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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 16

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



All through the ride I never felt comfortable. There was more to the gala.

It felt like something was wrong but I just don’t get why i felt that way.

“Hey babe are you okay?” He jerked me outta my thoughts.

I smiled immediately.

“Yeah yeah am fine. ” I faked a smile and got outta the  car right after me.

He held my hand and together we walked into the grand hall.

It was filled with folks of different Ranking and caliba.

“ERM baby can you wait for me over there I’ll be right back.” He smiled mischievously and left.

I looked around and watched as everyone mingled and had fun discussion.

I stood  beside a couple who were displaying affection makes me feel sad.

“Champagne?” A waiter asked as he bow.

I nodded negatively and he left.

“Excuse me are you Kylie?” A random lady walked up to me and asked.

She had a smirk on.

“Yeah. Do I know you ?” I asked.

“Not really but you’re about to. Your asked me to escort  to his table right this way.” She smiled, I nod and trailed behind her.

Had not gone far when I trumbled and fell flat on my face.

The whole place diverted the attention to me and roared with laughter.

“Oops sorry I didn’t see you.” A rich spoilt brat said mockingly.

Why does this feel like a set up?

I got back on my feet embarrassed and ken waa nowhere in sight.

Did he actually bring me here to embarrass me?

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I manage to locate the washroom my dress was a mess and needed to clean up.

I left the wash room shortly and met ken on stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen thanks for honoring our invitation to celebrate a damsel. Give it up for Ashley.” He says and everyone applaud.

Okay what’s going on?

I thought he claims this was a business gala.

“Another announcement. Let’s welcome my lovely wife to the stage.” I smile thinking he was talking about me try to head to the stage when something shocking happened.

“Welcome my beautiful wife Ashley to the podium the woman of my dreams. Happy birthday once again.” He said and I almost slumped.

No no no.