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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 27

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 27. {Meeting The In Laws. Gazes. Memories. Smiles.}




I smile at Gwen as the maids brings the foods to the dining table and we are all sitted around it.
It had only been few hours since I have been here but I have actually grow accustomed to them and I like each and every one of them, Gwen especially.
She is fun to be with and although, she asks a lot of questions, mist of them you naughty for her age. All the way, she’s really fun.

I have actually learnt that they are very few in their number and they are all one lovely family also.
They live together because their father made that rule that they should always be together, as it has been for generations.

Bryan is the oldest of them all and then we have, Stephan. He follows Bryan and he’s still in college. Final year.
He’s the quiet type and since I have been here, he hadn’t said much words than just smile and nod at times.
The one who follows Stephan is Dean.
He’s in his final year at high school and would soon be leaving for college. He’s actually the shy type but much more outspoken than Stephan.
Then Gwen is the lady of them all, she’s very outspoken and very bold. Too bold for her age, she’s just sixteen and she’s in freshman year of high school.

They all have cool and very nice personality and although, I haven’t spent much time with his father, the little I have spent with him shows up that he’s a good man and it makes me wonder just where the hell did that prick got his rude attitude from?

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His family is one big perfect one and whereas, he’s one broody and very mean guy with very annoying attitude also. Such a jerk!

He already changed from his clothes and now he putting on just a white T-shirt and Jean trouser. I don’t see him very much in them but he looks really good in it. Just exactly like Gwen has been telling me, the bad boy style.

He stares at me as the foods is been saved by the maids and I look away from him, staring down at the food like its the most interesting thing to do.
We haven’t say a word to each other even since we have been here.

“I know that it’s very nosy of me but I have gotta ask, just how the hell did you two meet? ”
Gwen says as she uses her fork to stab her food and her mother scolds her while I laugh.

“Didn’t I always tell you not to ask such question from elders like that and don’t you know you are not supposed to say a word while eating?! ”
She scolds and she secretly roll her eyes, just like the teenager that she is and stare down at her food, concentrating even more than ever.

“She’s just too excited to meet her sister in law. Let me speak Stephanie. ”
The father says and I watch Gwen’s cheeks heats up and her eyes brightens as she smiles whole heartedly at her dad before turning to look at me and blinking her eyes, expecting the answer to her earlier question.

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I turn to look at Ryan who’s also staring at me.
The truth is our very first real meeting was at a party. A business party actually, I had went with father and I had seen him for the very first time.
He was so rude to me and not to mention that he ruined my dress, made me go back home and on my way the prude had actually followed me and teased me even further. I hate him with everything that I had in me because that business party was my very first to any business party and I had been looking forward to it but of course, he ruined it for me.

But I’m not going to tell then that, am I?

“We met at a park. ”
I hear his voice days and I jot out of my thoughts, turning to look at him. Seems like I was taking too much time.

Everyone turned back to look at me and I nod slowly, deciding to go with the line I said yesterday to the interviewer.

“He rescued my young sister when she got lost and we just kinda hook up together. Found out we love each other and can’t stay away from each other… ”
I found out we hate each other very much after the party and we would do anything to see each other hurt. Him especially would do anything to make me suffer.

“And we decided to get married. ”
He completed and I turn to look at him before looking away from his intimidating eyes and nodding twice.

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“Yes and we decided to get married. ”
I mutter, staring at him as I say the words and he’s staring at me too and for the very first time in forever, he isn’t smirking at me or raising his brows.

For the very first time in forever, Bryan smile at me.