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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 14

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 14. {Red Mug.. Morning Coffee.. Red Roses..}




I sigh as I stand up from the bed and stretch, my eyes moving across the room and landing on a lady that’s dressed in what I think it’s probably the maid’s attire.
She’s standing near the closet and she placed a tray on the table that placed near the closet.

I slowly rise up, putting on the flip flops and she turns back immediately as if she had noticed my presence immediately.

“Good morning ma’am. I’m glad that you are awake. I was just about waking you up to take your morning coffee. ”
She smiles at me with a bow and I raise my brows at her.
Morning coffee?

“Um, who asked you to bring the coffee? ”
How could she have known that I always enjoy drinking coffee every morning?

“Who told you that I love morning coffee? ”
I raise my brows at her and she chuckles before turning back and bringing the mug to me. It’s in my best coffee which I like my mugs to be in. Just Red. How come that she knows so many things about me?

“Red mug? ”

She nods and stretches the mug to me and I stare at it for a moment before taking it from her and thanking her. She really didn’t answer my question though, I decided to let it go. It night just be a coincidence.

“I have already prepared your bath ma’am. I don’t know if you would like the girls to come in there with you or you would like your privacy? ”
She asks and I smile at her.

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“I would like my own privacy and I hope that the bath wasn’t mixed with lilies? ”
I raise a eyebrow. I don’t like lilies. I just don’t know why.

“No actually. I mixed it with Red roses and some sunflowers. I mixed the water with the perfect care lotion also. ”
She says and I nod slowly. She seems to know just everything that I like and how I like my things to be done.

“Thank you. You may leave. ”

“Alright ma’am and the master had asked me to inform you to get ready cause you would be leaving for that place he had said yesterday soon. ”

“Where is he? ”
I didn’t mean to really bother about where he is but I just wanted to know.

“He is in his study. ”

“Is he prepared? ”

“Yes. He is. ”

“This early? ”
My eyes widens and she chuckles, staring at her feet before raising her gaze once again.

“No ma’am . It’s actually pretty late than you think. ”
She smiles at me and I raise my brows before turning back to look at the clock and my eyes widens even more when I realized that it’s almost ten.

Damn! I can’t believe that I actually slept that long.

“Thank you. You may go. ”
She nods and bows to me once again before walking out if the tiny and I let out a sigh.

Red mug. Morning coffee. Red roses… Could it really be a coincidence?


“Yesterday wedding was so fun. I really loved it and I can’t believe that Tamara is really gone. ”
Silas, my first son and my third born says as he takes a seat around the dining table and I smile as I ditch the meals.

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“Tamara isn’t really gone from us. If you guys ever miss her, you could go there and say hello. ”
I smile as my husband comes in and he sits after kissing Ashely morning.

“What are you guys murmuring about so early? ”
He grabs the newspaper and I chuckle as I dish his meal.

“Nothing, we are just talking about aunt Tamara and how much we are gonna miss her. ”

“Tamara is married now and she has got her own family to take care of. She wouldn’t have much time to always come here and you guys can’t be with her every single time also but I trust that she wouldn’t stray far away from us and you can always go visit her whenever you miss her. ”
He smiles and I nod, smiling at Ashley. She has always been the close one to Tamara.

Although, I still don’t feel too good about giving away Tamara for our family honour and reputation. I hate the fact that she had to get forced away from her true love but just like Sam has said. She will surely find happiness in her marriage and I wish her nothing more than that.