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A Maid For Him. Episode 24

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her )

Episode 24
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

I stared at mum with my eyes widened before it was replaced with a grin.

Perfect! She wants me to give Nora a massage right? Good!

” I just spoke to you son, take her to your room and give her a massage ” she repeated again

My eyes ran into Nora’s and I could see her red face which made me smirk.

” Okay Mum ” I replied stepping towards Nora before picking her up in a bridal style .

She gasped and I chuckled. It’s my turn to laugh.

” That’s like my son ” Mum said excitedly

I glanced at Nora who buried her face in the crook of my neck. She wasn’t expecting me to pick her up and I did .

” D.. drop me down Evan, I can walk on my own ” she said slightly hitting me and I shook my head.

” No cupcake, I am doing as ordered like you said the day you kicked me where the sun doesn’t shine ”

I replied and she giggled.

I took her to my room and gently place her on the bed .

So where do I start from? Seriously? I might used to be a flirt but I don’t know anything about taking care of a woman.

Mum was right and this massage might lead to something else.

I don’t trust my d*”——k, if it stands then there will be a big problem.

I brought the body oil close before unzipping her short gown .

” E…Evan” she shrieked.

” C’mon cupcake, I am giving you a massage and I have to start from your back so you must take off your dress or are you shy? Did you want us to make love? Like have s….”

” Evan nooo! ” She cuts in taking off her dress herself without glancing at me while I chuckled again.

My baby is timid and I love her for her.

She laid on her left side with her backing me. I am sure she’s feeling like the ground should open and swallow her.

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I examined her body and groaned.

Her body looks so spotless, is it me or her skin is radiating?

I took the oil and applied it on my hand before massaging her back.

Gosh! Will I be able to do this without any temptation?

Groaning again, my hands landed on her back and that moment, I felt a different sensation.

It felt my stomach knuckles. F*_—–“k!

” Hmm” she mo@——ned absentmindedly.

I massaged down her waist and I felt like going further but couldn’t.

This is my limit for now, I don’t want to rush things or hurt her again

I won’t stand a chance in doing that!
This is going to punish me with a h”ard on.






????️ Nora ????️

I aired myself with my hand tiredly. What have I gotten myself into?

It’s been five good hours we entered into this mall and she is not done yet.

I stylishly left her there at the baby session back to the receptionist.

” I need a seat please ” I said to her who was staring at me with a creepy smile on her face.

” Alright ma’am ” she replied and in no time, she brought out a chair for me.

” Thank you ” I muttered and she smiled

Gosh! I am freaking tired of walking around.

I rubbed my little baby pump smiling widely.

It look so cute. Well! I am going to be a mother.

It’s almost four months into my pregnancy now. I still have a long way to go.

It will come to a point where I will be afraid of my stomach.

Am I even going to be a good mother? What legacy should I lay for my babies?

What if I don’t treat them like a mother should?
How should I feed them?

I sighed remembering my parents, if only Mum and Dad were alive .

Quiet alright, Evan’s mum has played a great role of being a mother in my life but..

I still miss my Mum. They were everything I had.

” Oh hunny, you made me so worried ” Mum said coming towards me with her hands full of bags .

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” I am sorry Mum, I became tired and I had to sit ” I explained and he nodded.

” It’s fine baby….” She was cut off by one of the attendant.

” This are your remaining bags ma’am ”

Wait! What?

The bags were more than twenty excluding the ones with Mum.

” Mum what are all this for?” I asked staring at her with a confused expression.

” There are all for the babies hunny ” she clapped her hands and I almost scoffed.

Really? The babies that are yet to come into the world? What?

Is she this eager to have her grandchildren?

This is really hilarious!

” And I bought lots of things for the baby showers ”

Okay! I couldn’t help it, I scoffed!

Baby showers? Huh? The babies that are barely four months in the womb?

Wait! Who does that?

” Hey , you can’t leave them here, take them to my car ” she ordered and the attendant nodded

” Let’s go hunny, we need to start preparing for the baby showers and again. Their nursery rooms, what colour will you love it to be? Oh. Yeah, I have a friend who decorates, I will just tell her to prepare it for me ” she said excitedly while I stared at her.

Is she being serious right now? Like freaking seriously?

” Mum !” I called and she passed me a smile.

” What? I want to shower by grandchildren with money from the womb so do not complain ”

I am speechless already ….


” Look who’s back ” my eyes snapped to the chair and a shrieked.

” Adam !” I ran to him and he engulfed me in a brotherly hug.

I haven’t seen him after he left the day we’d watch a movie together.

” Easy there, I don’t want anything happening to you or my little champs” he said and I chuckled.

Evan is really going to tell the world that I am pregnant.

” I miss you pretty ” he enthused .

” I miss you too Adam, you just disappeared into the thin air ” I demonstrated

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” Of course not, your dumbass baby daddy stopped me from coming to his house because he believes I am going to take you from him ”

He said and I began laughing! I am sure this is a joke, Evan can’t say that can he?

” You two forgot I am standing right beside you right?” Evan asked and I disengaged from the hug while he glared at Adam.

I sense jealousy! Evan is jealous! This is interesting.

” Evan ” I called and hugged him.
He didn’t hug me back but I snuggled closer to his chest.

I heard him groaned wrapping his hands around my now expanding waist.

” Were you trying to flirt with my woman Adam?” Evan asked in sternly .

I looked at Evan and we both burst out laughing.

” What makes you think so Evan, I won’t take her away, she’s only yours not be too possessive ” Adam replied laughing while Evan glared at him

” How was the shopping with mum cupcake?” He asked with his hands holding me firmly .

Should I tell him it was hell? I am still wondering how that woman spent 5hours on just shopping .

” It went well though ”

” Okay, I bought this for you ”
He collected a red rose from Adam and handed it to me.

Wow! !
He kissed my forehead and I blushed …

” I am still here dude ” Adam whined and we laughed

I sniffed the rose the rose and ….. It smell like sh*t that I did not know when I puked all over Evan ….



???? Evan ????

Way to ruin everything ! I stared at myself then at her whose eyes where widened.

What the hell? How can she just throw up on me?

Adam began laughing at the scene till he fell on the couch.

” I…I…I..am really sorry Evan, the flower smells so awfully that I have to throw up ”

She said and he scoffed.

A rose flower smell awfully? Gosh!
When is the pregnancy reaching 9months?