August 3, 2022

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 41

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 41. {Troubles.}







I sigh as I stare at the phone in my hand once again, my eyes going over to the picture and I wonder who the hell could have sent this to me?

Could it be that whoever the person is is using this to try and frame one of the two most important people in my life.

I can’t ever imagine Ethan and Violet betraying me so what the hell exactly could be going on? I mean it was sent from an unknown number which means whoever sent is mysterious. Should I trust a unknown person with people that I have known almost all my life?

I mean pictures can be copied right? So what if what I’m seeing here isn’t even real.

I shake my head, I will have to find out tomorrow when I see Ethan. If he gives me a satisfactory answer and explanation to this then I would forget about everything but if he couldn’t find answer to my question then it’s really happening.

This really happened, they really kissed each other and for all I know, they might have been going out behind my back.

I shake the thought off my mind, deciding once again that I refuse to jump into conclusion until I find out what’s really going on.

Now speaking about Violet, she never did call me all these days after the last time that we did which generally includes me calling her.

That last night I had called her also, I had realized that it was Ethan’s voice and though ,she had denied flatly. I still know that it’s his, I would recognize his voice from anywhere so what was Ethan doing there and he even called her baby.

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I know that doesn’t even mean anything cause people use it often for many people nowadays but the clues have been there. Maybe I had just been ignoring it because I couldn’t fathom ad to why they would do something like that.

I can still remember the restaurant stuff also, she told me that Ethan met up with her and told her I would be getting married even though Ethan had told me that he would be going out of the city for that day for a very important task that he has to do.

Then the wedding stuff also, they were both out of the hall and although I had found Ethan in the restroom, there was someone else there and now I’m wondering if that someone else could have been Violet.

If it was her then this all makes complete sense, the fact that they really are seeing each other and Ethan had been cheating on me these while time with my best friend but once again,I refuse to arrive at a conclusion until I hear what he had to stay.

He did said that he so has something to tell me, I wonder if that thing he’s going to tell me is about him and her.

Oh God, please don’t let this be true,I can’t imagine how I’m going to handle Ethan breaking up with me so he can be with my best friend.

It would most definitely kill me.

I shake my head as the headache resurfaces once again and I sigh before laying down back in the bed, my mind crossing over to Bryan. I don’t know why I had thought about him the exact moment but I did anyways and I know that I had been rude to him but I can’t allow myself to get close to him.

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He hates me.. I hate him.

He needs someone to get married to because of a reason he isn’t going to tell me.. I need my family reputation to be back like it had been before.

This is just a deal between us. Nothing else… End of story.

I shouldn’t be confusing myself or thinking that something night eventually happen between the two of us because it isn’t going to. I don’t want anything to happen either.

My phone vibrates beside me and it’s another text from that unknown number, I sit up immediately clicking on it and it’s another picture of them sitting at a restaurant.

They are laughing and then Ethan lays across the table to get something off her lips.

I shake my head and drop the phone back beside me before standing up and running over to the bathroom.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I wonder if I’m a fool to still want to ignore all these clues until u find out that everything is true.

I’m wondering if I’m a fool because I don’t want to believe whatever that picture is staying.

I splash water on my face,my vision getting slightly blurry and I think I’m really going to be sick.

I sigh, resting my back against the call and all I can see are spinning. Everything here is moving round and round and I can’t see anything clearly.

Just as I stand up to try and go back to the room, I don’t know what happened next but suddenly all I can see is black.