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A Maid For Him. Episode 9

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 9
By Simrah Saeed

????️ Nora ????️

Mr Evan don’t normally comes back from work unless he forgets some important documents or something.

And Jenny goes out most of the time.

It feels so boring to be all alone in this big house although I enjoy it because of the opportunity I have to sleep as I wish.

Well after food is sleep. They are my two favourites and I don’t joke with them.

No one to talk to and no freaking phone.

I will sure buy myself a phone one of this days. Maybe when I get my next salary.

I know I have planned on keeping my salaries in order to build my fashion house but taking a little out of it wouldn’t hurt right?

I will own my fashion house next year if I am able to save reasonable amount.

I served myself a little of Beed burger and ate before dashing to my room.

I jumped on my bed as usual placing my head on the pillow.

I chuckled remembering a night before. The thought of Mr Evan clouded my mind .

He really deserve it.
I haven’t seen him since morning because he didn’t take breakfast before he left for work

Maybe he have loads of work to do at the office.

Did he really think that because he’s rich I will give him my body just like that?

Not in forever is that going to happen.

I do agree I have hots for his body but not him. He’s handsome so anyone can admire him but he’s not my kinda man.

He’s nowhere near my dream man.
Like I said before, my man can’t be a flirt, he should be rich or okay, the man that will love me for who I am not my body.

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Not a man who lust after me. A man that will value me . A man that doesn’t see me as just a lowlife person.

I deleted all the thoughts from my mind as I tossed on the bed.

I need to catch some sleeps before evening.




???? Evan ????

” Why the hell will you badge into your boss’s office dude?” I said playfully to Adam who rolled his eyes and sat opposite me.

” I am sorry Sir ” he replied and I chuckled.

” I am shocked Mr boss haven’t been seen with any lady since morning, what’s popping or have you given your life to Christ?” Gosh!

This guy talks so much!
I nudged his arm and he shifted away laughing.

” What? Am I not saying something? There’s hardly a day I don’t see almost four ladies entering into your office ”

That’s true though but today isn’t that good since I heard I will be going to some party together with Jenny.

But trust me, I will f*”k some bi*ches at the party

I don’t like that fact. Jenny is too clingy especially in public maybe indirectly telling other ladies to back off.

God knows I am doing this marriage thing because of Mum, she’s never requested from me before and I just want to fulfill this.

It wasn’t a promise but I want Mum happy! All I ever wish for is her happiness but I can’t see Jenny as my wife to be.

I prefer the word best friend between is than an item.

It sounds odd. Complete bizarre!

” I know it’s about Jenny right? Why are you finding it difficult to accept her?”

” Man! That girl has everything , she’s beautiful, classy, sexy and to crown it all she have a killer shape ” he said and I scoffed

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Nora is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.

She’s beautiful, sexy, curvy, cute, a good cook and to top it all, she has self value.

Not some people who throws themselves at me because of my good look and wealth.

That Nora girl rejected everything! She paid less or no attention to my handsomeness and she doesn’t give a f*”k about my wealth.

I mean every lady out there will jump at any slightest opportunity to have a night stand with me but her?

She Fu*”ing hit me the last time I tried and I respect her a lot although she’s too hot!

Her beauty and curves wouldn’t just make me think straight.

She has the firmest b**bs that can befuddle anyone including Adam.

I am sure he will know better when he meets her.

” I never said I don’t like her ” I glared at him

” Then why are you not accepting her?” He asked again.

” I like her okay, but I don’t have a thing for her and it’s difficult for me to adjust to everything from seeing her as a friend to a fiancee ”

Seriously, I don’t have feelings for her.

” That’s true though ” he said raising an eyebrow.

If it’s Nora I was asked to marry, it could have been very well better.

” Anyways, I am off ! Take care of my office ” I said standing up.

” Where are you going to? ”

” Oh! I have a party to attend with Jenny and Mum ”


???? Jenny’s POV ????

I smiled foolishly at myself as I put on a short tight gown that was barely reaching my knee.

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It fitted so well!

I applied a little makeup taking a glance at Evan at the other side of the room.

He look so cute in his simple suit.
How can a only one person be this handsome?

I feel so happy I am going to take out my plan today.

I will tame him . Nothing is stopping me from becoming pregnant for Evan.

Just like Carol said is what I am doing!

” Ready? ” He asked without glancing at me.

I feel so disappointed but that’s not a case.

Everything will end tonight.

” Yeah ” I replied.
I just wish he can take a glance at me, at least.

I dressed up to entice him and he didn’t even give me a single compliment .

” Let’s go then ”

He dashed out of the room and I followed suit!



I nervously brought it out making sure he doesn’t notice.

He was so focused on the road so I felt better.

With my hand shaking, I spread the substance.

I quickly hid it as I was done sighing in relief that I wasn’t caught!

Evan took a quick glance at me then back on the road.

He cleaned his eyes and I know it’s working!

Yes it’s actually working!

” Jenny !” He called with his eyes still fixed on the road.

” Yeah! Are you okay?” I asked trying to be calm

” I think I am feeling drowsy, I..uhm.. ”

” What’s the problem Evan?” I pretended.

Deep down in me, I feel so happy!
My plan is working!

If you think I am gonna take this chance to have sex with him then your guessing is wrong!

You wouldn’t wanna know what I want to do!