my arms widely bending down to her level.

” Baby how are you ?” I asked as I picked her up.

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Hope you haven’t forgotten who Ava is? That’s Jeffrey’s daughter. My little 2years niece.

” I am fine Gomo ” she replied in her childlike voice.

” Hope mummy didn’t give you troubles?” I asked glancing at Annabelle while she glared at me.

” She wouldn’t let me take sweet, you will give me some sweets right?”

” Of course Ava I will , don’t mind mummy okay?” I said to her and she giggled

” Thank you Gomo ”

Well that means Aunty in Korea.

” You are spoiling this girl Alexa” Annabelle said as I took Ava with me upstairs

” Good afternoon to you too Anna” I grinned and walked away.

” I think I will report you to your brother, sweet is not good for kids ” she shouted

” But its just once in a while, it won’t do anything right?” I asked smilling

” Alexa ”

” I love you too ”


???? Zach ????

” Tell me what the problem is with me and stop fucking staring at me ” I yelled at the doctor who became scared instantly.

I am curious about something and here he is keeping me in a great suspense .

” I am sorry sir ”

” From the result carried out on you, it was discovered that…”

” That what? Can’t you talk? Idiot, fool ” I cut in.
As it is right now,my body is visibly shaking. I am scared like shit!

What did he discovered? Why is he hesitating before he speaks ? Is my system damaged? Oh God!

” You are having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”

My heart sank as he gave me the result… I know the disease is deadly but….

” Explain in details, not everyone understands the doctor languages ” I snapped fearfully

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” It is a group of lung disease that blocks airflow theirby will make it difficult for you to breathe either soon or later but the symptoms are out ”

Meaning, I won’t be able to breathe? And then I will die? The fear that engulfed me was getting to it’s peak .

” What can be done about it? It has a cure right? ” I asked as he shook his head.

” Treatment can help but it can’t be cured sir, I am sorry. We haven’t found the cure to it ”

No! My world can’t just collapse like this in front of me.

I caused this! I did this to myself. How do I end up in this mess?

I tear rolled down my cheeks unable to say a word…

This is the end of me, why will I be living and won’t be able to breathe? I will surely die by it.

I face palmed myself crying my eyes out forgetting the position I hold in the society.

I ruined myself with my own hands. What could be more heartbreaking than that?

How do I face my family and tell them this? I am really done for.

” You can still live with it under treatment sir ”

A knock came on the door and I was forced to wipe my tears…

” Who’s there?” The doctor asked

” Nurse Evelina sir ”

” Come in ”

A nurse came in with some files…

” Good afternoon sir” she greeted but I was in no mood to answer

” Doctor, the result got mixed up at the lab. The two names were same and we couldn’t differentiate it till now. Zach Shane and Zach Shanna .. I am really sorry doctor, this result with me is for Zach Shane ” ….