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A Maid For Him. Episode 21

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her )

Episode 21
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

????️ Nora ????️

” Here take your this hot coffee and be strong ” Mrs Scott said placing a glass of coffee in my hand.

She’s such a cool woman, she makes me long for the love of a mother.

” Thank you ma’am ” I said genuinely. There’s this strength and a light of hope her words gives me .

If I am going to forgive Evan , it will definitely be because of her.

” Can you quit calling me that already? You are now my daughter and I expect you to call me mum okay ”

Mum! That sounds good on my lips . I am going to call someone as Mum after almost 10 years of loosing my mum.

” O..okay Mum ”

” Yes now, take the coffee already then we will head downstairs for dinner before I tuck you to bed ” she urged and I chuckled .

Meaning I am going to see Evan this evening.

After everything, I am not mad at him anymore but I can’t just get over the fact that he raped me.

He did do that, it hurts so much but what do I do?

Fate has its own way of playing it’s role in people’s life.

It was destined to happen and it happened anyways.

I will forgive him but not tonight, I have to let him drink from his guilt and regret.

I nodded taking the coffee and gulping it down my throat.

It just the way I love it, black coffee with a little sugar .

She’s treating me like a princess because her son took advantage of me.

What if she gets to know that I am carrying her grandchild?
I am sure she’s going to freak out. …


I kept a straight face looking everywhere but him.

I could see his intense gaze burning my face but I pretended not to care.

Mum dished out a some sandwich for me and I began munching hungrily.

I won’t give him the impression that I have forgiven him.

Although truth to mum’s words, he look so tattered like a psychic and a lunatic.

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His hair is a mess, dark shades under his eyes as mine but it’s a lot better because of mum.

She was by me, he was still in his earlier outfit and I bet if he has taken a spoonful of the sandwich dished out for him.
All he does is stare at me…..

My eyes met with his and I quickly averted my gaze.

I could see different emotions flickered in his eyes. .
That of hurt, regret and sadness.

I can feel his pain but what he caused me is more than this.

” Are you okay hunny? What else did you want to eat?” Mum asked as she stood up.

I really wish to take some chocolates but my legs are too tired to move to the kitchen and I can’t tell mum to get that for me .

” Yes Mum, I am okay. Good night Mum ” I smiled kissing her cheeks a Evan stared at us blankly.
It feels so good ignoring him this way.

” Remember I promise to tuck you to bed” she said and I chuckled.

” C’mon mum, I am fine and I will do that myself ” I replied

” Or you want Evan to do that? He can …”

” No mummm goodnight ” I hastily replied walking away hearing her loud laughter behind me.





???? Evan ????

” Get the f*”k out of my office this minute” I yelled at the stupid sl*t I employed as a secretary.

She can’t think of settling down but to whore around.

” S ..sir …”

” You are fired ” I flared up.

Her eyes widened in shock while I stood up angrily.
There’s a limit I can take sh*ts

” W…what? I.. I am sorry Sir please don’t fire me ” she said fearfully.
I hit the wall behind her making her flinch.

” Get out of this building peacefully or you will be forced out by the securities ”

She stared at me with tears in her eyes picking up her bag and left. .

Scumbag! !!!

I am here shattered and dejected looking for a way to earn Nora’s forgiveness and that fool came for s*x .

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The s*x I quitted long ago just to make sure Nora loves me.

I mean no woman in her senses will ever want to be with a man she clearly knows as a flirt.

I am trying all I could to change and meet up her standards.

I am not me anymore with the way Nora is punishing me.

She’s giving me a silent treatment and it’s the worst experience ever.

I want to talk to her, hug her , kiss her and make her mine forever.

I feel so scared to start up a conversation with her.

Adam told me to find a time to speak with her again but I am scared.

What if she ignores me?.

But that’s what I have to do and get my Nora back.

I can’t do without her. Seeing her makes my heart beat rapidly.

I am hungry for her Love. I wish to touch her. Place my hand on her stomach and talk to my baby.

I will do everything tonight, I just pray everything works out.




????️ Nora ????️

Okay! What’s happening?
I saw some red roses on my bed this morning and now thorns of chocolates and cookies?

Well, I climbed my bed opening the box of chocolates and began licking it like my life depends on it.

Maybe the person wants to surprise me with my favourites so yeah and no one can harm me right?

” You like them? ” My head snapped at the direction of the voice to see Evan standing by the door with his arms crossed and a smile displayed on his handsome face.

So he got me all of this? Stupid! Of course he should be the one, who else do I live with in this house?

I rolled my eyes and ignored him getting to my cookies.

He came closer to me and sat on the bed.

It’s his house and I can’t chase him away.
Mum has gone back and I miss her a lot.

She really saved me from lots of stresses gosh!
She’s the best Mum anyone could ask for. Evan is lucky.

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” Nora please, can you spare me out of your time?” He asked .
I narrowed my eyes at him and sat up.

” You have to be fast with whatever you have to say, I have an appointment with the doctor in an hour ” I replied and he nodded briskly.

” I can take you to the doctor, yo.. ”

” Thank you Mr Evan but no thanks. I will have to leave if you don’t have anything else to say ” I replied nonchalantly.

I glanced at him seeing how nervous he looks trying to hide my smiles.

He has become so thin within this two days I have given him cold shoulders.

I feel so proud of myself for that!

” N.noo.., uhmm, I wanted to tell you that I am sorry over again ”

” Believe me Nora, if I can go back to the past and change everything, I do make amendments ”

” I..I did what I did out of cowardice thinking I was only lusting over your body but I was proved wrong after the incident”

” I…I…I…I. … discovered it wasn’t lust but love ”

I choked on the cookies in my mouth coughing.
Did he just say love?

” Are you okay Nora? Should I get you water?” He asked with concern lacing through his voice while I shook my head

” N.no I am fine ” I stammered.

” Okay, I am really sorry for everything and I hope your forgiveness won’t exceed this night Nora ”

” I can’t hide everything anymore, I wish to see you by my side forever seeing our baby grow with us under our roof ”

” I want you not because of the fact that you are carrying my baby but because I love you ”

” I won’t be able to handle myself if I loose you forever ”

I stared at him as he took my hand in his.

” Please forgive me and give us a chance Nora ”



My Evan ????….

I feel like posting two episodes tomorrow ????????.

Nobody should beg me oooo