January 27, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 20

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



We arrived at my penthouse and took her upstairs to my room. Her clothes was worn out and drenched.

Luckily I still have most of my stuff in here.

Disposed of the old ones and wore one of mine.

I watch over her while she slept peacefully. She groans and muttered something to herself while tears rolled down her cheek. It was obvious she was having a nightmare.

“Hey ! Hey it’s okay am here  I got you.” I assured her and she hugged me immediately and cried in my arms.

She must be really hurt. My heart aches seeing her in so much tears..

“Its okay to let it all out, am here for you.”  I mumbled and consoled her.

She slept off in my arms and I lay her down and covered her properly with the duvet before excusing myself.





♠♥ KYLIE ♠♥


I groan softly and tried to open my eyes which had become so heavy. Ouch my head hurts so much.

I managed to open my eyes only to find myself in an unfamiliar environment.

How did I get here?

I try to seat up but I felt serious pain. Gush my head hurts so much.

“Hey you’re awake.” I heard kelvin’s voice and my knee went weak.

I nodded slowly as past events came flooding.

My eyes were hurting from crying so much.

“Where am I?” I manage to say.

” somewhere safe. Here its gonna help with the pain you feeling.” He handed me a pill and a glass of water which I took reluctantly.

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“Thank you.” I murmured and handed him the glass.

“Am glad you’re okay. Mind telling me what happened to you?” He asked.

My lips trembled as hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Hey its okay if you don’t wanna talk about it but I want to know am here for you.” He says and I had no idea what happened but I found myself hugging him.


Right now all I needed was a shoulder to cry on. I let out the tears I had left to cry.

My heart aches so much as I kept thinking about how I was humiliated.


“Just let it out okay? If that’s gonna make you feel better.” He patted my back.