March 22, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 16

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 16

(Back and forth)

He stood in front of the mirror adjusting his shirt and as he slid on his designer glasses…

‘MK they are waiting for you’…A middle aged woman just the same height as Mrs Woo..

‘Good job Omma,i hope they’re going to agree to my plan’…MK asked wearing his coat..

‘They sure will agree my son,they hate the Woo family as much as we do and they sure will concur with our plan’..His mother replied with a smile on her face and he smirked..

There is only one goal he had to fulfill and it’s to ruin the WOO Oppas..


Hours Later Min walked into Shin Woo’s room with a hot plate of hot rice soup and beef sauce…

‘Here’s what you asked for Master Shin’..she murmured and Shin Woo frowned…

‘I want tea with it’..He said and Min nodded…

She walked over to the kitchen and turned on the cooker only for Seo Joo to walk inside..

‘What are you doing??’..she asked..

‘I’m making herbal tea for Master Shin Woo,he’s sick you know’…Min replied…

‘Master Shin Woo is sick??Whoa that’s not good i hope he doesn’t make you go back and forth’..She muttered and Min frowned…

‘Back and forth?? What do you mean??’..She asked and Seo joo just shrugged..

‘Well let’s just say he’s always picky when sick and frustrating too’..

‘Well people change so—The tea is ready I’ve got to go!!’..Min muttered and carried the cup of hot fresh tea towards Shin’s room…

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‘Master Shin your tea is here’..she said and dropped the cup by his bedstand..

Shin stared at the steam oozing out from the liquid and frowned..

‘I don’t want the tea hot so take it back’..he murmured…

‘But Master Shin you don’t like cold..

‘Would you do as you’re told and keep quiet?!!’..He barked and she sighed..


Minutes later she was back with a cold cup of tea and when Shin tasted it he threw his cup to the ground…

‘This tea is damn cold!!! Did i say I wanted it cold??!!’..He screamed..

‘But..but sir you said you wanted it cold!!’..Min protested..

‘But i didn’t want it totally cold?!!’..Shin yelled.