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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 43

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 43. {The Memories I}






“Tell me what’s happening between the two if you. You know you can fool everyone but you can’t fool me Bryan so tell me exactly what’s going on because I know that something isn’t right between the two if you. ”

I sigh and nod my head ask the a seat next to Gwen on the bed.

She’s always the one noticing something. It’s almost like she’s always reading everyone’s mind and I love her for that. The fact that she understands everything that’s going on between everyone.

“I promise that I wouldn’t tell Mom and Dad if that’s what you need to be assured of. You know that I would never spill any of your secrets. Just please tell me, I want to know what’s bothering you and I don’t want to hear nothing cause I know something is happening. ”

I smile and nod at her once again before turning to her.

I wanted it out anyways, I could just tell her. I guess.

“Remember that girl that I loved so much to the point that I was ready to do anything for her. The very firstgirl that I had ever loved in my entire life and the girl who made me quit my bad says only for her to make me go back to them. ”

I chuckle and she smiles, nodding her head.

“Of course I know her. Tamar…”

She stood talking as if she had just realized something and I know that she got the clue already.

I knew that she would catch on fast if I said that.

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“Oh my fucking God! You don’t mean it. That that’s the same Tamara in the room there! Oh geez,I can’t believe it then why are you all sulked you. I mean this is the lady that you have been wanting all your life right? Then why are you not happy? I mean she’s your wife. ”

I wish that was true but she really isn’t mine and everytime that I realize that. It makes me so angry that I’m ready to pound on anything.

“Think about what you had just said right now again. ”

I sigh and she goes all silent as if she’s trying to realize something which I’m sure that she would figure out.

“Damn! You guys are lying about this marriage thing right? To get dad and mom off your neck?”

She raises her brows at me and I nod my head, standing up this time.

“Now you understand why I’m not really happy about what’s going on. She wasn’t mine back then and she isn’t mine this time either. It’s almost Ike the universe is deliberately punishing me or something. I love her so much but I can’t have her and I can’t seem to forget her either. What the hell does that even mean?I mean if you can’t get someone,you let go of them right?

I badly want to let go of her but it seems that each time I say that to myself. I just always seem to want her even more each time and I don’t understand anymore.

I mean I have been loving this girl almost all my entire life. She is never going to be mine but then again, I can’t seem to stop loving her. ”

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I groan, punching into the wall and Gwen walks to me immediately.

“Hey stop hurting yourself okay? Well have you tried telling her that you love her? ”

She asks and I chuckle,shaking my head.

To tell her that I love her? She would be more than glad to pierce my heart even more than she’s doing right now that she doesn’t know anything about how I feel towards her.

“I haven’t and I’m not going to. How do you except me to tell her that I love her when she doesn’t want me or even feel a single thing for me? ”

“You see that’s where you’re wrong. You can’t be too sure that she doesn’t want you unless you tell her. Trust me when I say women are the most complicated creature on the planet. She may loves you and may not even realize herself until you say something. So here’s my advice to you. Tell her.”