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A Maid For Him. Episode 20

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 20
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

” I didn’t raise you up to become a rapist ”

Those words really made a loud thud on my chest.

I know I stupidly raped her, yes! It’s rape because she wasn’t aware but am I a rapist?

It’s hurts to see the two most important women in my life are mad at me.

” I..I. sorry Mum please forgive me ” I pleaded in tears.

My eyes were red and puffy, my cheeks turned pink from the slaps.

It hurts but I think I deserve it for hurting Nora. I deserve everything. All I want is her forgiveness

” How could you Evan? What pushed you to hurt the innocent lady? Why? ” Mum asked angrily.

I struggled to her side and held her hands.
I feel so week and dejected.

” M.. Mum, I admit what I did was wrong but I am sorry. I can’t have you both mad at me please Mum ”

I felt something warm on my cheeks and discovered I was still crying.

I have never cried this way in a long time.

I buried my face on her legs with tears rushing down my cheeks.

” I am sorry ”

I heard her sigh and she pulled me up into a bone crushing hug.

” It’s okay Son, if you had wanted her. You could have told me not taking advantage of her ” she said patting my back

I sniffed the tears away trying to stand firm.

I can’t , I staggered falling down but Mum was quick enough to get hold of me.

Those slaps are having effect on me now!

” P. Promise me something Mum ” I said staring at her

” What?”

” Promise you will beg her to forgive me, I am so ashamed of myself and act Mum. I feel dirty , I regret everything Mum ”

” I did that because I thought it was lust, I did that because I thought it will wipe her image off my head but I realized I was beginning to love her more because the feeling wouldn’t go away but become more stronger ”

” I wish I can turn back the hands of time to correct all my mistakes, to be Nora’s perfect kind of man and become the son you’ve always wished me to be mum ”

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I broke down in tears again…. Just when I thought everything was going to go well, my past came paying me a terrific visit.

” I promise to talk to her Evan but I am not assuring you her forgiveness. I will put in my best and I am sorry for hitting you ”

She replied and pulled me into a hug again. She wasn’t wrong for slapping me. That’s what every good mother will do.

” T. Thank you Mum ”

” So where’s she? I mean Nora ”

” She locked up herself in the room for the past two hours mum, will she ever forgive me?”

” I know she will with time, just be patient Son ”

She said walking to Nora’s door …..
God please, I will change if she forgives me.







???? Jenny ????

” Hey can you please stop stalking me?” I flared up shooting daggers at him

What’s with him?
He’s been stalking me for the past two weeks I arrived here in London . He’s everywhere I go like what the heck?

Mum and Dad forgave me, I mean it was easy because I happen to be their only daughter out of three children

” I just want us to talk ” he said calmly and I chuckled.

” Talk about what? I don’t even know you, can’t you let me be?”

” I will stop stalking you on one condition”


” What condition? ” I asked

” If you give me your number ” he said and I scoffed.

Like seriously?

” you want my number? That’s it ?”

I asked and he nodded.

” Fine ”
I collected his phone and imputed my number

” Thank you uhmm”

” Jenny ”

” If you don’t mind, excuse me” he nodded smiling at me while I entered into my car.





????️ Nora ????️

I sniffed in tears as the bang on the door didn’t stop.

” You can’t continue staying in the room crying all day hunny please open the door just for me and believe me, Evan isn’t with me please ”

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She pleaded. What did she want to say to me?

Her son put me in this situation and now I am carrying his baby.

Have I ever dreamt about that in my life? Not even for once has the thought of being Evan’s baby mama cross my mind.

Does he knows how it feels to wake up one day and discovered the virginity you slept with was gone?

That was a case of rape, he raped me in my drunken state and why can’t I remember anything?

Did he make me forget that too?
I so much hate him, I detest him so much.

” Nora please, for the respect you have for me open the door ”

How did this loving woman give birth to a monster?

I can’t continue being in door, I have to face the reality outside this room

Maybe it was destined to happen but it’s the worst kinda destiny I have ever come across and I happen to be the victim.

Evan has destroyed me. He ruined me. …

I briskly stood up from the floor heading to the door.
I opened it and Mrs Scott entered….

She took me in a warm embrace and I couldn’t help but break into tears …..

” Shhhh, it’s okay baby stop crying ”

She sat me on the bed with her hands entangled to mine.

” I understand what you are going through baby but crying won’t solve a thing ”

” I am really sorry for everything, for what my son did Nora, I am deeply sorry ”

She wiped my tears with her thumb giving me a sympathetic look.

” I was very mad at him when he told me about it but believe me, he’s sorry. He regrets everything baby ”

” You need to see how he’s become within this few hours Nora. You won’t recognize the Evan you know ”

After he’s done taking what he wants he now regrets it! Wonderful!

” Should I tell you a secret baby?” She whispered and I glanced curiously at her.

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What secret? I wanted to speak but ended up nodding.

” Evan loves you ”

My eyes widened in shock and she smiled at me . ..

Evan what? How can that be true?
He loves me? How?

” Take a look at this, he was trying to prove how sorry he is for what he did by buying you the fashion house and because of the love he has for you too ”

” I am not saying all this to favour him because he’s my son , I know he’s messed up a big time and I gave him slaps to reset his brain trust me ”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Slaps?
I can imagine his red face now. Like how many slaps? Two , three?

” He took advantage of you and still took bold steps to tell you about it and apologize, that’s how much he loves you Nora and he wouldn’t want you to find out from someone else or you remembering it yourself ”

” I know it will take time for you to adjust to everything but please forgive him. Give him another chance to prove how sorry he is baby but give him a kick in his @ss when you meet him ”

We both began laughing. Even if every wound is still fresh in my head.

She has eased my mind with her words. ..

” Anyways, have you checked the mirror? You look like a mess so go freshen up while I prepare something hot for you to drink ”

She said and left for the door.
Did he truly love me like his Mum said?
Should I give him another chance?



I so much love Mrs Scott. She’s a good mother.

There is this popular saying that says ” if you beat up a child with one hand, use the other hand to dram him closer ”

That’s exactly what she did…

Ehen, but if it’s me I won’t agree o. ????

I will remind you later of the slaps you gave me ????.