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His Bride. Episode 13

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 13

Warning :Mature content ahead. Readers under ???? are not advise to read this chapter.
Don’t act like you freaking care about me, it’s none of your business. Gosh! Why do you even…” ‘Care ‘ I wanted to say but was cut short with Hunter’s lip on mine.

His lips move fast against mine as I try to match up with his pace, to melt into the feeling of his mouth against mine, to drown all my emotions in to the kiss and ravish him completely.
I won’t deny that every part of my body craves for him, every part.

My hands moves against his broad back, digging in to his skin in sweetness as he deepened the kiss.
Hunter’s tongue swept towards my lower lip asking for entrance which I was more than happy to grant as I let out a humming sound at the back of my throat. I knew my mouth isn’t the cleanest right now but he didn’t seem to mind as he continues kissing me hungrily, our tongue meeting each other.

He wrap his arms around my waist, kissing me slowly before breaking the kiss. Both of us breathing heavily as we stare into each others eyes.

Don’t ever ask me if I care, cos I do ” he mutters surprising me.
Hunter cares about me.
I peer into his ocean blue eyes as my heart beat fastly in my chest.

Hunter…” I called and rest my forehead on his.
I closed my eyes, then open it back to see him staring intently at me.

I’m..sorry ” I say.
Why was i sorry, is that a perfect word to say.
I don’t know want to say because Hunter just rendered me speechless.
He kissed my nose, then place a soft kiss on my lips.
I closing my eyes as I enjoyed him trail kisses all over my face to my neck.

He kiss my neck finding my G-spot, he bites and sucks on it making me moan as I run my hands on his black hair.
He stop kissing my neck and move up to my lips. Thinking he’s going to kiss me, I opened my lips slightly but he didn’t move.
I groan inwardly and move my lips close to his but he moved it back.

I want him, I want his fucking lips on mine, I want him to touch me and pleasure me, my body is craving real bad for him. He has corrupted me, I don’t think about anything anymore but this.

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Getting impatient, I grab his head and slam my lips on his, I could feel him smirk as he reciprocate immediately, his hands landed on hips pulling closer to him as I wrap my legs around his waist. My hands drape around his neck, over his shoulders.
I could feel his hardness brush against my heat, making my heart race faster.

Gently laying me down on the bed, he came over me with his strong arms on the bed for support so as not to rest on me.

I moan as he trail kisses from my neck down to my breast. Hunter kissed the between of my breast through the flimsy material of my black T-shirt.

I kept my hands in his hair, clutching on to it tightly as he started raising up the shirt from the sides, exposing my skin a little. He move further down, kissing up from just above my panties to my navel.
He growled out in satisfaction when I hurriedly lift up my back, allowing him to take off the material blocking my body from his intense gaze. Pulling my shirt off, he throws it to my side.

You fucking beautiful “he whispered huskily making my cheek turn crimson red.
I’ve never let any man see me naked like this, he’s the first.

My panties are already drench with my wetness as he rubbed his fingers on my clit through it.
I raised my hip up in pleasure as a moan escape my lips.

You are wet ” he says staring at me, his blue eyes has become really dark with a lot of emotions, lust and passion that fill his eyes.
Not breaking eye contact, he tease my already aroused nipples bud with his fingers rubbing them slowly, then faster. I never knew that could give you pleasure, cos I use to do it to myself sometimes and I feel nothing.
I moan.
He trailed his free hand up my body grabbing the other breast, cupping it in his hand he lowered his mouth and suck on it. He graze on it with his teeth
I arch my back moving my hips again as I moan.
He groans when my hips met with his hardness. I did it again and he hiss aloud closing his eyes.

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Lauren stop ” he says and kiss me. We kiss for like a minute before he breaks it and trail down kisses right up my panties. Rubbing my hip gently.

Hunter ” I called. My voice shook as I became really nervous.
He look up at me.
Yes princess ” he answered and kiss my stomach.

I breathed out, as the word get stucked in my throat.
He sense my uneasiness and sigh.

We are not having sex, if that’s what you are scared of. Just calm down and watch me give you your first orgasm. ” he says.

Wait, my first orgasm? How did he know I’m a virgin.

How do you know that I’m a virgin? ” I ask and he chuckle.

Was my research wrong, you’ve never dated anyone so that means a guy has never touch you “he answered.

I push him off and sat down, cupping my breast in my arms. I stare at him angrily. I dare he intrude into my privacy just like that.

Because I never had a boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m still a virgin, so your research was wrong ” I yelled at him.

Come on now, don’t be a Sportpooper ” he says.

This is no sport and I’m not letting you touch me again “I say.

I’m doing you a favor you know?” he says and spread my legs open staying right between my legs.

He lowered his head and run his tongue over my pants. He kissed my thighs. “Tell me princess, do you want me to touch you now or not ” he ask as his two fingers wrap around the top of my panties. He continues to tease me and I loose my mind completely. I didn’t know when I shouted ‘YES’.

Yes what? ” he ask as he places his hand on the thin elastic band of my pant ready to take them off.

Yes, I want you Hunter, please ” I hiss as he tease me with his fingers. He remove my pants leaving me completely naked and expose under his gaze. He spread my legs widely and I adjusted a little till I was comfortable with the position.
His eyes swept down to my pussy, his breath fanning it sending tingles through my entire body as his finger met my skin, slowly, trailing along my slit.

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I moan in satisfaction as his tongue plung inside me, discovering my tiny little hole, his tongue continues to suck at my clit. He remove his tongue and plung his finger in, I hiss in pain as it was painful. He start with a gentle stroke as he plung in and out of my tight p***y hole.

He run his tongue on my clit and increase the pace of his fingers. I let out a moan, seeing I was getting comfortable with it he plung another finger going in a very fast pace.

Oh Hunter ” I moan. His finger continue to drill in and out stretching me out slightly as his tongue also continued to work it magic. Liquid heat sweep up to my core and bundle of nerves swept under his wet hot tongue, and my pussy clench around his finger, covering them with wetness.

Oh my gosh, yes right there! ”
Shit!” I moan as his finger twisted inside me and made a come hither motion deep within me, teasing my g-spot. I was reaching my climax. He keeps repeating it till all I could see is black. My hips moved against him arching off the bed but his free hand push down on my pelvis holding me to the bed. He holds my legs apart as I began to shiver, the build up inside me finally paving way for a mind blowing orgasm. The first orgasm I’ve ever had.

I blush as hunter remove his fingers from me and lick them. He muttered something incoherent and look at me with a smirk.

How was your first orgasm sweetness” he ask.
My cheeks turn red again, as i look away shyly. He kiss me passionately as I taste my self in mouth. I bite his lips, deepening the kiss making him groan.

He broke the kiss and stare at me.
You are probably hungry, you didn’t eat much last night ” he says and before I could answer my stomach growls making me look down in embarrassment.

Okay that say it all, go and take your bath while I get you something to eat ” he says and stand up before walking out the room.

I sigh and stand up from the bed, grabbing my towel. I walk straight to the bathroom.