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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 42

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 42. {Troubles.}







My head hurts so much as I slowly open my eyes and I let out a deep breath and I stare around my surroundings. It looks unfamiliar to me and I try to think about what had happened last.

The headache. The pictures from the unknown number. Me calling Ethan. Me doubting him and me going to the bathroom only to come back and then collapse.

I sigh again before sitting up very better then I stare around the room once again , now it looks familiar to me.

It’s still the same room I stayed and I’m still staying at Bryan’s parents house.

“Are you okay?”

Comes a voice and when I had raised my head, Gwen is standing by the door and I smile at her before nodding, telling her to come in which she did while I let out a deep breath I didn’t even realize I’m still holding.

“You just fainted. I found you when I got back from school and Bryan said you’re still sleeping. Just wanted to check on you only to find out that you’re not sleeping but you have been passed out in the bathroom. Is everything alright? You’re feeling much better right now?’

She asks and I give her a appreciating smoke before nodding.

“Yeah, I’m fine now. You don’t really have to sorry about me. I just had a headache then it increased but I wanted to go to the bathroom so I stood up despite my headache. That’s why I fainted. ”

I smile at her and she nods before staring at me in a way that makes me feel so uncomfortable.

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Bryan said she’s just sixteen which I think it’s very true but sometimes, the way she acts makes it hard to believe that she’s really sixteen

It’s kinda surprising.

“I think something is up with the both of you”

She suddenly says out of the blue and I raise my brows at her in question as to what she’s talking about.

“You and Bryan. There’s something you guys are not telling us. I don’t know what though but something just don’t feel right between the two of you. ”

She says again while I gulp in hardly, looking anywhere but into her eyes. How can be this smart? She’s the only one who’s going to notice that something isn’t right.

“What’s wrong? I will really like to know cause I really want you guys to be together. I don’t know about you but I want happiness for my brother Mara. Don’t you think he had suffered enough? Hasn’t the universe made him suffer enough? He has got his heart broken so many times and he has always wanted to find that girl. That girl that he has always love. To be sincere, I never did thought that he would ever fall in love with another girl apart from her…”

How ironic. If only you know that your brother doesn’t love me. Instead, he feels the exact opposite to me or so I’m convinced.

“That’s right. You were going to tell me the name of that girl before you were interrupted.”

I mutter,remembering that she was going to say it that day and she chuckles before nodding, opening her mouth to say something only for the door to open and she takes her eyes to it, Bryan walking in while I groan loudly.

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Out of all the times for him to come in, it had to be the time that she was going to tell me something.

“I guess that’s my cue. Don’t worry, we will continue this discussion some other time.”

She smiles at me before standing up and walking out of the room while Igulp in hardly, staring down at my feet like it’s the most interesting thing to do as I look every place but him.

I still can’t forget about how I had asked him to leave the room.

“I came to talk to you about something. ”

He says and I raise my head to look at him. My brows slightly raised. I had thought that he was going to say how are you and ask me how I’m feeling.

I guess he decided to drop the act since no one is here right now.

“I’m sorry about how I had been acting. It really didn’t correspond to our deal. Me trying to act nice to you. Don’t get it in the wrong way that I wanted anything from you. I just thought that maybe we could try to be friends instead of been at each other’s neck every single time but you’ve showed me that you don’t want to be friends…”

“Bryan, I….”

I start but he holds up his hand to stop me from saying anything.

“Also.. this act would continue until we are out of my parents place. Now once we are out, I won’t give a two shit abut you. I mean that and remember when I said your hell has just begun for the next three hundred and sixty five days which is just three hundred and forty nine days now. I wasn’t kidding about that and your hell has just begun Tamara. ”

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He smirks and with that, he walks out of the room leaving me completely shocked and dumbfounded.