August 17, 2022

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 19

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



I was shocked to the bone when their masks were lifted.

“Tommy?” I called out trying not to believe this was true.

Tommy had been my friend since highschool, he knew practically everything about me and I trusted him with my whole life .

There has to be a mix up somewhere for I refuse to believe any of this.

“Yeah you got me so what?”_ he barked me.

“You were my best buddy what went wrong man ? I trusted you with everything.” I tried to keep it cool for I was slowly starting to flare up.


” simple you have everything I’ve always wanted. ” he shrugged and I was forcefully taken away by the cops.

I watched them drive away before stepping into the car heartbroken.

So its true when they say friends can actually turn a snitch over the night.


“Drive.” I commanded and the driver nodded before ingniting the engine and drove off.

Through out the ride all I could think of was Tommy.

When did he become so greedy and money thirsty.



The pulled up in front of mom’s mansion and a chauffeur opened the door while I stepped outta the car.

Mom ran into my arms immediately.

“I thought I lost you chase.” She sobbed while I consoled her .


“Never mom they can’t take me away from you.” I assured her and together we walked towards the entrance.




“Promise you gon be safe dear.” Mom said with worry written all over her face.

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“I’ll mom. Am gonna call you once I get there and please take good care of yourself.” I said and gave her a brief hug before getting into the car.


She waved at me as we drove off.

He drove off to the airport and I boarded one of my private jet .

Why do I feel restless? Like someone close to me is in trouble?

What is this feeling?   All through my journey I was restless, I couldn’t wait to be at Venice.


I walked outta the airport with my glasses on. In venice I’m known as Michael Angelo.

I flag down a taxi and told him where I was headed.

My thoughts landed on Kylie. I wonder how she’s doing at the moment

The last time I saw her she seem okay with her so called husband.

My eyes widen in shock when I saw Kylie laying by the road side with folks taking pictures of her.

Wtf! That can’t be Kylie.

“Stop please.” I made the driver stop and rushed outta the car.


It is Kylie. How did she end up here?

She might have blacked out. I carried her in bridal style and took to the car.

I gave the driver a direction to one of my warehouse in Venice.

She looked worn out and pale. Has she been crying?

It had better not be that husband of hers or am gonna kill him.