March 22, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 20

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{My Love coach ???? }



She had the smiling face on as she stood before me.

” ERM ..Hi I never thought I would see you here.” She spoke and I chuckled softly.

“Well he did so what’s up?” Katie bashed at her.

” woa calm down mummy. am not here to battle words with a lowlife like you.” She said proudly and that was when I realized how bad her attitude was.

“A lowlife you say ? But she’s got a golden heart something you never dreamed of and will never have. Let’s go home baby.” I glared at hailey who was about to cry

“Am sorry am sorry I was only joking, she’s a cute person.” She tries to get me to talk to her but I was done with her.

Katie was surely hurt by her words.

She tried to touch me but I ended pushing her away with a yell and everyone diverted the attention to me.

People like hailey are only after my cash nothing much.

“Get yo or filthy hands off me bitch!! Let’s go katie.” I dragged katie along who won’t say anything.

Had called the driver to come pick Us up.

“Hey?”I turn to face katie but she won’t say anything.

“Am sorry Katie its all my fault.” I placed my hands on her shoulder trying to get her to look at me and she did with sadness written all over her.

“I understand perfectly.” She spoke and sighed..

I pulled her into a hug and just in time the driver arrived.


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On our way back home we sat down awkwardly not saying a word to each other.

I took her fingers in mine and placed a kiss on it.

She looked at me and smiled but instead I kissed her again.

I couldn’t control my self no matter how hard I try her lips are toxic and tempting.