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His Bride. Episode 14

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him ????????]

Episode 14


Are you really going to marry her? ” Ryan ask still not believing the decision I was about to make.

Yes, and I have plans. You know being married isn’t on my list now ” I replied and stuff my cigar away.

Okay, I trust you bro ” he says and slap my shoulder

I stand up and walk away from the balcony to Lauren’s room.

I entered without knocking and saw her sleeping peacefully on her bed.

I moved to her and sit beside her on the bed. I sigh at how adorable she is. Her pink lips part slightly, fuck!! those sexy lips I kissed yesterday.
It was dry but alluring as I almost bend my head to kiss her.
She’s even more sexier in sleep. Her hair spread on the pillow making me jealous of the pillow, wishing it was on my chest she laid her head on.

What the fuck are you doing to me Lauren ” I mumbled under my breath as I brush her hair with my palms.

You make me want you, you make me feel what I cannot even explain” I sigh. I’m going crazy now.

I want you princess and I know you want me too “I say and kiss her forehead making her shift and toss around.

Not wanting to wake her up, I walk out of the room silently.

Hopping in to my car, I drove off to my secret warehouse. Nobody knows about this warehouse, not even Ryan. I don’t trust anyone because it was my father’s mistake that ruined our family, he foolishly trust people he shouldn’t trust.

Even though Ryan is my best friend since childhood, he knows everything that happened to me. He was my father’s right hand man’s son and his father was also killed. I couldn’t trust him that much.

I run my fingers through my hair as I step out of my car which I parked in the garage.

The warehouse was a small house in the middle of the city. It looked abandon and old but the inside is the most beautiful you will ever see.

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I did that not to attract people to the house, they will just think its an abandoned house. This house is my life, my life savings, and properties are kept here in case I lost everything. I know surely that one day, someone will turn against and try to get everything my father and I have established.

The American Mafia has a lot of enemies and jealous people who are angry that I was able to take over the Mafia, angry that I was more powerful than anyone of them. They want to bring me down and I’m ready to take up any challenges.

They had no one to use against me, I have no family or anyone I cared for which got them more angry because if you want to get a powerful man. Just hurt one of the people he loves. He’s going to surrender immediately.

I was sitting in front of my mirror packing my hair. When the door burst open.

Okay, someone needs to learn how to knock ” I muttered knowing who it was already.

I could identify him anywhere without seeing even if he changes his cologne. I could say I was getting use to him.

He drag the chair I was sitting on to the back making me turn my back on the mirror.
He pull me out of the chair and before I could protest or yell I was already sitting on his lap with his hand tight around my waist.

That was crazy.

Seriously? ” I say catching my breath.

We need to talk ” he says.

Yeah, we need to talk about you barging in to people’s room anyhow without knocking, I think you need lessons on etiquette. ” I say breathlessly.

This is my house princess, and I can do whatever I like in my house ” he says and dug his nails on my stomach.

I groan.

Okay, okay it’s your house do whatever you like ” I mumbled out hissing in pain.

He stopped and breathed out. I tried to touch the place he dug in finger to but he slapped my hand away.

I totally forgot he’s a jerk and will still be.

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It stings ” I complained.

I’m going to get you an ointment for it later, I need to talk to you about something so don’t interrupt or talk unless I ask you to ” he says with a final tone that will make you say yes without thinking due to how scary his voice is.
And that’s what just happened to me.

I nod.

Good, we are getting married tomorrow Lauren ” he says and I gasps.

What? ” I yelled.
He glares at me.
I forgot he ask me not to talk until he says so.

I kept quiet and listen to him.

He continues “If we don’t do it now, the court is still going to find us anyway and we are still going to get married. But there’s a way out. We are getting married now and after a year we will divorce and go our separate ways. Do you agree to this deal or not ”

We are getting divorced after a year? What if we fall in love with each other?

We cannot fall in love, that’s not going to happen ” he says making me know that I just voiced out my thought.

I nod.
He said he can’t fall in love with me, but I hope I can do the same to.

So agreed? ” he ask.

Yes ”

Good,” he says and take out a paper and a pen which I don’t know was in his hands before know, handing them over to me he says” sign this paper, this will finalize the deal ”

I took it from him and sign the two papers before giving it back.

Take this, you have one, I have one just make sure you keep it safe ”

I nodded and collected it from him putting it somewhere near me since he won’t let me go.

Before I knew what was happening, Hunter already grab my head tilting it to his side he slam his lips on mine forcefully.

I closed my eyes, not kissing back allowing him to kiss me all he wants. The kiss became sloppy and hot. I wanted more.

A moan escape both of our lips when my heat grind his hardness. I instinctively wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss, I was getting frustrated with the slow pace he was going.

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He drag my blouse up removing them reveling my red lace bra.

Sexy ” he mutters kissing the hollow of my breast.
He send his hand to my back taking them off, my erect pink nipples pop out of the bra staring right to his face.

I moan when he took one of them in his mouth, sucking it and rubbing his tongue on it. My pussy was screaming, I was dripping wet.

He left it and take the second one into his mouth grazing my breast with his teeth, then suck on it.

Oh my… Shit! ” I moaned aloud. He stopped sucking my breast, he bring his lips to my neck and kiss me giving me hickey.

I flutter my eyes open, he gotta stop giving me hickeys what if someone sees it. My mom.

Hunter ” I called and he stopped.

Hunter, if we are getting married tomorrow, my mom must be there ” I told hoping he won’t shout on me and say no.

What do you mean, it’s going to be low-key. No one must know about this ” he says staring at me.

I sigh.
He’s not going to agree.

Pls Hunter, I just want to see my mom ” I say making a very cute face I know he can’t resist. I use to do it for my mom when I need something from her and it use to work.

He stares at me not answering.

Hunter ” I said with a pout.

Fuck! Fine whatever. ” he says and stand up not minding that I was on his lap making me fall on my butt.

I yelp.


He was about to open the door when he turn back to me.
Get ready in five ” he says before walking out.

Asshole ” I say trying to stand up.

I heard that ” Hunter Says from the door making me flinch falling on my buttocks again.

I groan in pain and annoyance.

Get out!!!! I yelled.